Growing Beyond the Personal Field

Lucid dreaming is defined in various ways by various people –I find it beneficial to take all these in collectively, in order to see what could be understood as the current collective [planetary] growth curve and how the concept has accurate expressions that are both broad and narrow; on the narrow end it generally denotes what is modernly called “the personal field”; a private rather than public area of consciousness. A personal, rather than shared experience territory.

An idea not often considered is that this territory can be experienced right here in this dimension (not just the one we go into in the night). The common thought is that here in the Earth life experience we are in a shared reality. I know it looks like we are in a shared reality –and before going further let me say I feel there is indeed a shared frequency of Earth life experience.
The question is am I in it? Is this the territory I, myself am experiencing.

When I look at what 3D Earth life experience is, I almost need not immediately venture further; it is the experience of perceived separation; where from within my being I am vibrationally cut off from all dimensions beyond the Earth human dimension, and, consequently, where here my person is vibrationally held separate from all other persons; all I have access to /direct experience of is my own personal thoughts, my own personal feelings, or in other words—-my own personal field.

Letting this register in my awareness I feel is a good beginning. Those signing on for the 3D Earth life ride do begin their experience here entrenched in this. The question is am I still entrenched (are you still entrenched?) – or has there been a shift into the true shared frequency—-am I opening myself to experience directly through my person more than my own personal field? It seems I have begun. What is at times happening within me now is very unlike before.

This new experience has the tendency of lending me to the idea that until now I have been in a sort of play world. Where the idea of a shared reality is perhaps being collectively played with, but from within personal spheres, where it is yet to be actualized; our idea here is still very coarse, very rough, as can be seen by the have’s and have-not’s and the many wars in its stead. Taking a sincere look at it, is this not how I would begin?—confined to my own sphere.

I think that until now, from within my own personal field I have been refining.. It is possible that I have been doing this together with a very large group of others who are likewise doing the same. And that individually, possibly collectively, potentially through millennia a level of refinement has been risen to that is now being represented in our personal spheres as a sort of gradient change, or graduation. For me this is very specifically represented as a shift in perception.

The world no longer appears to be exterior to me. The visible world [or spectrum] no longer seems held separate from me by space or time. It fundamentally appears a singularity; the point in the field which I recognize to be me as well as all others are, perceptually, by the totality of the field connected. New experiences are rising up in the new perception. Notable, are the times when I feel through my own body-system the energy, or vibrational signatures of others.

In the new perception there is a closer connection, a more immediate, more direct awareness and experience of discrete energies beyond my own. All that is distinctly, visually represented in the field seems capable of communicating itself—-animate, as well as what are more commonly thought of as inanimate things. The collective experience is very nice. When I narrow my focus, to experience through my body-system the specific energy of another it is also very nice.

When the energy is of another person I often feel their muscle groups first, I feel where within their body they are tensing. I detect the collective-stress pattern first, but also discern within this specific areas -those under greatest tension in toward the least. I then, from within the perception that is uniting us, with my own energy “undo” the tension by sequentially relaxing into each of the areas and altering my breathing to more fully support the shift.

This is more an observation of something spontaneously, involuntarily happening than something I am purposefully doing; my attention, to be accurate, seems newly to be coming in on a level of communication vibrationally taking place just below my normal awareness; as I more fully cognize the level I am able to more fully, consciously participate in it. Often my range of vision here begins expanding more deeply into the subtle fields. I begin seeing many new phenomena.

I sometimes see bright light patterns, snowflake like formations of brightly colored light floating through people’s forms; I may see what I refer to as “your people”, spirits, self aspects, past/future lifetimes, etc.., closely associated with the current one; I may see the particles that compose your body. My attention may even isolate a single particle and look inside. In any event, it is generally not long before the perceived space between me and what I am seeing begins rushing away.

Through this I am propelled rapidly into and through what I am seeing; into potentially a new vision field; I will find myself within yet another dimension of the experience. It seems almost endless, the layers that can be penetrated.. For now, mostly I am doing just this, penetrating the layers. I am not yet able to discern the language of the fields. There is pertinent data, the fields are most certainly communicating but I am still learning how to synch with the messages.


It is getting clearer for me now.

Consensus does not necessarily mean shared.

A consensus reality and a shared reality can be two very different things.

Each of us may have very well agreed to align with a basic, local set of rules prior to entering this Earth life experience—-we may very well, this moment be collectively deciding on changes—-but this in itself does not mean we are experiencing anything here beyond the level of our own personal field. Which is seen as one begins to. There is contrast enough to see it.

Such a curious, and even delightful idea, to enter a dream in which we will not know we are dreaming—-to enter a personal field of experience which we will not recognize to be such. Who is the inventor of the idea I wonder. And….are we going to realize it now?—-are we going to collectively wake up and see that by our own definition we are dreaming.

When this happens here in the Earth life field,

it is the most magical of all.


copied from original blog dated August 3, 2013

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