Between the Visual and the Void

The understanding is this.

Awareness, attention, vision,—may narrow and widen, expand and contract/collapse, zoom in, zoom out. Into the macrocosm, microcosm. Subatomic, and atomic worlds. Visual reality, a visual realm or world is a circumference reality. Central to it is Void. The eye itself is a physical metaphor, or re-presentation of this.

Between the visual ( the physical ) and the Void ( Consciousness Itself ) is a variety of light and life. An almost endless array of life formations. I have always been able to travel between realms. I have always been able to see. To remain conscious while attention shifts frequencies. Witnessing—perception itself turn inside-out.

This is the fundamental opportunity. To witness the in-focusing of attention as it gently releases from circumference reality and transitions in on itself. How—as it reaches center—Void—it does concentrically pass through it into finer, wider, broader spectrum spheres; each their own reality, their own discrete environments.

The patterns are unendingly astounding, from Voids of various color, to misty, ephemeral hues, geometric bright light color patterns, star fields, WORLDS as we more commonly know them. Worlds in which we are in truth equally resident. Even as we are here,—We are there. All at once.

It was some time, 40 years….before I understood this awareness was not usual. Not commonly experienced. It may be for this reason that I myself did not take full note. It was my normal. My everyday, everyday, everyday.—Life. I did not give it much attention. Until I began speaking to people, that is – midlife.

There was such a contrast – ( what I call “torque”, the differential between how people may spin. The UNusualness of it all began showing up more clearly. Still, for some time there was a manner of disbelief on my part. An almost innate inability to fathom. Not seeing. I could not imagine. In particular, closing my eyes and seeing nothing? Ever??

From the withinness of my own, everything is breaking down and opening up into something new. Always.—something more, something further.

Even the Void is seen,—awareness being the primary “seeing” apparatus ( eyes open or eyes closed.—Awareness. Within it is the ongoing, steady processing of data. In visual realms this processing can be seen. It is what we call our person and all other persons. Our world and all other worlds.

Does this surprise you?

The processing of billions of bits of data within our own – ( our own discrete awareness ) – is what is appearing as everything all around us.

Do you need a moment?

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

I can indeed take you further in.

(this is the important question)

Who am I?

Who are we?—Who are we really.

WHAT are we? What is REALITY?….(how does it work? what is it’s function?

It is a worthy point of focus. A worthwhile pursuit. The central point to get clear on. Everything else is a beating around the bush.

Once you are clear,

Those who would put to you that your expanded awareness, your new range of experience is all in your mind—you will know how to address.

For there is a faction of a few who will want you to question yourself,

To think for yourself that in your mind is non-valid. Non-consensual.

So you stop and give up. (never go further.

But you will know.

It is the starting place, the beginning realization, and where you are now.

It is collectively called the world but it is your own mind. Appearing all around you. This is NOT yet true consensus territory. The thought, the illusion that it is, is the very thought that keeps one from expanding. The thought you are already there.

In the ALL that is. ( all that is real, anyway.

Is it not what those locked in the physical reality control system say?

Is it not what is keeping them locked in?

It is.


And so we begin.

Where we are. In the realization. Letting it blow our mind (rather than be discouraging. Letting it burst us into billions of tiny bits.—Out of this world. This galaxy, universe and Cosmos. Into who knows what.

We are Explorers. (explore!

It is our Service.

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