Crystals, Consciousness and Contact ( 2 )

I will always be the first to say I cannot explain the mechanics of how this works. But what I think is happening is that the crystal is being used to amplify a signal sent from another point in time, through to us here in this point in time. I have sometimes referred to this as transferring the contents of my awareness, from the one point to the other, – via the mean of the CRYSTAL.

What it is, in terms of consciousness that allows this to happen only incrementally filters in as I engage in the art, capacity, inherent skill….and as, through the process, others curiously come to ask. When asked, data streams do sometimes begin to flow. I find myself saying what otherwise I don’t in actually know. What I have learned, I have learned mostly in instances such as this.

Sometimes the data flows open right here within myself when I am engaged in mundane activity. When I am standing at the sink washing dishes, when in the shower or out on a walk, — outdoors, when the sun is shining on me, where nature, trees, the aromatic scents of flowers, animal life and big sky are in sight does collectively seem to prime the flow to open.

Catching wind of the discrete details within these flows, of the communication coming through and my own personal contributions to it is of very great day-to-day importance. Higher guidance is ever-present in our lives, accompanying us each through the life, inspiring us ever-onward into what we would like to make of it; if we miss this, we miss out on it.

I know I must miss out on so much, busy as we are so much of the time in physical life. As the years go by, though, and I find myself entering the latter stages of life here, more time seems to be opening out for this—for catching wind of these flows and doing more with them than simply being alert to them. I am in such an instance right now.

I am sitting down to write the very conversation I just found myself having.
I caught wind mid-sentence as I am saying,—

“But I don’t know how this is happening. I will always be the first to say I cannot explain the mechanics of how this works.” The proverbial “They” then chime in, “What do you know?” And I say…..”Well, what I think is happening is that the crystal is being used to amplify a signal sent from another point in time, through to us here in this point in time.”

I think to myself ( sort out of out of nowhere ), I have to remember this, where can I pen this down? So here I am, having chosen the computer and opening a page on the website – writing this out to you all here — continuing in the reverberations of the flow, as often happens when beginning to draft things out, many remaining fragments reappear.

It is a bit like when you are waking from a dream, isn’t it?

You can’t quite get to the whole of the thing but regardless of all that you catch onto what you can, put proverbial pen to paper, and beginning to write, somehow magically more of the details begin filtering in. —BUT, as we know, and as far too often happens, if we never make that first movement, to write down the bits we can, everything instead vanishes.

Even the signals that come through the crystal can work like this. It takes ME, to first actually pick up the crystal, and even when it seems like nothing is coming through, diving in, and in, and in again anyway. Knowing it is all right there, knowing it will come through, if only on my end I will incite the energy that itself is the key to the opening of the flow.

It is something you have to want. ( isn’t it? )

I did not know I would be coming here today to write. I had so many other projects lined up to work on. It seems that this is the message that really wanted to get out, though.. The energy that most wanted to interact with all of you. There really is no stopping us, if we do not stop ourselves, that is. If we do not stop the Inner-energy flows short at ourselves.

We know now when we do this, soon they will disappear even from us, not even we will have their blessing—not in our immediate awareness and direct experience, anyway. The activity within our dream states will fade, direct Inner/Spirit contact will fade. Guidance will fade. Our gifts will fade. The gifts we are here to help bring. Do not allow this.



Engage. Charge. Imbue! Activate.

So all that can comes through.

I….We….love you endlessly

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