Integration Into the Body

It is a subject of high fascination to me,— the process of how the soul, via a precise consciousness cluster integrates into the body. Into 3D bodily experience. How it happens, when it happens, why it can come to be so unique a process for each one of us individually. The myriad of ways it can be experienced by our person, our 3D “player” in the game. Through the OBE there is an additional element, as through the Explorer’s shift back into physical space often the processes involved in this can be, at least in part, witnessed by those with a curiosity to know more.

Integration into the body begins @ 43:17

The out of body experience has allowed me to glean certain data relative to the discrete consciousness clustering behind the person I am in the 3D field, who are the true “one” in this body, but due to 1 ) the way in which I “go out” when I go out of body, and 2 ) who I am in the Larger sense, I have not had much of an opportunity to witness the exit and re-integration in the more physical sense. Meaning I do not shift from the physical body/space to the etheric version of the same and then either roll, step or float out of it. So the processes involved here have not in the past been at my disposal. Yet I do emphasize “in the past”.

Are you familiar with how I shift?

It is a process of turning myself inside out, and often a process of dematerialization, the inner workings of which it has been to my great delight to witness in stunning detail.

“If an explorer stays fully conscious, shifting gradually in slow motion there may be the opportunity to witness this phenomena open out into many various shows—many layers of the light superimposed and manifesting into visual experience as we more commonly know it. The star field often opens out into what appears to me a blueprint grid (many experiences can be had with this, too many to get into here), and further opens out into intricate geometric color patterns.

These color patterns are what I shift through just prior to arriving in new reality systems. So for me the layers are: void – point of light – star field – blueprint grid – geometric color patterns – arial level view of world – ground level view of world. These are the layers I pass through / merge with as I come from nothing through the void into being—fully embodied in some new world. There are all manner of visual experiences that can take place within the “trip”.”

The proclivity TO witness the inner workings of a process I know are at my command, so one day perhaps it will also be to my great delight to witness the more physically oriented version of the shift, – specifically the exiting and re-integrating with the body.

If through any means any of you out there do have experience and knowledge based on this experience – with integrating into the body – I would love to hear what you have observed and come to know, even if just in part. I am keen to begin discussions on this and venture further.

We can begin by using the reply area below.

2 thoughts on “Integration Into the Body

  1. I cannot say that I have ever experienced what you are explaining. I am here to say thank you for how well you describe what your experience is like. It is all amazing to me. I trust that if I ever do have awareness of experiencing a shift I will be able to handle it all as well as you. Thank you for sharing.

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