Meet the ETs

Noone was around yet when this first went up. Sending the beings out to everyone again, who missed this the first time around. –Casey.

the galactic travel channel

The following portraits -rendered through the crystal- were born of a desire in me to help others see. I did not want to be alone in my seeing anymore. I wanted everyone to be and feel as blessed as I do by the Beings. By what they are trying to tell us. And by the sheer fact they are transmitting to us ground level through ( of all things! ) a CRYSTAL.

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2 thoughts on “Meet the ETs

  1. Your heart, work and website have touched me to the core. I have been lost. And now, something is calling to my soul. My only known contacts have been in my dreams. As I watch the photos that have come through the crystal, something wells up in me and brings me to tears. Thank you so much.

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    1. Kathryn, you are, as well, reanimating me with your words. We all need each other to connect with, don’t we? Otherwise we just have no idea. Thank you for letting us know we are reaching someone. Touching someone. And that the affect is something as beautiful as this. I/we….are so pleased you are here.


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