Conscious Contact: A Rendering Request Gets Real

I am just going to tell the story.

It is really all I can do,—make the logs.

This reading is somewhat more complex than usual, in part due to the wealth of information I had available at my disposal. I was able to put various data sets together and make sense of what was coming to me, not just through the crystal but in addition through the OBE. This, as you know is how I get my information ( in contrast to getting it through channeling ) and is why, when sending in a request to me, your openness, candor, and alignment with all that comes through being put out in the public domain is so important. It is what potentially opens the flood gates. Having substantially more curiosity than fear is of equal if not greater importance.


Cathryn Caton
Rendering Request: Connection with Greg Caton
Below is the pathway that was used for Greg to reach us—
( note: North and South American Indigenous pathways were used )
The connection was facilitated, overseen and protected from Galactic space by Huatumi

Ambassador Huatumi, on board Confederation Space Ship


I will note that this contact began roughly a week prior to the original letter introducing Cathryn to me, and a week and a half prior to Cathryn’s own original contact letter. The first of these arrived via a forum board, through a friend of Cathryn’s, Bill Ryan, September 1, 2022. Cathryn’s letter arrived two days later, September 3, 2022. As the OBE occurred more than a week prior to this, and many of the transmissions through the crystal arrived a day prior, these dates inform us outright that our contacting each other for this purpose was orchestrated from the other side, potentially even instigated by Greg himself. I clearly see the contact began through the out of body experience which occurred the morning of August 22, 2022: 


“I am intersecting with a really interesting looking group of indigenous peoples. They are lean, have short hair and very red skin. They are more South American in appearance than Native/North American. They arrive on a plane. There is the idea of the colors white and red. At the moment we are all lining up in front of each other just to the outside of the plane which has now landed, their peoples and our own. We seem to be of another indigenous-type tribe. We are all wearing simple white smocks ( both groups ) with no adornments at all, no paint, no jewelry. We’ve all come in a very simple way. Two females are highlighted, myself and one other. Those who we are meeting seem to be all male. I see a lot of males. I see roughly a dozen of them before my attention shifts due to some activity.

They want to take one of us, the other young woman—back with them into their space. It is perceptually a room in the back of a common dwelling but I know this room to be like an island. Meaning, she won’t be able to return if she goes back in there with them. They will “marry with her”. She is naturally trusting, curious and okay with going back there, she does not feel it is true that she won’t be able to return, until after spending some time with her in the hallway showing her; she then somewhat quickly changes her mind, rushing back through the hallway toward the front room where the rest of the females are.

All this said, 
there is a blending of both group and discrete energies that is happening here.

I have the knowing that we will not be able to change anything by blending, but we can work with what I glean as “unexpected probability vortices”. Although I know this from within the experience, outside of it I do not even know what this means. Inside the experience I know quite well and am engaged in working with just this.

There is a salve this other group has that heals wounds, blemishes of any kind on the skin overnight. It heals deeper than the skin and takes away all pain. They are sharing small amounts of this with us. I am watching one of the others applying the salve to herself and then decide I will try this as well. I am placing some on my knuckles, on the back of my heels and all around the circumference of my feet. I am told to use only very little.. very little is required.

There is much more to this experience, these are just the bits I can still access.”

Read the full log.


I will note now that Cathryn and Greg moved to South America, I believe in 2008,—while I reside on the California coast of North America. These are the “two groups” meeting in the above experience. They are symbolized in the OBE, and, perhaps most notably, Huatumi is given as the protectorate over the whole event. Mag, who is clearly presenting with South American characteristics came through a week later, the evening of August 30, 2022, prior to me leaving on a 2 week vacation the next morning. I began putting the South American features together with the OBE and Cathryn & Greg’s home location shortly after, and thereby beginning to understand the pathway(s) through which Greg was likely attempting to make contact with us—ephemerally through our own systems and visually through the crystal.

It is important to make note of what it is Greg was working on here on the planet, certainly just prior to his recent passing. He was a part of the alternative health care movement. His company is Alpha Omega Labs. From his website— “We are herbalists, chemists, and manufacturers of herbal concentrates, ointments, encapsulated, tabletted, and liquid extract formulas — as well as researchers of advanced alternative therapies.. Our traditional specialty, and the core technology for which we are probably best known, is phytopharmacology, or what most people would call “plant medicine,”  and it’s related disciplines.”

