Getting Ready for Conscious Out-of-Body Travel

In regard to expansion of consciousness—shifts into additional consciousness space, going “out of body”, the following, for a period of time will generally be found helpful while you are:

1. Moving through fears
2. Clarifying your questions and coming into direct contact with your inner self
3. Integrating and finding avenues of expression for your experiences

Categories of Importance to Look At

Daily Routine
It is generally helpful if the foundation of your daily routine stays somewhat the same. Wake at the same time everyday, practice at a set time everyday, work, eat, go to bed at approximately the same time everyday. Along with this, get a little direct sun (minimally 30 minutes, ideally the hour into sunrise or sunset), take walks, as much as possible, if not completely stay away from the television and newspaper. *Activities, as well as discrete things are keyed to certain frequencies, which either are, or are not in this moment keyed to the frequency which is most apt to help you explore your own consciousness via OBEs, astral projection and lucid dreaming. Keep this in mind and from within you, in THIS moment feel if the frequency is in or out of synch.

Diet; Food and Water
Hydration is of the utmost importance -almost more than any other single thing it is important to be sure you are sufficiently hydrated. As an example, I have to drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water a day to stay hydrated, and to go out of body! on a regular basis. This is on top of smoothies, green juices, kombucha, hot teas.. This amount is not set, it may vary and change over time but it has been approximately this for the past 3 years, since additional [kundalini] energy began working through my field. Bless your water, store and drink it from glass rather than plastic. My suggestion for foods are: high raw, all organic, juicing/liquid meals, ‘green’ protein (which unlike meat is easily digestible / immediately bioavailable), stop eating 3-4 hours before going to bed. As much as possible, if not completely stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.

It may seem odd at first, how the idea of hygiene could play a role in not only the ability to go out of body, but also in the deflecting of ‘negative’ types of experience, however once you begin ‘going out’ the correlation is indeed made. There are implications with the kundalini as well, in regard to alterations taking place in the physical system. Suggestions: nightly baths before bed, skin brushing, periodic colon and liver cleanses.

Sleep Space
When it comes to experiences like OBEs your sleep and practice space areas are deserving of attention. Suggestions: keep them clean and uncluttered, low light at night prior to bed (beeswax candles are great), sage and mugwort smudge if it seems conducive. Do this with the intent to clean and clear the space.

Original talk held June 27, 2019

Prior to experiences like OBEs, lucid dreams and ‘kundalini’ type energy sensations through the body while awake, which bring on what are commonly referred to as ‘ascension’ symptoms, spiritual practices are necessary. As a general rule, however, once symptomatic all practices should cease. If continued they can intensify symptoms to the point of being highly uncomfortable and even damaging. My suggestions for practices prior to symptoms are: meditation, savasana (horizontal relaxation pose), tratak (conscious gazing), breathing patterns, binaurals, and restorative yoga poses to help the additional energy move more smoothly through the physical system. My suggestions once symptoms begin: bodywork/massage, salt baths, daily walks (barefoot if possible), restorative body movements, conscious breathing, gardening, growing your own organics, anything that puts you in touch with nature.

General Guidelines for Tratak—

  • candle flame gazing at night to get started; 2 minutes unless eyes water sooner, close eyes and rest; 2 weeks
  • candle flame gazing at night (sequentially building toward 10 minutes, close eyes and rest; indefinite
  • eyes closed sun gazing at sunrise or sunset; 7 consecutive days then discuss
  • eyes open sun gazing; 1 minute…to proceed as individually appropriate


Wake Back to Bed; Sleep Pattern Interruption; Move to Practice Space


Daily Practice, Daily Journaling
Binaurals, Isochronic Tones


text copied from original blog dated mid 2013

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