Shifting Phenomena: The Many Different Types of Shifts


In OBEs I know visually and tangibly it often looks and feels like I am going “out” of body, but from somewhere within I know what I am fundamentally doing is letting something new come into it. When this something new enters there is feelable, tangible, multi-layered vibration which opens me out into whole new realms of possibility -whole new realms of experience.

How far I am opened out depends on me, on how much I am ready to receive, how much I am willing to let in. The depth and quality of my receiving is recorded in the perception of the experiences themselves. During the first weeks of growing alert to the new something I was letting in were a series of OBEs which laid the foundation of a potent and personal message.

The first of the series came on me in my sleep, I grew semi-alert to it happening (through feeling the vibrations) from a dream/fear state. The second and third did also come on me in my sleep, these I awoke into fully -directly inside the transition. Beginning with the fourth and fifth, I felt the transition come on while still fully conscious, from the moment I laid myself down.

Each of these phases represent a level of consent, and gradual but rapid stepping back of the event into my conscious, daily state of awareness. Where I could be aware from the point of being able to show agreeance on whether it does continue in my awareness—or not. Whether I do freely choose, and continue to choose to give myself to the evolution of this experience.

What I am being shown through this is that I do have a say, that I always have a say about what, from my own point of perspective I will experientially move through. This is the big lesson for me—something I am still in the process of learning to apply in my relationships with others. They do also have a say, about what from their point of perspective they will experientially move through.

To help send the message fully home I am now brought into a moment where I am pruning my indoor plants. I am working with Spike, a little guy whose lower needles are browning. From within I hear “You see, when they are ready they give themselves—don’t insist”. I do have a tendency to insist, to apply my own strength, I am pulling many of the leaves before they are ready.

This may offer a glimpse into the quality of the collective consciousness working with me. They do often show me I have a great deal more to learn about life and living and being loving. They come into my awareness and experience gradually, skillfully through my conscious consent. Although I have felt their collective presence from the beginning, out of courtesy I am more often, by them, focused directly into the transition(s) from our level of experience into others.

This is where for many years I have felt the most comfortable, while acclimating to a more constant awareness of their presence and energy, which does, when I am alert to it get felt fully through my physical system. In the beginning this is not always pleasant so I am often guided into relief areas. The transitions into these areas are fascinating and have from the start been of great interest to me. With much assistance I have been guided through them both rapidly and in slow motion.

Going Into Vibration

During the first few years of my OBEs a certain vibrational state—or state of being was constant throughout the length of my experiences. It laid at the core of such events, if I lost the vibration I lost the connection to the experience. From start to finish and even for extended periods of time prior and afterward I enjoyed steady, noticeable currents of energy coursing through me head to toe. They enveloped me. I literally become the vibration.

Having experienced this for many years, I grew to be alert to multiple frequencies within it.. To layers and layers wrapped up inside of it. Some time later, which brings us pretty well up to date [2013] I discovered this to be what is allowing me to hold multiple realities, along with their related vision fields in my awareness simultaneously -being alert to these many different frequencies; I also call this going into waveform, I am nowhere in particular so can be in many places all at once.

The Many Different Types of Shifts

In the realm of experience everything could be said to be vibration—light and sound—so to keep this as simple as possible while not sacrificing the variety I could also say all shifts are fundamentally a merging with light and/or sound; even though this is not necessarily cognized, even by experiencers making conscious shifts.

Merging with Sound

In the beginning my conscious OBEs all began with a sound. Have you heard the sound of your blood flowing through your veins? That’s the sound. I began hearing it dramatically and it would quickly raise way up in pitch. Then the space, either in front of me or in front of my closed eyes would begin warbling. An invisible yet tangible presence would come through, merge with me and I would witness myself slowly stop breathing—until I was no longer in this physical matter reality.

Later I did spontaneously begin doing this with any and all sound(s).. With the birds chirping, the leaf blowers blowing, motorcycles revving, planes flying overhead, anything and everything I came to hear. Rather than try to cut myself off from the sounds I opened myself up to them—welcomed them in—let them spread through the entirety of my field until I was the sound—until I was experiencing myself as fast sound vibration. And I would shift -delightfully into multiple fields.

Merging with Light

It often gets overlooked, because it can seem like nothing in relation to whole new visual fields that get experienced in OBEs, APs and lucid dreams. The connection is not always immediately made. But prior to a full blown experience such as these, while explorers are first laying down with their eyes closed, often in their vision field will be flashes of light. Or what may even appear as a star field, where the stars, as it were, can be any color yet principally may be one predominant hue.

If the explorer stays fully conscious, shifting gradually in slow motion there may be the opportunity to witness this phenomena open out into many various shows—many layers of the light superimposed and manifesting into visual experience as we more commonly know it. The star field often opens out into what appears to me a blueprint grid (many experiences can be had with this, too many to get into here), and further opens out into intricate geometric color patterns.

These color patterns are what I shift through just prior to arriving in new reality systems. So for me the layers are: void – point of light – star field – blueprint grid – geometric color patterns – arial level view of world – ground level view of world. These are the layers I pass through / merge with as I come from nothing through the void into being—fully embodied in some new world. There are all manner of visual experiences that can take place within the “trip”.

