Parasitic Control: Have We Been Infiltrated?

This is the story no-one wants to hear.

I have to tell it to you, though, as it is possibly the truest story ever told, perhaps even of our contemporary species as a whole. How far back in time would humans have to go, I wonder, to discover when this first happened? I can only wonder for now — and in the meantime, tell you how it is I came to know, what I do now, for myself. I can tell you what I did, show you what I have cleared from my system and what I am still freeing myself from here today.

For me everything goes back to 2009

It was in this year that the more spiritual kind of body phenomena had begun presenting, what the sages call Kundalini, and in its wake—the out of body experience. There is no describing what it is like when these things begin happening. They are so unlike anything usual, there is no comparable frame of reference. I, myself, went into a steady and perpetual state of awe for many years, while at the same time, my central nervous system, that first year or two remained in an ongoing yet gradually diminishing state of shock. The phenomena I had been experiencing ranged from low rolling general vibrations, to kriyas ( involuntary movements and jerks ), breath cessation and spontaneous realizations >> to feeling invisible hands on me, hearing conversations going on ‘elsewhere’ and consciously slipping from our consensus field into others.

In these other areas, I mostly just observed. I was naturally a step behind, trying to figure out where I was, what was happening, why I was here. I held an open and questioning state, attempting to take in all that I could, – and – most importantly, aligning with a trajectory that would allow me to successfully shift from these experiences back into local space with the data I had collected intact. The waves had to be caught just right, otherwise they would collapse; between ‘there’ and ‘here’ a standard ‘dream’ state would be dropped into, where the experience would either be lost, or simply the extreme r e a l i t y of it would be. A shift from the standard dream state back into that of standard wake is a far cry from the unbroken conscious wave from one reality into another. Something in me demanded the latter. I was near always successful.

Day one, ground zero

The first conscious shift I made came with an impactful message.

From my sleep, a strong, male voice roars out from somewhere amidst the depths:



Log dated August 28, 2013

Four years ago, in the summer of 2009 I was roused from my sleep near the 2am hour by a clear, distinct, male voice. By the time I am fully aware of what is happening the voice very simply, authoritatively booms “DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT THE PHYSICAL BODY SYSTEM.” To whom the voice is booming I do not know, although a good many are in this moment discernibly present. These words echo through me still, as though an instant has not passed since.

An energy I feel from above the crown of my head begins jellyfishing tangibly down through my body until finally exiting the soles of my feet. On this single occasion this repeats, and repeats again. I visually see the energy from within as intense, bright white light. The overall visual is one of being slowly “scanned”. I am in an interesting state of principally awe, yet also shock. I cannot move. I am giving my all to gathering data and making useful observation.

I have significant opportunity for this as it turns out –the energy arriving every night for the next three years, the hour before going to bed. With its arrival, for 3-4 hours at the top of each night I am unable to sleep. The energy jellyfishes from above the crown of my head down through the soles of my feet. – completing the circuit, beginning with my feet, bi-laterally the energy begins clearing. The process is slow and unrelenting and painful.


As written in the log,

These words – ( this command ) – echoes through me still. It is truly as though a day has not passed since. Just this past week, all these years later I am hearing something that has never occurred to me before. I am hearing the sentence directed at me and I am wondering if it could be that I had been preparing to leave this life experience and was being told, “do not do this without >> bringing << the physical body system.” I do know, or do glean through certain out-of-body experiences that I belong to, or am an element of what has presented to me as a quote “league of beings” who I feel created and participate in the enactment of physical body ascension.

I can only wonder at these things. They are not something I genuinely know for myself, they are data that come through some of my experiences. I can say that it often does feel right, and that what might be called the Christ Light is present and involved. Beyond this I can only wonder, and open to more of the direct experience that might bring back more of the remembering. More importantly, though, at this stage is the new question that is arising.

If the voice truly was, and is still speaking to me… if I am, and have been this whole while prepared for making the leap in consciousness, what is holding back the body? the consciousness cells composing the body. Well I will tell you I know now what is holding them back, weighting the collective structure down, attempting to spin it into another gravity.

The infiltration of it by parasites.

This is a long story in itself

For now I will keep to relaying a brief aspect of it.


In lock step with everything I have now relayed, I began experiencing what I have simply referred to as an “anomaly” at the back of my head. It sits right at the top of the neck ( spine ) and radiates. Pain is associated with this, as well as a lack of sensation I will refer to as numbness. As a spiritual student I was well aware of Talu chakra, what is often referred to as “the mouth of god” and I did, in the beginning, certainly from its onset to approximately now, associate with this radiation in purely a spiritual sense. I lived with it as a symptom of awakening and addressed it similarly—with body work, energy work, breath work, and certain brain and nerve formulas.

