OBE Log : Opus Dei 

This shift begins while I am in a vehicle.. it is night, I am in the city, a childhood friend, Lana, is in the car with me and doing the driving. An acceleration is in play, a shift in the brainwave cycles, visually the city scene and lights are beginning to warp by. It seems we could crash at any moment. But, realizing what is happening, from somewhere behind this scene I move through this brief fear and stay conscious enough to detect a strangeness in the vehicle, a connection through my back body, an apology from Lana – as I shift through and land in another area.

I am sitting toward the back of a room on a walnut colored wooden pew. There are many rows of pews ahead of me and people fill them all. My eye is groggily opening, coming into focus on the being at the front of the room who is speaking to everyone but I am in a space behind the space in which this room is. An additional frequency is coming through to me.

The sky blue color of this being

The being who is arriving in my field is a large, sky blue and light grey skinned inter-dimensional male, I want to say “man-monster” in order to give something of a description. I do not think he is really a monster but humans might describe the appearance as such. His head is bowed toward the ground and as I watch, dazed as his features all fill in, 

He slowly lifts his head, addresses me and says,

“Create no fear, Lupus, create no fear.”

He steps from the platform at the front of room, walks down the aisle between the right and left side pews heading right for me….or….I am thinking it is what seems right toward me until at the back of the room I see he is cornering a girl who is not far from me. I position myself close-by to the two of them to help ensure the girl will be left well.

The blue-grey being is no longer presenting, it is the man who truly belongs to this scene. He is fair skinned with light blonde hair and at the moment there is an anger in him. He notices my position and lets the girl go. He walks toward me, curious as to who I am, he says “do you eat here in this house?” I say “I do.” Giving the understanding that I am a guest and this is why I am here. He nods, amicably makes his leave and begins strolling through the room.

This is not an actual church or cathedral we are in, I notice now, but a prayer, or meeting space, the idea of Opus Dei comes to me, within a very large mansion home, circa 1600s. I am making my own leave at this time, moving through the home to the outside grounds in order to make way toward my own home. – but outside it has begun to rain and it is beginning to come down harder.

After making my way along the rear path and down some stairs with the aid of the moonlight I re-enter a side area of the larger structure. My friend Lil is here, this is her space I have entered. Lil’s energy is very different here. It does not seem to want me here. I am trying to be of help, working to earn my keep by closing down the house for the night, locking the series of front doors through which I, myself have just come. 

The doors look different from the inside, than when I came in from the outside. Interesting. I am seeing now that the keys are sitting in the outside locks, I do not want to remove them as they have clearly been put here and it is not my place to remove them. The keys and outside of the door are still circa 1600s. Interesting. The interior is designed closer to modern day ( 1970s ).

On the inside there do seem to be bolts to hold the door but none seem to have functional receptors. So they are here but do not work. This quandary has me shifting in toward a more usual dream state, I am losing consciousness trying to figure this out. In the meanwhile I am speaking just briefly with Lil, explaining the rain and that I will be able to leave when it begins to lift. We have moved to another area of the house. 

There is someone here rolling what looks like cookie dough into little balls. They are far too small for cookies, I am mentioning this as my conscious state of attention rides the waves back into physical space, repeating and repeating the words “create no fear, Lupus, create no fear.”

Note : Lupus is the latin word for “wolf” and as a sir name means “of the wolf”. — this comes up quite regularly in my experiences, I have a connection with the lupine beings. There is one in particular who I go exploring out of body with quite regularly. 

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