OBE Log : ET Contact, Extraction of Stones

Note: The vast majority of my contact experiences are through the out of body state. The type of experience I am about to relay is very common to my et contacts. – being “on the table” in general is very common. I do not bring back with me everything that occurs specifically while on board craft but what I do bring back, regularly involves the awareness of surgical devices used to hold my nares flared wide open, and sometimes, as in this experience the extraction of one thing or another. Often I myself am attempting to pull the device itself from out of my nose. Sometimes it is what seems a rubbery substance that just never seems to end. I can pull and pull and never manage to get what this is out in whole. In the following experience it something altogether new.

Experiences of this type can bring trauma to the experiencer,

It is common for a screen scene to be used.

Extraction of stones from right nasal passage.

In this scene, which is not just a superimposed filter atop what is more truly happening it is a message that is being sent to me. In the scene I am walking in a populated area talking with someone. I begin to feel an obstruction in the right side of my nose. It is almost as though I shift into an additional etheric frequency bandwidth because at the same time as I am walking and talking with this male person I am also beginning to reach in and remove the obstruction.

It is challenging to get at, but once I do, once this first stone is removed others behind it, one after the other come more easily. I am beginning to have a growing pile of them here. I see 8-9 of them before I am no longer aware of myself in this area. No longer in the screen scene. I will note the stones are not fully calcified, they have just a bit of give. They are roughly 1.5” x 1” in size, somewhat oval in shape and dark brown in color.

A notable aspect of this contact is the way the whole event ( the sent message ) is being transmitted not just to me in the scene, but to me in the bed, – sent to multiple frequency fields in a manner in which it is consistently being received in real time. I can see into the technology, the technique that is being used to do this very clearly while in experience, but now here in physical space it is more of a challenge.

The signal and the symbols are being what I will call ‘stacked’, first each onto themselves, and then additionally through time. So the signal and each major symbol ( such as the stones, etc ) carry evenly forward with me even through multiple shifts which come perceptually after this one, – they remain in what for me is my present moment.

I realize, when looking into this that the signal and the symbols are being sent into the self-superimposed scene. So I begin to look into where I really am. It is a room in what could be a craft. Standing here I feel that it is a craft. It is a clear, but not well illuminated space, the light illumination present is a beautiful blue. This beautiful blue is contrasted upon the dark, meaning there are clearly dark areas, like the walls, solid spaces, and the blue illumination which is lighting the clear space, walkways, habitable areas.

I see three very tall, very thin extraterrestrial beings. They are standing at a bend in the corridor from where I am viewing. There is a room just beyond them. I do not venture further in to see this. I know what is there.

I begin to ask questions : I ask who is sending the signal : my inner field goes entirely white : I see a large pair of white angel wings and between them a bent muscular arm, like when you show someone your bicep. I do not know how to read this symbol yet but will continue absorbing.

I ask, repeatedly, again and again what the stones are. 

I am not yet able to get at this data.

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