OBE Log: Expedition, Female Time Travelers

Note: I am logging this experience even though, unlike in the majority of my logs I am fluctuating between an alert dream state and OBE. There seems information in here that is relevant to what I am presently working on in physical space, so I will log it for the record.

October 18, 2022

As I am coming into a conscious state,

I am standing at the top of a ( mountainous ) structure. 

It has architecture and has been designed/developed, there are pathways and overlooks. I am standing at the edge of one of these and looking down to the next level. Rather than take my luggage with me down the steps I decide to throw it over edge and retrieve it once I am down there. As chance would have it, though, it falls through one of the narrow crevices that lead even further down into the more natural untouched mountain, which leads to much deeper areas. I am not bothered by this. I will go on my journey and retrieve the luggage ( which is the smaller of the two pieces of blue luggage I have IRL ) at the end when it is time to come back. 

All I recall of the journey down is standing in the darkened basement area? of a house. There is a man here and I am talking to him about work needing to be done, and that I am planning to remove various portions of the floor for this reason. He relays to me exactly what would be entailed and I tell him this will take two people for sure. I am not seeing how I could possibly do it on my own. He comes over with what looks like something as simple as a shovel and he makes the cuts himself. One of them has opened a perfectly square area in the floor. There is water down under there and as I begin to look into it, a baby dolphin comes up out of there into the room. It is like nothing I have ever seen. It is white with beautiful shiny, watercolor swirls of purple and blue around the body – and it has an extremely long nose.

The little creature heads right for me, wanting to play and interact. We are on the floor and it is on my stomach where I am getting a good glimpse into its characteristics, notably the extremely long nose relative to the rest of its body. The nose is near half its total length *which is approximately the length of my torso. I am worried for it, though, in this environment, out of the water. The longer it stays the more I can’t stop thinking about how worried its mother has to be. I keep trying to convince it to go back into the water but it won’t. It has no worry at all and is very drawn to me. I devise an idea to coax the little one with treats. The man begins putting some ingredients together that press together something like cookie dough. I tell him he made this just like I would have myself, taking a small bit of it and encouraging the baby dolphin toward the opening in the floor. When I get here, I look at the opening, into the water, and notice that it looks more like the bottom of a pool down there than an ocean or river. This has a shocking affect on my system, creating a moment of such cognitive dissonance that I cannot hold the input—and shift.

Now I am back where I began, only at the bottom rather than the top, nearing the conclusion of my excursion. I am looking to reconnect with my luggage and go the rest of the way home. At the moment I am with a group of people, sitting on the rocks just offshore of the ocean. There is one man in particular who I am speaking with but the content of our discussion gets cut off when I all of a sudden realize how close we are to the water. I excitedly pop up, walk a few feet forward and peek around the rocks. There is the ocean!, it is like I have never seen it before, at least this ocean. Or maybe I just have not seen it for so long. In any event, it is stunning, quite literally breathtaking and I am standing here in a state of pure energetic awe. The feeling, again, causes me to shift. Now I am indoors, in a very clean and elegant almost ‘gift shop’ type of place. It is very large and extends out beyond the glass walled area in which I am standing. It is quite futuristic, although the people, those who work here, all female, are all mostly dressed in a 1950s type of fashion.

I hear certain of them discussing my blue luggage.

Often these things happen, people find the object and turn it in. I think to myself, “oh good, there are people already on it.” I am telling the ladies that the luggage is mine and asking if they know if it has been turned in. It takes me a few minutes to realize, but they can’t see or hear me. They are moving in quick fashion to do what they need to recover my item and I am following their energy signature to see what I can find out. There is a glass countertop display in the large open area just in front of me. A female is behind the counter and many “travelers” – all also female ( how odd ) and dressed in more contemporary clothing – are standing to the front of it. There are cell phones placed on the countertop and I see the woman behind the counter take a cell phone that is in her hand and place it atop one of the others. I have no idea what is happening here and I do not have time to find out because this action with the phones is causing yet another shift.

Where I have landed is stunning to say the least—I am standing in the middle of an outdoors set of walkways where people, ( all female again ), are walking along in every direction, traveling on various excursions to where they are going. I look off into a distance, past the walkways, to see what looks like what might be Egypt and the Nile thousands of years ago. The Nile is so full it looks more like an ocean. Against the desert sand and the palm trees it takes my breath away. I understand now the people traveling through here are time travelers. I am in a shift, I am fluctuating between here and everywhere else I have just mentioned and more. I am still in search of my luggage and getting closer. In one of the areas, near the set of walkways I am talking with a group of women about this. They are going to go on without me. I tell them I do not have my cell phone so if they don’t see me in 30s minutes to come looking. Instead they decide to send a young girl with me, who they can contact me through, and who will help me locate my luggage.

I am beginning to recognize the area we have made our way to.. We are nearing the original ( mountainous ) structure again, everything is again looking and feeling familiar to me. This feeling is now what has the bulk of my attention. So hard to describe but I love it so much. It is so exhilarating, so exciting. Like I am close to something that I know but have forgotten. I am right on the edge of it and following the feeling by pure, raw instinct. Letting it lead me to where I know I want to go. I am looking up the side of the mountain when my field of vision begins to wholly shift. It is now an immense night sky, almost something more than night sky, it is infused in the feeling of deep space. The mountain is still here, secondarily, but it is carved into the structure of an immense male figure. I can’t believe what I am seeing. In the one field I am still with the young girl and I keep saying – asking – “is this real?” My gaze is perfectly fixed. I cannot look away. “Is this real??” What is this? It is massive. Another shift is now occurring—

My heart is feeling something I cannot describe, something that is telling me to stop and stop now. Eyes wide, wanting to know and not know what this is, I shift from here back into physical space. A mark, however, has been made. Something has gotten through to me, penetrated my psyche. I don’t think there is any real turning back from this.

5 thoughts on “OBE Log: Expedition, Female Time Travelers

  1. Dolphins are psychic and far more abundant than “science” has us believe. There is a video on YouTube by a guy living on Maui who talks of his adoption by a pod of dolphins. I’ll find it and send you the link, it may be revealing for you…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, grandfathersky.. I would like that. The appearance of the baby dolphin that approached me was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Fully white, roughly the length of my torso and half of this beak. A truly interesting little fellow to say the least.


        1. Incredible, incredible! video, grandfathersky. I watched it twice and still have it in my queue to watch again. What an AMAZING man, and amazing life. So raw. So uncut. So entirely real. The video they put together is true gift. I will share this further. {{{ thank you }}}


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