OBE Log: The Queen’s Palace

August 25, 2021

Template reality : drill : repeater : I am placed in a time constraint. I have to make a run for a boat before it takes off. It is a down to the wire kind of thing. The orchestration must be perfect, there is given only enough time to complete the task. I have to grab what I will bring with me in my arms and make the dash. What I am neatly stacking over my right arm are plain wool blankets and clothing. SANDY. the idea of MILITARY.

WBTB, ( Wake-back-to-bed )

It is 6:30am, I wake to use the bathroom. I have the feeling to do a more proper wake-back-to-bed so I brush my teeth, drink some water, tinker around for about 10 more minutes then go back in. I am positioning myself on my stomach ( not usual for a conscious shift but lately I have been doing this ) and rest Aton, my celestite crystal in the crook of my arm. As I am placing my healer to rest at the forehead I am already shifting into-and-through etheric space.

I shift through quickly, but as I do I hear being broadcast through the airwaves the simple sentence “vaccines are safe and effective”. I think to myself “there it is”, confirming Clif’s weird warning woo. I find myself knowing this is why I am being sent the current —inserted code— and why I am hearing it as music, to block out what is being broadcast through the airwaves. 

The OBE sends me into the turn of the 19th century ( 1892 ), the Queen’s palace.

For reasons I cannot explain I find myself aware of a time stream link between the Queen’s palace, 1892 – and the Americas, 1950s. As I land I am inside an area of the palace, a red carpet is being rolled up from the inside that leads to the outside. I am walking it – toward the outside – ahead of the two men who are performing the task. I have to walk quite fast to keep ahead of them and at the end am deposited outside onto the walkway.

I look around and see someone I am drawn to. A woman going down a series of stone steps. There is some shapeshifting involved here from human to canine, and back again. I follow and find myself at a below ground level area where there is a grate built into the wall of earth beneath the steps. The woman I have followed here, a forrest woman with very nice energy, thick, blonde shoulder length hair is pulled through the metal bars and inside there. 

I look through the bars after her as like the wind she flows further inside, turning so ephemeral as to appear a spark of bright green light in the end. It rounds the corner to the left and although my energy does want to, I cannot follow. A blonde haired dog appears and helps me find another way back in. Once back inside I am in a bathroom.

My sister, Sandy, is here again. A male helper also arrives : he appears roughly 40, has straight, neatly combed blonde hair and is wearing a 1950s style suit. Sandy is secretly wearing a recording device under her shirt but it is showing from the bottom. The helper tells her to at least tuck it away better out of sight. I reach for the thing, tug it off and throw it in a toilet. After the helper leaves I walk over to see if I can retrieve it but cannot.

Sandy and I are collaborating for some time inside here. I am shifting in and out of being her. When I am her I am wearing ( what I find ) a ridiculous cucumber shirt. I am finding an odd cucumber or two under the countertops and am placing them over my feet as shoes. 

The helper addresses ( her ) doing this as well, – but I am already shifting,

Out of the experience toward physical space.


Note : I do understand the message from Sandy about the cucumbers.

One of the two chants I regularly engage :

The Mrityunjaya Mantra

2 thoughts on “OBE Log: The Queen’s Palace

  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I want to share a dream synchronicity with you (because I know you love synchs and dreams). I know your dream was already in August. But on the same day you published this post (Oct 23), and before I saw your post, I also dreamed about being in a palace. I was walking through a palace which was now a museum. Most rooms were locked. Only at the end, a room (bedroom) was open where I was able to peek in.

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    1. Thank you for reporting!, Karin.. yes I always love hearing of the synchs. Notably with you as I seem to have so many with you. Indicating more of a connection than with some others. It is interesting, because as I waited to post this one here ( so much in the way of activity is happening right now ), it seems this day was indeed THE DAY to post it. When I left here, I saw many references to “the queen” and related concepts. I am paying attention. Let’s all pay attention ( ! ).

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