Consciousness: Beyond the Earth Human Dimension

In my first lucid dreams I feel sheer delight—no more—in the first three I wake up in there and, immeasurable joy bursting forth immediately squeal “I’m dreaming!”—throwing my arms out and falling back into the space behind me; I then shift straight back into physical awareness. When in this way I begin realizing that “waking up” is waking up to the fact that I am dreaming I never laughed so hard. I mean, after all the seriousness (seriously) what could be more funny.

As this awareness is arising, it is doing so predominantly from within a Soul level perspective; meaning there is decided momentum behind me to complete the circuit, to realize that when I get up to start my day each morning I am STILL dreaming. Which as it begins to register more fully in my physical awareness is clearly suggesting the dreamer to be other than me—the person here in this ground level experience. A new spectrum thus begins opening and emerging.

In the night this spectrum, and communication from and with it are very clear. I can very obviously emit from my specific point in any dream field to what is perceptually the whole of the field. I can, for instance, while shifting out of an environment ask if I can stay longer to look around and by it—by what I perceive and viscerally feel to be a second, larger point of awareness, be refocused back into the environment and let. In this way a dialogue between spectrums begins developing.

Perhaps more impactful, as we are predominantly visual beings in our human creation is the perception here itself. A larger point of awareness-and-perspective inside of which another, more locally focused point of awareness and perspective is appearing. The perception is developing stability. So much stability that even now here in the Earth life field it is rarely leaving me. When it does, it is to an insignificant degree and somewhat easily returns.

In this there is much that is opening up to me, fundamentally a telempathic connection between what appears to be me and what appears to be everything else. I am acclimating to it. To being this open. —With plants, animals, stones, water…it is nice. With people it can be different. Not when silently in their presence but more-so when there is a type of interaction, a dialogue or two way flow of intent; I can feel within my system when and where I begin closing it down.

I am practicing at a comfortable pace. To maintain the perception; a fundamental awareness in which everything is appearing and in which everything is by it connected. Where I feel myself tensing I send a smile—deliberately relax—breathe—let the opening in me open even more. The whole event is just dizzying to sustain. As new ground often is. It occurs to me as this registers more fully that this may in effect be a level evolvement. Is this a new dimension?

Curiously a friend came by this week, she is exploring the idea of geopathic stress lines and brought her new dowsing rods to show me what she’s discovered. This friend shifts easily from the physical Earth life field when in my presence. We have many shared experiences. She walked the dowsing rods in my sleep space to see if there were any stress lines where I’ve placed my bed. I then held the rods myself and repeated the process. Our results were identical.

The rods showed a stress line directly across the middle of where I sleep. As the rods did cross, the idea came to me. I told her I wanted to do an experiment. It took just a moment, while looking out into the space all around me I deliberately let my perception reverse. Awareness itself became the very ground, extending well out beyond the visual horizon; all appeared clearly in it. I held out the rods and again walked the space. Absolutely no stress line appeared.

I then had my friend re-walk the space, I wanted to see if she had shifted into the new environment with me. No stress line appeared. I then told her what I had done -(only now realizing that this has been what was happening all these years of our shared experiences, yet having been brought about for us rather than by one of us). The intoxicated expression she was newly wearing plainly revealed it was now registering with her —-and the alison-in-wonderland effects began.

Our spacial relationship with the room began changing in the very same way; we each felt as though very large, as though three or more feet taller, looking down from heads touching ceiling height. We played around in this for awhile, as we generally do. And even walked the rods a few more times. No geopathic stress lines in this space. None at all.

At the same time—this being said…..
the entirety of the new experience, of what is potentially a whole new level evolvement is not all sunshine and roses. The past months I have been moving through a period of depression. Which as I see it in this light may be a sort of missing. It does feel like a missing. And I know I will be moving more deeply into the new experience.

We’ll soon see if in actuality it is a new dimension.

I may merely be at the doorway.


copied from original blog dated July 15, 2013
Consciousness: Beyond the Earth Human Dimension

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