Activated to Awaken: A Kundalini Top-Down Awakening

Four years ago, in the summer of 2009 I was roused from my sleep near the 2am hour by a clear, distinct, male voice. By the time I am fully aware of what is happening the voice very simply, authoritatively booms “DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT THE PHYSICAL BODY SYSTEM.” To whom the voice is booming I do not know, although a good many are in this moment discernibly present. These words echo through me still, as though an instant has not passed since.

An energy I feel from above the crown of my head begins jellyfishing tangibly down through my body until finally exiting the soles of my feet. On this single occasion this repeats, and repeats again. I visually see the energy from within as intense, bright white light. The overall visual is one of being slowly “scanned”. I am in an interesting state of principally awe, yet also shock. I cannot move. I am giving my all to gathering data and making useful observation.

I have significant opportunity for this as it turns out –the energy arriving every night for the next three years, the hour before going to bed. With its arrival, for 3-4 hours at the top of each night I am unable to sleep. The energy jellyfishes from above the crown of my head down through the soles of my feet. – completing the circuit, beginning with my feet, bi-laterally the energy begins clearing. The process is slow and unrelenting and painful.

It takes roughly a month, sometimes two for each segment to fully clear; feet, ankles, shins, calves, knees, lower/mid/high thighs, hip creases. Each limbic segment seems connected with another through the spinal line contemporaneously being cleared. Feet linked with crown, ankles with brow, shins with throat—all working in toward center and meeting at the perineum. To fully clear the hip creases / perineum takes an additional year and a half.

During these years, from day one comes the ability to shift my focus from physical matter reality into other dimensions. At a certain point, after hours of clearing there is an amazing thing I know is going to happen. It is not that I am let to fully leave the physical spectrum (and the work), but rather a vibration is entered in which my attention now delightfully splits into multiple fields, wherein a much fuller spectrum of the work, the clearing and evolution is observed.

Were the splitting off not a new-found ability arriving simultaneously with the energy, I see that it may not have been perceived to this degree as a saving grace. Within the additional dimensional fields there is likewise much that is equally shocking. However, central to it all is a personal awe at the event simply happening, as well as a natural, often surprisingly calm curiosity. The specifics of what is happening within the fields are most always in my awareness secondary to this.

This may be the reason I have been able to continue so consistently with such momentum every night (and day) for years. Fear never overcoming me, and instead fading into the background of an ocean of awe. It is true my awe has been greater than my fear —(until recently, when through one particular experience a core fear, perhpas central to this lifetime became highlighted. I called for a bit of breathing room so that I might look into it at an abbreviated pace.

I have been moving at the slower pace the past year… The K continuing, yet my awareness being brought in on only what is absolutely necessary. Throughout this period I have been observing more closely the alterations in the way I now perceive and experience physical reality; Earth-life reality. Which is more dream-like now than ever before. Notably in the way it occurs simultaneously in my awareness with incoming data from multiple other fields.

Reality and dream have merged in my awareness. No field, regardless of dimension being any more or less than any other. All—absolutely—equivalents falling together. This is dizzying in its effect on my person. Which I now realize through various dimensions to be a construct. Even while not yet fully cognizing the extent of what this means. Yet making new discovery every day. Into visible spectrums, visual fields. Reality and the way it works.


Kundalini top-down activations, in contrast with the perhaps more common base-to-crown activation are with their own unique set of characteristics. There is not much said about them on the internet, perhaps because they have in fact been more rare. For this reason, in the spirit of it someday being of help to someone I wish to share my personal experience, perceptions and insight.

Kundalini activations are unique, no two being exactly alike, perhaps namely because they are experienced and perceived through unique systems [beings/people/constructs/constraints]. In my personal case, the top-down activation includes the following notable characteristics due to the minimized constraint patterns of my upper energy centers more fully activating in my awareness first:

  • A transpersonal view primary to simultaneous personal view(s
  • Reversed perception; subtle fields primary in awareness to physical fields
  • An extended range of vision and capacity to view in increased dimensions
  • A capacity for holding multiple states simultaneously
  • Trans-dimensional communication; various forms of channeling
  • Spontaneous healing; Visioning new healing modalities
  • Contemporaneous space, contemporaneous time

With the awareness center [ajna] activated in my awareness, one of the first things I began realizing is that it had always been open. I simply didn’t recognize the related phenomena to be anything special or out of the norm —(until the K came through in my 40s to show me). As a child, all the way through to my 30s I could “walk my dreams”. My dreams did not necessarily stop when I got up to start my day. I could walk in both realities, both vision fields at the same time.

Always I could see visual phenomena behind closed eyes, and my eyes did not have to be closed in order to see it —(I had no idea others didn’t). I began cognizing this more completely in my late 30s, a decade prior to the Kundalini. That things appeared in my visual field, various forms of light that did not appear in others’. I began remembering spontaneous healings from my youth and early 20s. As well as shifts through the Void, into what I then called “the land of the elementals”.

Everything is gradually coming back.

Curious to me is that it does not seem I ever quite came as fully into the body, with as much of the veil in place as the genuine Earth-human experiencer –(unless previously and this is an evolution). My energy centers have not been as constrained. My constraint pattern is significantly different. I wonder what purpose this constraint pattern has in this system. What it is doing here. I would like to know. To see a kaleidoscopic view of its overall pattern of effect.

As I write this, an energy vortex—a fervid, fast moving whirling mass of something at the back of my head creates a falling-without-ever-landing sensation. I swim in this sensation near constantly these days. It is my ground. My new ground. Gradually I am acclimating. The extreme dizziness, confusion and nausea are fading and I am becoming less physically symptomatic in its regard as I equalize to the new energetic and physiology.

I am much larger than normal and not able to eat much at present, but what I am able to eat creates sensation within me which is very pleasant, and which allows it in my awareness to be substantial (absolutely more than enough). I am having challenges wearing my glasses. I’ve been leaving them off for increased periods during the day. Intuition tells me my physical vision may be self correcting. I am playful with this idea. So we will see.

My physical challenges and changes will continue to be reported.

Personal experiences, perceptions and insight.


copied from original blog dated August 28, 2013

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