Prior to the point of any of this happening consciously in my awareness I was already subconsciously preparing for it through the practice of tratak (conscious gazing). I had become very drawn to gazing into light sources, candle flames, street lights, the moon, headlamps on cars. My gaze would hold tightly to the light, I couldn’t tear it away, the visual layers being penetrated were just stunning and, unbeknownst to me—reality—at this time in this way was being decoded.

In the light I could see what I took to be the visual representation of the universe and they way it worked. It was simple, I saw the flame, a permeable glow around the flame, streams of light extending off the flame and many tiny points of light moving simultaneously out and in toward the flame within the streams. The collective view, even the data contained within it had an absolutely intoxicating effect on me, it held me breathless—I became so very quiet. I was reconnecting.

Sensory Phenomena Within Shifts

A shift can begin from a choice of multiple starting points— that of standard daily awareness all the way through to heightened awareness (such as in meditation), dream and even deep sleep. The phenomena one experiences will have much to do with the location from which they are shifting, as well as to the depth and quality of their collected awareness at this point. Further embedded may be phenomena personal to the individual, pertaining to personal curiosity and interest—up to and including an interest in assisting others which may call for a broader experience base.

Principally the phenomena are tactile, visual and auditory.. To give a few examples, from a standard conscious state a person may feel they are being touched by invisible hands, they may feel they are up off of the ground, that they are in two or more places within their room, that the room itself is somewhat moving. They may feel energy sensation, unlike anything experienced to-date within their body. This can be incredibly unnerving. In the beginning, I myself would panic-out and go into an unaware dream state in order to deal with it from there.

Experiencing a Shift from Within a Dream State

The standard dream state is a safe haven and safe zone the conscious layer of being may retreat to in times of necessity; this area dis-integrates from a person’s primary collective experience as it no longer becomes necessary. Until this point, it may be receded into until the conscious layer can effectively and beneficially integrate deeper layers of information pertaining to it’s existence -which is what causes the dis-integration of the space from this one’s experience.

From standard dream, the shift into what we colloqiually call an out-of-body-experience can be unconsciously dealt with and played out in a manner which is far more gentle on the consciousness. The shift itself may be perceived and visually interpreted here in many ways, as walking—running—driving a car—riding on a bus—flying on a plane—etc.. When these things are cognized by the standard person who is just waking up in the morning it is utterly without shock or harm of any kind.

The energy sensations which bleed through into the awareness of someone in standard dream may likewise be visually interpreted here in many ways. If in the physical field the physical body is heating up from within a shift, this may be played out by the vision field becoming a hot summer day at the beach, an afternoon desert stroll, warming in front of a fire, etc.. During phases when the physical body is being cooled you may picture yourself in a body of water, standing in front of the freezer, playing in the snow. Utterly non-harmful events to the standard conscious mind.

The phase of sleep paralysis—when the body is being made immobile so as not to begin acting out what is in play in other states is interesting as well in the way it may play out in standard dream. In relation to the exact level of awareness, and related fear, this phenomena may show up in a variety of ways. If awareness is none at all you may appear to be folding laundry and finding your clothes to have static cling. If awareness is even slightly more acute it may arise into a perception of someone having seemed to sedate you, possibly even against your will.

The important thing to remember is that as awareness does grow, fear layers are being resolved, and with this comes a capacity for visioning more and more accurately, more and more intricately – beneficially – and beautifully. With each fear layer that dissolves there is gained increasingly greater access to frequencies that will unendingly astound you. These are accessed by letting them in. It is being said to myself even as I type the words—cease fearing this and you will not for a single moment ever regret it. What is yours to experience you must let in.

A Final Note

Clearly I am not one to downplay transitions, the shift and shifting phenomena. It is a fact that I do see the entirety of experience as essentially being a transition—even our particularized realities are a transition we have just slowed ourselves way down through in order to experience in greater detail. So I know in this way I am not being too terribly challenging to understand.

People are doing here in this particular reality the same as I am enjoying to do along the level of code—the points of light, star fields, blueprint grids, geometric color patterns. It is all the same, the slower we traverse an area the more detail we gain -and I agree, the details are indeed stunning. They change us, and challenge us in such beautiful ways.

The transitions, shifts and vibrations do in my case collectively act as a recording, a signature of a specific set of events which have taken place. By these I can relay, from my perspective what is contained within, what is represented within, what has in essence within them been captured. As a practical example, feeling within my body the vibrational signature of what happened during the course of a given night I can bring to the front of my awareness an almost endless stream of data.

Dozens and dozens of scenes, dreams within dreams within dreams, within some of which I am conscious—even simultaneously to the ones in which I am not. Interestingly awareness in one area can have a transfer value effect, in which it does also begin to surface in some others. It is like a domino affect in that waking up within one scene causes the waking up within another in a steady continuous out pouring. It is riveting -I enjoy witnessing the process very much.

If I were to put through any one certain suggestion to anyone, it would be to never let another tell you that specific aspects of your experience are “no more” than “just” this or that. Specific does not need to mean limited. Transitions are extraordinary. Linger where you feel to within them, in all the right places, experiencing absolutely all that you can. Take it in, take it in, take it in until you intoxicatingly, delightfully burst—dying into the depths of who you are, again and again and again.

Give yourself over to the experience while you still have the chance to do so in the way you are.

You never know when it may come to an end, and you are no longer able to.

Steadfastly welcome in even this.


copied from original blog: dated Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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