A secondary anomaly, at the base of the spine, which began its onset a decade earlier, has always, and since accompanied this. The sensation it creates is non-ordinary which makes it a challenge to describe. Like its companion it creates a kind of pain, albeit a very different kind of pain. An unbearable, for lack of a better word ‘excitation’ somewhat akin, for me, to scratching nails down a chalkboard. In the beginning it would make my legs jump and significantly extend themselves, not unlike what is common during seizures. It also caused my feet to grow incredibly hot. In 2009, when the Kundalini activated, <— it became clear to me that this was why.

Due to this, I was therefore confident that in time the situation would recede and fully resolve. It has, through the past 10+ years greatly diminished but it has not yet fully resolved. I still require the use of salt packs when the sensation starts to come on, which I discovered as god-send some years back. I do not know how exactly the salt pack works, I only know that it does. Placing it at the base of the spine, tucked into the waist of any pant, gives full, instantaneous, or near instantaneous relief. There must be something about the salt that somehow GROUNDS the energy attempting to pass through. On its own it does feel like a LIVE wire.

The anomaly comes on only at night. In the beginning most every night and now, 13 years later, months can sometimes go by without a sign. The strength of the signal is down from richter to the much lower end of the scale. I have cleared a lot of what was causing the problem.

Local parasitic organisms under the control of parasitic entities.


15 minute video includes photos *for the not weak at heart



The story no-one wants to hear and even fewer want to tell.

This story, however, the way I myself am going to tell it, focuses on awareness and active measures to help do our part to resolve all this and come back into our full POWER.

As you will hear in the video, I learned what was happening with me through being taken out of body over a 4 year period of time and TOLD, — but I was only making it back into physical space with as much as I was. There were so many new concepts and experiences coming through to me that this is, of course, more than understandable. In the end, I finally did put the anomalies, the physical pain, the content of a collection of the out of body experiences together with the contents of some inner organ cleanses — into a cohesive and clear picture. I was beginning a phase of flushing my liver, which had as part of its preparation a protocol for large volume water enemas. What came from my body a person has to see for themselves to really believe.



The releases do not come easy

It takes deep, focused, steady attention, a fearless disposition and work. What you see above is only a fraction of what found its way out of me.

The releases do not come all at once, this is not something you do and then never do again. It is something that here-forward becomes a regular part of your life in a chemical body. – a body that requires air to breathe, water to drink and food for sustenance. Through these means and more, pollutants and parasites are going to get in and we have to find ways to flush them out if we don’t want them to inevitably overgrow our system and take over our own gravity. When this happens it comes with mental, emotional and/or physical pain, fear and dis-ease. We can feel not quite ourselves, not on our own balance point, uncertain about life, more easily manipulated and controlled. Which at its center and circumference is what this is all about.


Read more here


A few of the protocols I have used to begin bringing my system back into my command and its inherent right-and-harmonious state of balance are : the Andreas Moritz liver-gallbladder flush : the Dr. Hulda Clark parasite protocol, and large volume water enemas. This trinity has worked well for me, and I compliment it with various additional herbs and anti-parasitics, such as olive leaf and castor oil. As well as adaptogens such as ginger and ashwagandha. There are many tools out there that we have at our disposal, we truly do progress far more beautifully utilizing them. It all begins by first opening the eliminative pathways : the bowels, kidneys, skin and lungs. If this seems too large a task, or too scary a task to begin on your own there are Naturopathic and even Functional Medicine practitioners out there who can help you. — find one.

Dive in and get to work before the 11th hour ( unlike me ), it was not a moment too soon that I finally understood what was happening, to a degree that I would dive deep enough into all this. A little washing around the edges would not have been enough. I was already going down. Entirely unaware. But once AWARE, well those of you who know me, you realize already what my answer was going to be to that. Not just no but hell no. The awareness first has to come, though, doesn’t it? – without it we generally do nothing, and/or at best, not enough and not in time. You may be gleaning the signs of all this yourself. You may even have begun gleaning them some time ago. Please take the prompt seriously. Don’t keep putting off what you know you really should take a deeper look at. You know what is behind trying to keep you in the dark, right?

What is your answer going to be to that?

Remember there is strength in numbers, and that a part of our POWER requires that we come out from the recesses into the wide open LIGHT. —Know that I will meet you there.


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