OBE Log: Federation Craft

September 26, 2021

Contact Experience, Federation Craft, Pleiadians

Going to bed tonight I fully know I am going to have a contact – that I am going to be brought up on board. I can tell by the level of extreme comfort laying here on my back. I go immediately to it. Internally I am already “assuming the position”. I know what it means and I tell myself to roll over onto my side. It is not long, though, before my body, all but by itself returns to the original position. I am feeling drowsy and I am falling off but I can feel the tractor beam lock on.

I am still awake! – I shout out etherically, not once but twice, the scream reaching to, but not all the way through my physical body. I truly dislike the fear I always feel in these shifts, they always feel so invasive to me. And needless to say, it is not always fun on the other side of them.

Tonight I know I am going up because I am opening myself more to contact, to come into a fuller expression of my Service. I have also asked for assistance in getting back to physical space with the experience intact. – which is why I am being brought up while still somewhat conscious. It is the shifts that embed in me most fully.

In the shift I have access to data pertinent to everywhere I am within a certain radius, not just the radius in which I am localized. So in this shift I am aware of a data flow, a data exchange relative to my two younger brothers : Roger has work, Derrick has no work. I am going to have to feed him. I direct his attention to my food stores, let him know he should help himself. There is a fluctuation between the idea of Derrick and the idea of Roger. The two are interchanging within the experience as it continues. It is a great deal of contact and communication with Roger, he seems to be doing exceedingly well. I suppose, in terms of his contract.

When I arrive on board the craft, which is large, well lit and extremely silver I am in my quarters. I am able to see through a data flow that a girl, Gosia ( aka: Cosmic Agency ) is here and also in her quarters. She is having contact. She has moved into a sort of chamber, small, rectangular, fits a single standing person. The space inside opens out into as much additional space as needed. She is using this chamber to initiate contact with a highly human looking male person. He is manifesting here into her space. Which is very near to my space. I am right here in the same set of rooms.

Viewing this, I can energetically feel within myself I am wanting to have this same kind of very real contact also. I am wanting to meet this male contact person. It is all being arranged. Gosia is inviting me in, into an arrangement with she, another female and this humanoid male ET – who is on board this craft in our local space. I will describe him a bit : he is caucasian, has brown hair that is grown an inch or so out from cut short. He is wearing a silver skin suit which has a white trim, irregularly cut from one shoulder across to a lower point on the other. I am not seeing any patches or indicators of affiliation. 

The energy on board these craft ( Federation craft ) is always nice, the energy in the connection to the experience is nice, I generally do not want to break it but in light of being candid, there is generally an undercurrent I do not like. It does not come from everyone, it does not come from the regular population or duty staff. Usually it comes from higher ranks.

I can feel this undercurrent, do not like this undercurrent and am always on my guard because of it. I do not know yet what to make of it. I do feel I know that what we call the ‘Galactic Federation’ is in essence the control system in place here for 3D Earth. Which may be why I do not trust the truth to be coming from it. There seems more to this feeling as well.

I am in multiple interactions : 

I am with the humanoid male described above, we are walking down a corridor, talking. 
I am in my quarters getting ready to go on a swim with Gosia.

Inside my quarters I am getting into a swimsuit, the straps are all wrong, they are different from one another, one is fitting one is not fitting *this has happened recently in other experiences ( question: what does this signify? ). There is a female person in here assisting me with this, or giving off the illusion, or semblance of assisting me with this. I do not like the feel of her, the energy, it is not truly being helpful. I don’t think she likes me, or that I am here.

When I leave to catch up with Gosia I find I am outside, ground level, it is night, she is approaching a car that will take her and the others to where they are going to swim. Each time I see Gosia she is with another female. This is notable. At first it is just her, then her and one other female, then two, then three. So now there are four in total. I see that they all have towels, and that I have no towel. It is just another thing that is off from right. Their towels are all thick gold and white striped. They have them each tied around themselves in different ways. I feel I do not belong. I give the excuse of going back inside to retrieve one.

Inside I come into a meeting, a sort of pow wow, a picnic like setting with a higher male. There is a very long talk and flow of communication. Through a portion of the flow is the expression from him that everyone has given up. I tell him not everyone has given up, he should have heard the conversation between me and my brother, Derrick, before coming in to this place. Which I now find funny. He of course is aware of the conversation. Which is now quite clear was against him.

We are in an open and amicable discussion but more and more of the data and concepts are indicating that we are not on the same side. If I can use this conceptual term lightly.

I think this is Lucifer.


Still processing.


2 thoughts on “OBE Log: Federation Craft

  1. Long ago I was aware of a few excursions on crafts of a sort. I wish I had taken better notes about them. All I remember is once looking out of a “window” and seeing the image of the craft I was on, in one of those office buildings with reflective windows. Ah, that is us. . .

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    1. Oh it is so important to take the time to make the logs! ( yes ).. The good news is that it is never too late. Begin making them NOW. Richard, you should join us in the group daily dream log. Get the flow flowing again. The more content you bring back, the more regularly, the more some of this will be OBEs. – not that ‘dreams’ are not equally as telling, equally as informative. Every little bit of this is more important than we may know.


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