Earth Status Report: Sound, Resonance, Frequencies and Frequency Assault

In some situations I might suggest to forget altogether about fiction, some things are simply far stranger than fiction. – not in the sense that they are not understandable to our physical faculties, but in the sense that they are so outside the range of what is usual that when they do pop up in our direct physical experience, it is as bizarre as bizarre can be.

Some months back, perhaps mid-summer ( 2021 ) a sequence of highly mysterious events began to unfold. – all of these events are connected and each involves sound and resonance. Frequencies of vibration. I began to notice, for instance, some unusual, and what has since become regular air traffic over the house. Along with the usual flights which are up at an elevation that is barely audible there are now low flying craft, which due to the loud and near constant sound is intrusive. These craft include a khaki colored double propeller plane, jet fighters flying in formation and helicopters. As I am typing, all of what I am mentioning and more is overhead.

The next thing I begin noticing is that I am periodically hearing errant music.. I think nothing odd of this at first. I think I have maybe left music playing on an old cell phone, which I had begun using again with headphones for binaural beat sessions. But, then, when I go to check the phone there is nothing there. No music is coming from any of my devices. I then think that someone else somewhere in the house is playing music ( even though I can clearly tell it is coming from my own rooms ). I investigate and again there is nothing.

This phenomena rapidly changes, from hearing music that is familiar to me, Solfeggio frequencies, Native American flute, to sounds I gradually grow to know are not coming directly from my physical space. The last, and longest lasting of which is a low, deep Gregorian chant, a sequence of 3 or 4 specific notes, sounded at a particular metre. This plays over and over in my awareness around the clock, even during sleep for more than a month.

Synchronous to this I notice the theme of my OBEs, meditations,
binaural beat sessions and even dreams begin to change.

I am regularly experiencing abductions, assaults on my person, depraved individuals. I am experiencing this at the top of the night, through the hours wherein it is common for me to experience the more challenging kind of conscious contact. One night as I am coming into the full awareness of one of these events, I notice that not only do I feel the usual ‘vibrations’ common to the OBE but that this is being intersected with by frequencies coming off my refrigerator.

Now this may sound strange, and let me say it was ( and still is, as it still is occurring ) strange beyond measure to experience directly in first person, LIVE in the middle of the thing actually happening. My first response to it is anger, to fight and resist. To snap myself wholly out of the experience in play. Of course I cannot, I am at a depth within the event that I cannot surface from, the only way out is t h r o u g h —so into whatever this is I go.

“I don’t even remember falling off. 90 minutes later a housemate is at my door, asking “Casey….are you okay?” I wake to the sound of his voice in an instant, because I have for some time been activating an escape route from within the fields, something I have been doing since childhood and which I am able to accomplish all these years later to far greater effect – I have been screaming through to my physical body. I answer him in the affirmative, and apologize.” He says “Not to worry, I have bad dreams, too” and goes back off to his room. 

I am in the classic “abduction” position, flat on my back, heals wide, I still feel pinned to the bed by an invisible magnetic force. I am mildly angry and want to throw myself back in there to see more clearly what has had me so up in arms. At the same time I don’t want to start screaming and wake the household again. Which I know is apt to happen, the hour is still ripe for more of this kind of activity. My feelings go back and forth over this a few minutes until I decide I had better roll over onto my side. A few minutes later I am able to break the magnetic force, connect with my physical body enough roll over and lay here trying to see into what I can. There is a male voice in the background of what is happening, relaying details of a story, a future type prophesy. This is the magnetic force that had me pinned, the tones are acting like a spell of sorts. There is an enormous slate grey ship at an elevation roughly a few hundred yards above me.”

Abductions that have been occurring regularly since this one are the type I have had since childhood, at which point I experienced almost solely through the dream state. The theme, dynamic, energy state and level of fear are fully recognizable to me now, in my advanced years where I experience this, to the degree that I do in conscious, out of body states.

Not all those who I am contacted by create this kind of experience. It is only ONE particular kind, or cluster of beings who do and I have yet to fully face who they are. To this day I do not know what it is that invokes me to scream. Although, in part, it is now me, for the purpose of gaining more conscious ground in order to throw myself back into the event at a much higher level of alertness, – which of course is necessary to genuine understanding.


This is what I am learning through my experiences. I am choosing the focus of what my experiences have to say, not about hypothetical “others” but about me. I, myself, am what is at the core of my experience and, somewhat clearly, along with this are the concepts of :

Sound, Frequency and Resonance.

Were I not in frequency range of these experiences they would not be happening. Fear brings us into frequency range of what we fear, on the one hand. And on the other, focus of attention has grown to the degree it now has. Had it not, experiences such as these would not find a home in the span of my attention. – but rather outside its range. So there is work to be done. To bring myself into a state worthy of holding such awareness. Without fleeing, freezing, or fighting.

