Making Appearances: People I Know

It is a strange and wonderful occurrence.

Being dazed.

The awareness, mind and entire structure of being alters,—enters an altered state. There is a certain spectrum of permanence now to this in my experience.

When the beings and scenes first began surfacing from within the crystal, I, myself was in the very same way really lit up. The wonderment, the joy, delight and excitement was off the known scale. At this point in the adventure I could not be held out. I could not look away for even a moment. Only in, further and further in.

Formation after formation presented ..In an identical manner to which, prior, I found myself accelerating at consciousness shifts into the Universal, galactic and elemental experience territories themselves,—without brakes, without hesitation. As if life itself, my very right to breathe surely depended on it.

While the formations do, and continue to appear in steady fashion relative to my ‘going in’, the INformation embedded processes a good deal more gradually in real time.—It is not yet as immediately forthcoming as the FORMations. Much is still laying in wait for me to uncover.

So for now,

Patterns, themes present which I gather up and report on.

Today’s report is about the tendency of people I know to show up.

I, myself, as a sleeping newborn (middle right) was the first to come through. Ever so surprisingly with a fellow consciousness explorer – (top left) – who I know only online, we have never met in person. To the back of this transmission in the yellow/gold area is also my Earth Mom and Dad.

There is much more featured here as well, including a conical headed male and human female (who appear to be who my person is truly being born of.

It is no easy feat to read the crystal transmissions, I know ..So I will outline a bit of this first one to help you see the major bits. Do know, though, that once you BEGIN seeing there is almost no stopping. Curiosity, the absolute wonder at it all very quickly takes over.

In the frame on the left (above, is Jason overlooking me as a sleeping newborn. In the frame on the right, (above, I’ve outlined the conical headed male ET and humanoid female.

Jason, himself, my birth photo and the crystal from which these images are arising are all photographed above.

Extraordinary vision is without doubt required here. If you are seeing you may certainly count yourself within the ( less than ) 5% who may at this time.



Below is a selection of a few others I know who have come through donning appearances similar to their current Earth life form(ation)s: ( permission has been given to post ) :




Casey (Me


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