Synchronous States: Holding Multiple Realities Simultaneously

Looking in on it from where I am now in time, the process of entering into this makes more sense. The picture is more complete. Years prior to a more total shift in consciousness I began bringing through the idea.. Speaking of it (somewhat ephemerally), penciling (somewhat remedially) images and graphs, teaching it in class while not even truly knowing -or knowing why.

Central to my spiritual disciplines are an array of light and sound practices. Light and sound, light and sound, light and sound. I have been immersed. It is no wonder to me now that from directly within my everyday physical reality life-experience new dimensions began arising, meeting me here.. Light [information/data] and even forms, appearing immediately within my visual field.

It is perhaps more usual for people to begin penetrating these layers during sleep, meditation, etc.., when the eyes are more typically closed. —-Similar to when the eyes are open – however – there can be perceived ‘space’ between myself and what I am seeing. OR….. ‘space’ (the distance between) can be let to rush away, and what I’m seeing be experienced directly in first person. Just as I am now experiencing this discrete 3D physical layer location—directly.

Many OBErs experience this keenly when first laying down to practice. When looking into the blackness in front of their closed eyes, and shifting into it. The two-dimensional experience, looking through the distance into a black wall of sorts alters when the perceived distance is no longer being experienced. An additional, third dimension to the event opens up. Arriving one at that referred to in previous times as the Void, and more modernly “the 3D blackness”.

Ground zero for newly re-entering into full multidimensional experience.

Being nowhere in particular, we have a good beginning.


Driving Down Into the Quantum

Shifting consciously, eyes open from the physical reality, fundamentally there is the opportunity to perceive within the experience perception itself turning inside out. To witness the in-focusing of attention as it gently releases from circumference reality and transitions in on itself. How—as it reaches center—Void—it does concentrically pass through it into finer [wider] dimensions, each their own discrete environment and level of reality.

In some such experiences my awareness initially drives down into the quantum, into subatomic visionscapes –the microcosm of the macrocosm —zooming in and zooming out not unlike a microscope and telescope. If I stay fully conscious, shifting gradually, there may be the opportunity to witness this phenomena opening out into many various shows—many layers of the light superimposed and manifesting into visual experience as we more commonly know it.

From the 3D blackness, what I may perceive is a single point of light —then the single point of light within a star field —the starfield within a blueprint grid —the blueprint grid within an intricate array of geometric color patterns. These color patterns are what I shift through just prior to arriving in new reality systems. Void—point of light—star field—blueprint grid—geometric color patterns—arial level view of world—ground level view of world.

These are the layers I pass through / merge with as I come (wondrously) from nothing through the Void into being—fully embodied in some new world. Often these layers remain simultaneously in my awareness throughout the experience. They remain in my awareness, and at times fully in my visual field also in my real time physical reality Earth-life. This may be what lets me shift at times, with greater ease than do most. Certainly the visual enhances point(s) of focus.

For more about the subatomic vision read here.

Vision Sight: Penetratng the Layers


The Particle and the Wave

There are two fundamental forms I travel and experience through 1) wave form, and 2) particle form —the latter containing three primary, notable states: a) point consciousness unassociated with form of any kind, b) point consciousness within the consciousness field of various people/beings/lifetimes and c) full physical embodiment AS them.

It is in wave form, or what might alternatively be called ‘transition’ that I am more predominantly aware of experiencing multiple states, multiple levels of reality and reality frames simultaneously. The moment I come into any particular location or particle form there is an alteration in the experience. Cognizing the alteration(s) is challenging. Wording them is equally so.

My observation is still young, not yet developed, but central to it is this.. The whole of what I am cognizing is concentric. Meaning there is no ‘outside of’ it. Layers within layers within layers, yes, but continually rising up from deeper within and extending [my] awareness further out. Much like cities are within states, states within countries, countries within globes, globes within solar systems—-solar systems within galaxies, etc..

Particle form is in my awareness perceived as rising up from within wave form…which seems the priory, the basis of all particularized reality. Notably at the onset of my more regular out-of-body travels I experienced the simultaneity of these, even while fully manifest in particular locations. It took time to feel safe, confident enough to venture purely into particle form -full physical embodiment in the various systems. In truth, it is very rare for me to do this.

Even here now in this Earth-life experience I do not seem to have come as fully in to the body as the genuine Earth-human experiencer. My energy centers have not been as constrained, creating less of a veil, which does inhibit pure 3D experience. What this constraint pattern is doing here I have yet to uncover. Its overall pattern of effect within the current collective pattern is of great curiosity to me. —–but I am digressing.

Synchronous states.. Multiple levels of reality and reality frames running concurrently. It is just as in the analogy (cities within states, states within countries, etc…)—-the wider terrain does occupy all points contained within it at all times all at once. Not challenging in the least to understand …“As above so below”. The idea needs only to be set free, extended into the idea of there being very real, experiencable quantum levels of reality.

Somehow in my experience, within wave form my awareness does extend into a wider terrain. Within which I am often experiencing multiple [given, set] points within. Multiple scenarios, vision fields and reality frames all at once. There is a unique vibratory, frequency quality to the wider terrain. Shifting in toward the particulars alters the frequency quality and to a degree ‘minimizes’ the experience. The terrains have their own environments, their own visual fields and rule sets.

At a certain point within the narrowing I find myself at 3D physical-reality land.

At the experiencing of myself in one discrete location at a time.



Consciousness in Terms of Brainwaves

The current pattern of understanding I am using is simple.

Physical = Conscious = Ground level view = Beta brainwave (predominant)
Astral = Subconscious = Areal level view = Alpha brainwave (predominant)
Mental/Causal = Superconscious = Geometric color pattern view = Theta/Delta (predominant)

It is perhaps important to note that by subconscious I mean THE subconscious, which includes but is not limited to a personal, private spectrum. The subconscious I more commonly visit is fundamentally a consensus, shared reality territory – ( some call it the ET dimensions; I call it the Galactic reality, or galactic space ) – belonging immediately to the Superconscious. And lesser, or less immediately to Entity and it’s person/personality streams. Within the more discrete area I am generally learning through simulations.

What I find myself currently in the midst of — in the Earth-life — is acclimating to holding concurrent waves in my awareness in real time, from the physical, conscious, ground level, beta brainwave predominant state; beginning with the predominant alpha and the predominant beta. Consistent, concurrent waves rising up from within this location is making it challenging for me to remain awake. To keep my eyes open, and otherwise function in this reality.

I feel sleepy, sooo sleepy, but I am gradually acclimating. Holding the waves, holding the awake state. Arriving periodically at tiny equalization points and feeling more of my Total self entering these coordinates.

There is a good deal of wonder at where this is going.


copied from original blog dated November 20, 2013

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