So,— we can see through the OBE the male tribe ( Greg ) arriving from the sky. We can see our ground level locations, North and South America represented, as well as their/our related indigenous connections. We can see two highlighted females ( Cathryn and myself ). We can see the additional symbol of the healing salve brought from those from the sky. This event was Greg’s initial contact. It was a Confederation approved and protected contact. I am still in the process of discovering why such a formal, and so thorough a level of contact has been necessary but I am pleased at what has been shown to me and will continue to log all relative data.

When I arrived home mid-September, after settling back in, Cathryn and I met for a brief conversation over Zoom. Following this I began working on some of the frames I captured prior to my trip and to feel for the impetus to go back into the crystal. The first beings I find are Mag, a high council member, and a young Earth human male:


Mag Hor Ra
Zeb, Zebadiah


Let me back up one moment to say that at the very back of every being who has come through this request is HUATUMI. He fractals down into Mag, who fractals down into a very interesting looking ET being, who fractals down into a white skinned ET male ( who I feel is an extraterrestrial dimension of Greg’s consciousness ), who fractals down sequentially through a series of male beings ( male, after male, after male ) who grow increasingly Earth human in appearance until we arrive at one who I feel may possibly be Greg himself. Cathryn will have to let us know. Regardless, these are the beings who have come through at her bequest to connect with him.


Is it Greg?


I feel Greg is definitely attempting to visually come through.

It is clear to me he is seeking the pathway through each of the beings we see above and that we were either “getting there” or he did actually arrive. Again, Cathryn will have to let us know if she detects his presence. I see and feel a level of similarity but cannot say one way or the other with certainty. I will note here that none of these ( 9 ) beings have transmitted through to us through the crystal before. And that – also – this is the most highly MALE reading we have ever had. It is without doubt a strong male presence behind all of this, seeking to come through.

Before leaving off for now,
I will share a few of the similarities I see:


A young Greg?
An ET representation
Greg, for Cathryn


This reading has been extensive, it has energized as well as taken up quite a bit of my energy. I will leave off here with the lingering question to you all—

Has Greg, himself, made visual contact?

Let me know below.


3 thoughts on “Conscious Contact: A Rendering Request Gets Real

  1. I am so glad I connected with Casey. Even before I contacted her by email and we had a zoom session, she had already received contact from Greg.

    My husband, Greg, passed in December 2021. We have an herbal company that we ran together for over 30 years. Our company is known for our

    salve for skin cancer. We moved to Ecuador in 2007 to continue our work. Casey’s OBE with native americans from North and South America about

    a skin cream even before I contacted her is amazing. We also use herbs from both North and South America in our products. Greg was very connected

    to his higher self and spirit guides in this life time. He did many ayahuasca journeys and received profound information during these journeys. Several years

    ago, a Reiki master here in Ecuador did a reading on Greg. He saw that Greg had 4 additional souls attached to Greg and had never seen that before. For

    Casey to bring in 9 different beings that each represent Greg is so interesting. I believe these are all different aspects or represent different dimensional beings that are Greg. I am so grateful for this unique experience that Casey is able to accomplish and share. I would love to know what any one else thinks of

    this unique experience of Casey bringing in 9 beings and Casey having the pre contact OBE with North and South American indians about the skin cream.

    Let us know your thoughts. Many Blessings to all… Cathryn Caton

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    1. Cathryn,

      Thank you for finding your way here and posting your initial impressions. 💗

      I know it is, or can be a lot to take in. It is often hard to know what to think at first ( even for me! ). So many of the contacts are so interesting it is challenging to know where to begin diving in. I find Mag most interesting, and will be looking more into that entity for sure. The high council member is also calling me, as is the white ET being who I feel may be Greg in ET form. I will be beginning with these three myself. – doing gazes with them and seeing what more I might learn. I so look forward to seeing what more may come! —Casey

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      1. Thank you for the continuation in exploring this communication that came through. I feel Greg’s presence during and after the gazing. It is amazing and I am thank full for this experience and I am looking forward to the experiences that are to come.

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