Crystal Transmissions, the Making of a Portrait

For those of you who are new to my site and this work,

I will leave a few links here at the top for you to follow, which may help fill in some of the blanks about what you are about to see and hear in this log. In an easy sentence, what I do is combine my consciousness with crystals, c r y s t a l l i n e consciousness, in order to transfer data from the Field, we could say “one space and time” or “reality” here to ours.

Often it is a being, another consciousness out there who connects with me in this process. Although the transmissions, the data transfers are primarily for me ( to unpack and distribute ) I have for many years now enjoyed learning how to isolate the beings in the frames I capture in order to introduce and show them to you in a portrait style quality. The tools I use are simple: 1) my consciousness, 2) the crystals, and 3) a cell phone camera.

These links will guide you to where you can learn more about this phenomena, capacity, skill, technology >> once lost to our planet and now returning.. As well as my own journey of discovery unearthing it within myself—and many hundreds of examples.

Isza — the main crystal I work with

Links will contain video, written articles and photo imagery:

* * *

Now onto the reason we are here today.

I have an exceptional example of a transmission that contains within it a clear being who has allowed himself to stand out. This transmission first came through back in January 2019, which was roughly 2 years after this capacity first began surfacing, and mere months prior to the point at which I began working with the frames to bring out more of the independent beings for full facial portraits. It is only now, in the last 1-2 years that I am growing increasingly more proficient at what is possible in terms of presenting the beings. Isolating them within the transmissions, reorienting the frames and with more impact, more stunningly bringing them to you.

This is a frame I had not worked with until just this past week >>
when it came flying back into my attention.


The Orae

Note: when I am working I am always working with only what is already in the frame.

You may see the being, the right side of his face peering out from the left as we look at the above frame. One stunningly clear brown eye and roughly 3/4 of his face. It is too close to the bottom of the frame for it to be rotated to where he is centered upright, so you will see I have “stacked” the image at the sides to create more space at the bottom. With this I am able to now rotate the frame and crop it to where the being is centered. From here it is a simple matter of taking a screenshot of what we see as the left side of the image and mirroring it to the other side. And now, I have not only the original, complete transmission as it came through to me,

>> but a beautiful being I may present in full to you.


Esteban, of The Orae

This is Esteban.
The name is pronounced : ( este bahn )

The vibrant, softly radiant neon hues he comes through are notable to say the least. He is, on our planet what would be classified as Spanish and is an oracle within the group he comes through called the Orae, pronounced ( or ay ). Often what does not come through in the frame is quite telling, here we see the mouth did not come through << this, coupled with the intensity in the eyes and the ephemeral swirling pattern composing the ears we know he is fully telepathic.

The color pattern at the front of the face, extending from the point of the awareness center, the third eye / pineal down the bridge of the nose I am still working to more fully penetrate. Symbolically it is clear to me that it is a KEY, but it is also an alive-thing, a being, and I have never seen an entity of this kind before. The top of the key, the head of the being is in the shape of a pink heart. The arms are extended and open with the hands reaching out as if in a perpetual state of welcoming us in. The robe worn is electric, vibrant and colorful. The body—long and lean.

This light transmission is forming through Isza, a mildly citrine quartz cut crystal 
Location and time : ( original image ): 4:19:48 PM, Alpine, CA
Original image captured February 8, 2019

Location and time: Isolation of Esteban : 6:40:37 PM, Lakeside, CA
Original image captured April 7, 2023


If there are questions or insights a comment section is below.

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