I do get the feeling and impression that I am an envoy. In a sense being made fit to “report the news”. Sky to ground level. This concept is also coming through to me quite clearly and I feel I would very much find honor and fulfillment in fulfilling this function.

More on this to come.

Earth Status Report ( 1 ) — out.

4 thoughts on “Earth Status Report: Sound, Resonance, Frequencies and Frequency Assault

  1. Thank you for sharing this intimate mystery in your world Casey. I cannot claim to have any insights to what you’re experiencing. Synchronistically, tho, it has been an odd week with a powerful full moon in Aries, and at least two people (regular clients) sharing with me odd pieces of info about themselves – out of the blue with no leading ! One says she sees “Grays” with her inner vision right after I did some CranioSacral Therapy on her, and the older client says she’s lived with night terrors her whole life- always a red flag for me after working with “experiencers”.
    As for me, I dreamt (?) last night that limber, swift, lanky, dark aliens were scrambling across my house roof; I could see them pass over the skylights. I wasn’t one bit afraid! Shocking, really. I non-chalantly called the police. Later three contractor-looking guys standing outside claimed to be the guilty party, posing as aliens. I said, “Really?😎 well, I’ve already called the police.” 😄

    Folks as sensitive and dialed in as you, and perhaps including your readers, may be the canary-in-the-coal-mine for relating to the rest of us just how close-in the shifts and parallel realities are getting. I will stay tuned. ☮️

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    1. Quote: “Folks as sensitive and dialed in as you, and perhaps including your readers, may be the canary-in-the-coal-mine for relating to the rest of us just how close-in the shifts and parallel realities are getting. I will stay tuned.”

      I could not agree with this more!

      Let’s ALL stay tuned.

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  2. I have had many negatively charged experiences, more so when I was younger. But every once in a while they pop through. Music is a thing I have heard before in my experiences. It sounds like real radio stations that may be out there. Then all of a sudden, it is music I knew was by Holst, The Planets. When it ended, the announcer said it was Holst’s The Planets. He said it was played by the Saxophone Orchestra of Japan. I thought, really? Of course, it sounded unbelievable, but I looked it up. They are real, and they did record this music I heard. I later found them on YouTube. The voice went on to give a public service announcement for an event in Andersonville Ohio, which is also a real thing/place. I have also had more typical OOBE type experiences, where I felt like my higher being was fine-tuning the connection between me and “it”‘

    I may have said this elsewhere, but the fear I had as a younger person, all but went away once I decided to face what I thought the source of it was. Once I did that, I found it easier to bypass the part of the experience that had that fear attached to it. It has not always been easy in any case.

    There have been times in the last few years when I had certain knowledge that my actions had gone counter to those of my higher self/teachers/whatever. I knew they would come for me to correct my mistake. I was correct. They came and I knew I had no choice but to let them do what they needed to do. Basically, the equivalent of what they did to me over 30-40 minutes, was to strip away six or so layers of “me” until they had the basic ME-ness and then took away what I thought of at the time, as Malware, something I had recently realized had gotten into me at a time many years before. When they first started the process, I heard my higher self explaining to THEM that this was at least partially her fault. She had known something had happened but allowed it at the time. When it was over, I could not move physically for a very long time. But I could also tell that whatever the bad thing had been, it was gone. Along with my OOBE ability. (The OOBEs came back over the next six months or so)

    Hmm. Where did that come from . . . Ah.the Physical World is a reflection of us. Yes, it is. Even recent theories in Quantum Mechanics agree. They suggest that consciousness is a non-local phenomenon. Non-local meaning separate from our brain. Our physical body is not the start of any of it. Consciousness uses the brain and body to interact with other physical things. What we perceive is entirely a creation of that process. And as you say, they suggest that each small part of any being contains the entirety of consciousness and physical being. But, it is also good to keep the body as tuned up as possible, so the interface works and allows you to stay here to complete your assignment.

    OK. That is it for now. I think.

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    1. Richard,

      Thank you so much for your reply, and my apologies for the delay in responding. I am focused on some deep organ cleanses this week and it has the bulk of my attention ( trying to minimize computer time and focus IN ). I know just what you mean about the radio stations in OBEs, I always love when that happens. So curious. The music I am mentioning above, though, I am hearing while wide awake in physical space. It has never happened with me to this depth and degree before. It was ongoing, non-stop for more than a month. Seriously wow. Regarding fear, yes we are on the same page. Once it is faced, it does resolve itself. We can have far more than one. The fear that comes at the onset of a conscious shift, well for the most part I chucked into the back seat beginning day one of beginning to go out. Hence being able to go out so often, and for so long ( 4 years straight ). This specific fear I am mentioning I have yet to face. But I am giving my ALL to do exactly this. It is not an easy one. —Casey.

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