Sychronizing the Hemispheres: Turning Perception Inside-Out

When I was first awakened to the Wider Reality, the first related phenomena I noticed in my normal state of being is that I immediately could not use my brain in the same way as before. There was a decided feeling to the area where it perceptually rests, and to my awareness, but behind this there seemed to be nothing. There was no data, what previously I would have called “my memory”. I no longer had the same access to it as before. This phenomena, although felt more acutely in the beginning because it was so new continues to this day.

To begin working with the new situation, my Guidance put me in front of the camera and urged me to begin journaling what was happening. This was not only a potential avenue of expression for the new levels of energy and information coming through, it was also to help cultivate a way of communicating that was for me fundamentally new. As I did not seem to be able to reach, or remember back by sequentially extending myself into the past I had to somehow learn to bring information forward into my current awareness.

In fact, this was not something I truly had to learn, so much as seemingly a system somehow already in place, as though a priory to the one being used before that now I simply had to get used to. It took a good deal of trust in the beginning, notably when sitting in front of the camera. I felt ill prepared, because there was no preparation. I would push the go button, focus and feel in and hopefully I would begin saying something. In those first months, what I had to get used to was the turtle’s pace. Words came sloooow.

There were phases where my trust level would recede… During these I would first test and see for myself what was going to come through. I would bring through ‘bits’, expand on them and then re-lay them later. These journals never seemed as potent as the “johnny on the spot” variety. In time, through practice I did learn to more steadily trust, not only what would come through, but also my ability to catch the wave—-the flow of energy and information coming through from somewhere within the depths of my awareness. Just as I am now as I write these words.

I have no certain knowledge of where the words are coming from, only that indeed they are arising and through a variety of detectable means. The first I can describe as a sensation of being steadily calibrated and recalibrated to feel certain ways; within each calibration and it’s collective feeling arise life experiences that match up to it and put through certain insight, meaning and even words. As this happens I am not necessarily knowing why I am saying what I am.

The next layer is a kind of metre I may also begin to hear.. It first came through to me as a child. Often I would be leaving the house to just go off somewhere—-nowhere in particular but usually into the desert which at that time was literally everywhere. By this metre I would know which way to go, how many steps to take in a particular direction, at what pace, when to sit and/or otherwise do when I “arrive”. Now this is being extended beyond me into communications with others.

My Guidance System refers collectively to our being a ‘highly skilled’ communications specialist. These words, ‘highly skilled’, they are being aimed at me personally—thrown in here and emphasized at the last minute for the sole purpose of making me laugh; something I do altogether too easily; and which puts me in a frequency range match to the sender(s). After many years of amusement at this notion, I am now perhaps penetrating deeper layers of it’s meaning.

As I communicate more regularly in the novel way, a variety of related experiences do begin opening up to me. There is fundamentally an opportunity to perceive within the communicating, perception itself turning inside out. To witness the in-focusing of attention as it gently releases from circumference reality and transitions in on itself. How—as it reaches center it does concentrically pass through it into finer dimensions, each with their own level of reality.

It has taken many years of the Kundalini, and experiencing beyond the physical body to cognize the full context in which this phenomena is specifically occurring through me, along with the practical purpose it is to in turn begin serving. Through much of the past years there can be seen a near constant tempering—a being “heated” and then “cooled” and by this being made malleable. Through the process is what could be seen as a highly personal training program.

Clear in my awareness is the merging—from the beginning there has been cognition of the merging, of what I simply call “a deeper layer of my being” with me. Increasingly more clear is that BY this I am being focused out and into a variety of levels of perspective through which multidimensionality- energy, information and even forms are increasingly being made apparent. For the most part, to-date, this has been happening distinctly within the context of my own awareness.

Forthcoming—is the [ cognizing of it ] reaching through me in various ways to the occupants of this level of reality. As this happens, as this stratum of awareness opens up and I am released from 3D reality structures into ever new levels of receptivity and connection, broad spectrum perceptions from within the event become available for me to directly, subjectively experience. The intriguing element of this is that the subjectively experiencing “I” is not static.

The subjectively experiencing “I” is multi-facetted, and the facets can let go of themselves and blend into any of the others, to varying degrees and variety of perceptible ways. Many of the facets seem from a space/time point of view to have prior existence, but also in me is the idea that from the withinness of this experience new facets are being formed. Is this how creation works?

Is this how the Soul evolves itself? —how new beings, new colors come into existence.

What am I seeing?


copied from original blog dated July 2, 2013

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