Transfer Value Effects of the OBE on Physical Reality

People sometimes ask me what relevance the out of body experience has on “real” life.. Everyday, practical, physical reality Earth-life. I understand why the question is asked, and it is a good question to ask. Notably because there is indeed relevance. Coming into the clear awareness of it and thereby helping to extend it increasingly further out into the populous of this level of reality I feel to be of very great, current day importance.

The OBE affects each one uniquely. It impacts each one’s personal awareness uniquely. I will share with you how my own personal awareness is being met with and what new experiences I am now grounding—-bringing through to [ the range of possibility in this particular ] physical reality Earth life. Realizing that while grounding the new experiences with more consistent awareness, while very much [ also ] alive and IN the body, possibility extends into probability.

What began happening with me as immediately as with my first OBE, with the returning of my awareness to a spectrum beyond the physical, is that rote memory, the program running within my awareness which allowed me to experience 3D-human life [only] was being turned off. It is not a program that can synch with multi-dimensional reality experience. Which requires instead what might be called a ‘present attention’ —-an undivided, unobstructed, steady flow of attention.

What transfer value effect does the event of this within the OBE have in the 3D Earth-field?.. Of what practical importance is it to the occupants of this level of reality? It is immense, in truth ( which is the purpose of me beginning with it ). To attempt an initial dive– In OBEs, with me there has been a life altering graduation of connectivity experienced between ‘subject’ and ‘object’. Between ‘myself’ and that which is collectively ‘everything else’.

Considering the visual field, the point being “me” in the field and the “totality” of the field ( which includes all occupants ), gradually has come to be experienced – literally seen within my visual field – as a singularity. With what other vision would I be able to be in two or more places in two or more dimensional fields at once; such as the case with the OBE—–my awareness, clearly alert within the physical body location ( lying there in the bed ) and simultaneously in this second location.

How does the new singularity–view affect the 3D field and my coming to meet it’s many occupants with it in tow?.. You may already be coming to see it—– a level of connectivity which is offering the awareness of there being no fundamental division between us—- very little experience of perceived separation and thus the openness / openING through which our discrete energies do flow into and through one another. Sharing—-unique expressions of love, compassion and understanding.

The data contained within the exchange informs us utterly. Giving probable and possible histories, current purpose/intents, desires, curiosities —all within an instant—-we [may] know one another. We may be more appropriate with one another. If within the process we do not shut down we may find that being in this way inherently makes us less dual, less apt to position ourself against one another—–less war–like. You are seeing it? —-It’s absolute importance.

Humanity, in my vision—-( to fast forward )—-is preparing in this way through individual representatives to re-enter a Larger awareness. A Galactic awareness. Reconnection within a Wider Scope of Reality with our Greater Relations, our patiently awaiting Star brothers and sisters. First we are upping ourselves. Setting down our hostility(ies). Ending the war– the era of ‘evolution through separation’ otherwise known as the ‘subject’ / ‘object’ illusion.

This is the big picture.


New Abilities, New Systems and Healing Modalities

In OBEs it is very clear to me that I am observing [ seeing ] without my physical eyes.. In OBEs I have what I call ‘vision sight’, an ‘inner’ seeing ability or ‘extended’ vision, which has a very definite extended range. This vision sight came into my ground level experience here in the Earth life prior to my fully conscious OBEs and helped prepare me for what was coming. It has a transfer [ real ] value here in the Earth field also.

Vision sight comes from a wider point of awareness than my own.. Wider than this ground level person / personality point of awareness. It has what might be called a ‘reverse perception’ from my own, seeing things from the inside out, rather than outside in. From the most fundamental, out into multiple layers of detail. Within this vision not only do I see my connection with the Wider point reality, I see and feel my connection(s) with you.

I see the many ways we are ‘family’.. If not always in multiple layers of detail (through the dimensions), always at the core. This may translate visually into my field as many various ‘additional’ forms of light—-formations that my attention may sometimes enter and explore in greater detail. These formations can be anything from individual particles, to swirls of color, snowflake-like patterns, portals, vortices, and even ‘people’.

What comes to me through them is a communication of information and ideas which help me potentially be of greater assistance here on the planet.. Often I am seeing growth points and potentials. Patterns. Where within a life experience entropy may arise. Where dis-ease may enter. At times I may even shift to these points. Merge with your consciousness field and be there in your experience to help support you.

This is not a special talent, it is something that in my view we are all doing with and for each other just behind the scenes. Just behind our knowing. All that is new, is that I have begun cognizing the additional level(s), breaking in more consistently on levels of communication [ creation ] taking place just behind the scenery I am moving through. And realizing that I can be and participate in any number of ways in any of the scenes I am ‘related’ to.

In the Earth-life scene, if it is asked for I am able to extend any of what is happening out to you.

Within this there is innate opportunity for healing.


Everyday Practical: Life on the Ground

Through the OBE and subsequent cognizing of ‘additional’ levels-of-being, I tend to now take things far less personally ( always a boon ), less from my personality point of awareness alone. There are depths and degrees to this. The most amusing being one in which scenarios and situations can be wildly funny. The most pleasant being a gentle radiance of unconditional caring and compassion. These and more step forward with me in my experiences.

On the very curious end of the spectrum there are key/core concepts being integrated within the OBE which translate in highly personal ways into my ground level experience. In the beginning, the Energy created from the aligning of the the inner energy centers of my body translated into an inability to sleep up off the ground. It demanded I move to the floor. This I know to have been a preparatory maneuver, to further open the spine and prepare my body for more.

The transitioning / shifting phenomena has translated into a very decided feeling to be more mobile; road-tripping, traveling.. The experiencing of each ‘void’ and ‘being nowhere in particular’ is resulting in the feeling to be living nowhere in particular even here in my ground level experience. For the past year I have not kept my own residence. –( the whole planet is now mine ). As a private duty health care worker, taking care of people in their own homes I go from job to job to job.

On days off I go road-tripping –to visit and even help care for ill friends and family. This past year my sister was diagnosed with ALS ( Lou Gehrig’s Disease ). Her son, my nephew has severe Cerebral Palsy. Grandma is in end stage Alzheimer’s. Etc.. My going to them now is made possible through these translations. I recognize this, and as odd as they may initially seem I know not to resist, or otherwise work against them.

My job and my joy is to simply read them—and step into [ my ] creation.

The ideal version of everything I have ever dreamed of.

It is happening.


copied from original blog dated November 27, 2014

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