OBE Log: Confederation Protected Contact

August 22, 2022

The energy is coming increasingly more again at night. 

Tonight it is coming in strong before even 9pm. Before my feet have the chance to get unreasonably antsy I get up to get the salt pack. I place it on my sacrum and immediately the flows within the body are set to right. I notice my body is feeling really comfortable now, it is a more comfortable than usual kind of feeling. I read until about 10:30pm, pushing through the drowsy feeling and my eyesight beginning to blur due to the brainwave changes that are trying to pull me in >> until they finally do. I am comfortable in the supine position immediately from the onset of night *as well as all night long. This should have informed me an experience was at hand.

I am intersecting with a really interesting looking group of indigenous peoples. They are lean, have short hair and very red skin. They are more South American in appearance than Native/North American. They arrive on a plane. There is the idea of the colors white and red. At the moment we are all lining up in front of each other just to the outside of the plane, their peoples and our own. We seem to be of another indigenous-type tribe. We are all wearing simple white smocks, with no adornments at all, no paint, no jewelry. We’ve all come in a very simple way. Two females are highlighted, myself and one other. Those who we are meeting seem to be all male. I see a lot of males. I see roughly a dozen of them before my attention shifts due to some activity.

They want to take one of us, the other young woman—back with them into their space. It is perceptually a room in the back of a common dwelling but I know this room to be like an island. Meaning, she won’t be able to return if she goes back in there with them. They will “marry with her”. She is naturally trusting, curious and okay with going back in there, she does not feel it is true that she won’t be able to return, until after spending some time with her in the hallway showing her how this is true; she then somewhat quickly changes her mind, rushing back through the hallway toward the front room where the rest of us are.

All this said, 
there is a blending of both group and discrete energies that is happening here.

I have the knowing that we will not be able to change anything by blending, but we can work with what I glean as “unexpected probability vortices”. Although I know this from within the experience, outside of it I do not even know what this means. Inside the experience I know quite well and am engaged in working with just this.

There is a salve that this other group has that heals wounds, blemishes of any kind on the skin overnight. It heals deeper than the skin and takes away all pain. They are sharing small amounts of this with us. I am watching one of the others of us applying the salve to herself and then decide I will try this as well. I am placing some of it on my knuckles, on the back of my heels and all around the circumference of my feet. I am told to use only very little.. very little is required.

There is much more to this experience, these are just the bits I can still access.

It is still very early in the morning, roughly 4am.
I get up to use the bathroom then decide I should log what I can. When I go back in,—

There is a spacial system, a security system out in space that protects the below scene and its interactions. I see a geometrical slice of it. It appears visually almost as a rectangular slice of cake. It is white and I see the colors yellow and medium blue. There are geometries which come off it – degrees, angles, connection points – that I can somehow also see and which form a sort of energy field. What this is, again, is only a slice, or sliver of what it is in full. Which later, at the end of this event pushes out to me as Huatumi.

Huatumi is an Ambassador on board a Confederation craft

The whole structure and system has been integrating and communicating with me. Unthegwe is mentioned.. there is a word that is given in front of and together with his name which I can no longer place. The integration with this, … I am going to call it … social memory complex is so energetically and dynamically exquisite to my own mind-body-spirit complex that this itself has a lot of my attention. I do not want to break the connection and have a difficult time doing so when it comes time to having to get up.

Shifting through the space between ‘here’ and physical space I see two additional blocks of experience which have taken place:

1 )  Room. Bedroom. One wall is purple ( violet ). A bit further into the experience I see there is a second accent wall painted a deep bright blue ( indigo ). Two accent walls of this magnitude in this small of a space seems too much. I see beneath the indigo to what existed here prior: whites, creams and accents of I want to say blueberry but it is the same indigo hue. I feel the lightness of this configuration is much better than the boldness of the two mega accented walls.

2 )  Living space. Apartment. Room. It is being kept by Kerry Cassidy for another female. They are outside of it more than inside it. I find this curious. I am inside cleaning it up when they come to get me. We are all all heading somewhere. Kerry has come in and asked me what I am doing.. if I am ready.. I am telling her I am just doing the last thing that needs doing. I am looking for sugar. ( I think this experience has expended much of my body’s glucose/energy ).

I need to restore.

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