Personal Training Programs in the OBE: Etheric Drills

It would seem I do not experience as much gravity to the Earth as some, or perhaps even most other OBErs.. While they work to set down awareness of the physical, in order to stabilize themselves in other environments without ‘snapping back’, I must maintain full conscious awareness of both—or even more environments simultaneously in order to accomplish the same.

While they use techniques such as looking at their hands, and/or using them to touch something in the new environment in order to more fully connect with it, me doing this creates a vibration in which one environment gives way to another—repeatedly. I witness—as one landscape somewhat rapidly dematerializes ( demolecularizes ).—and I shift t h r o u g h it clean through into another. Clean through it into another. Clean through it into another.

Awareness of the physical while in out-of-body state(s), for me brings it’s notable characteristics (solidity, stability) to the new environment(s)- but it does not snap me back here to Earth-life. I have a few ideas as to why. 1) Within experiences I am connecting first, more directly more immediately not with ‘a place’ but with what I am actively perceiving from the physical spectrum as a deeper layer of my own being. A fundamentally deeper/wider/broader area of consciousness.

This has the tendency to throw my awareness way out into that deeper/wider/broader sphere. Because the fundamental “I–there”, as Monroe uniquely puts it, is simultaneously aware of Its many fractals, in many dimensions and vision fields all at once it is only in the maintaining of something similar that I do stabilize in given experiences. Yet, this said—nowhere in particular. And nowhere that is being perceived by me as any more or less real than anywhere else.

Which brings me to 2) perceiving the inherent, fundamental equivalency of the layers ( and the frequencies within ). Perceiving the same center, the same ONE, or ONENESS being them all. Concentricity occurring, yes, but ‘no other’…. “One without a second” as the Vedantins say. A Koan that did sit with me for many long years but now has been broken open. Realized—-even within the multitudes of individual consciousness cells which compose this body.

Put all this together and what do you get? —–( it occurs to me ) less gravity.

Less pull than what is normal to Earth-life.


Etheric Drills

In out-of-body experiences, for years I was put through what could be seen as an array of highly personal training programs.. One such program is what I came to call “Etheric Drills”. This is not a conscious shift from the physical, but rather a series of conscious shifts from the etheric. From within, my personal awareness would attempt to be roused. My personal “job”, as it were, would be to come into the awareness of being in an area outside the physical spectrum—–this is all.

The moment I came into this awareness, I would shift from the field into another within the same [etheric] layer—-repeatedly—-over and over and over, often as many dozens of times in a row. Unless otherwise distracted and from within a field failed to recognize it for what it was. Then the pattern would break. Picking up again soon enough. Immediately from where we left off. The moment recognition was again made the pattern [ / training program ] would continue.

In the beginning I did not see the larger picture. I could not for the life of me figure out why I would shift the very moment I realized I was out of body. I sometimes tried to get sneaky, attempting to keep to myself the fact I was alert. At times I would achieve a few moments but no more. I would shift —shift—shift—shift—shift—shift. It grew to be clear where my attention was being directed. Inevitably I stopped hiding and would just openly shout out into the space “okay!…I’m here”.

The ways I would shift are perhaps notable.. The most amusing being a vibrational equivalent to my back belt loop being hooked by a large finger and in this bent over forward limp noodle position being lifted up into the air. The most common: a quick fade to black and rapid appearance of a new field. Also common: dematerializing and re-materializing. So I not only have to cognize new environment(s), but also retain awareness through each new type of shift.

Being alert within the shift(s) grew to be fascinating.. I learned it is in actuality where the totality of everything is principally happening. Where all that is, IS….well before it is anything in particular. It is where decisions are being made, where realities are being formed, particular environments, scenarios and characters created—everything—right down to the training program I am now [ personally ] experiencing in real time.

What is it for? ( I find myself wondering ).. ( knowing what I come up with from my position supplies the torque that creates the inevitable real-time experience of it as well as how gracefully I traverse the territory between question and answer ). For now I simply look to the evidence. The training when I do not work against it builds energy, similar to that of sequentially pulling back on a rubber band. To what end would I want to pull further and further back? It is clear, yes?

So that when the rubber band is let go awareness shoots further out.. —( it is indeed happening ).

And [ now ]—-now there are new challenges —( are there also new training programs? )

I wonder.


Video Logs: (please enjoy)

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copied from original blog dated November 25, 2014

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