A Visual Channel(er?: The Graduation of Channeling

It was bound to happen, right?

I mean we are a predominantly visual species. In a light realm!

So, now, even Channeling is evolving to this. My Group tells me we are a “Whole Consciousness Channel”. I am at present, at most, in the very beginning stages of understanding the intricacies of what this means. But in general I think I grasp that we are not site specific, not bound. Capable, clear down to the Earth personage of shifting fully in and fully out within our Total being.—any aspect, any component. Viscerally, visually, vocally.

It is apparent where I have grown apt to first concentrate. The visual concept fascinates me. That not only may I work with Elemental consciousness in the manner in which I do through the crystal(s, but that I may do so in like manner within my own being; shifting molecularly within my own biological makeup and VISUALLY bringing additional consciousness through. Additional life FORMS through. So you may see. So you may acclimate to seeing.

This concept is really out there, I know. Even for me (and that is really saying something. But once you know, or even glean what reality is, and who YOU are, then it is not so far fetched. Presence, potentiality, and the play of light. How might it be played with in the current energy? In what is possible here now in the alignments taking place. Of the Cosmos with the universe, galaxy and our planet. Of Consciousness with YOUR mind, energy and body.

There is nothing that is not possible through my own. And what is in truth probable I am beginning the process of acclimating to, of giving to consensus.—(to what we are going to call a reality NOW. There is not much time, a few decades at most to open true vision and begin seeing. Seeing is what grounds a ‘reality’ in a visual realm. And the next reality out from (our) planetary reality is the galactic reality. The extra-terrestrial reality.

Will it become a part of consensus experience? Or will it be missed AGAIN? I am working diligently on behalf of the former. Of humanity becoming a united human race and our Earth joining the collective Galactic neighborhood.

I will share here with you some of the beings coming through. Who are connecting and working with me in this endeavor.

My own Galactic counterpart is an Annunaki being (benevolent spectrum. A blending of Reptilian, Feline and Human DNA. He is challenging for most to see.

Another of my own— An aquatic Reptilian, highly benevolent, who, according to channeled information resides on a planet in the Sagittarius constellation. This being desires to blend and vocal channel with me. The process feels as though near complete.

In my template is a benevolent spectrum Annunaki being, an Arcturian, Sirian and Pleiadian. This is the Arcturian.

I have not sought data on the following three *they have just come through. The beings are coming through so VERY steadily now :



The being we knew as David Bowie, here presenting in his likeness as Ziggy Stardust came on board here with me shortly after his passing from Earth physical reality; January, 2016.

There are many, many more ET beings stepping forward. But these are the most visible, the most consensually seen at this time ( April/2018 ). To see the evolution – some of the others, a few of the first to come through may be seen here.

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