The Communications Function of Crystals

The intriguing element in this is I am not knowing how it is I know. Crystals are a corridor for consciousness. For communicating, and connecting consciousness. I am not knowing the connection I have with the crystal, the beings and elemental kingdom. I know only that it exists, that it is presenting. ( and ) In it’s presenting is the contents of all I am here to report.


I can share this—

I was activated to awaken in the summer of 2009, at which point I was assisted in spending 4 years in a near constant additional consciousness state. As we like to say ‘out of body’.  Mine was a top-down Kundalini type process. Which grew into the actualizing of a somehow innate ability to work together with CRYSTALS in their capacity as communication devices. In what is for me a viable means of connection and communication with occupants of additional consciousness space.—universal, galactic, and elemental beings. This article goes into how it happened.

I work with consciousness, crystals and sunlight to create these works..

It is a skill I discovered within myself somewhat by accident. With the help of synchronicity I just sort of fell into it. And what a delightful happenstance this has been. An increasingly, ever evolving happenstance.

The frames are designed to help shift the brainwaves in order to help YOU shift into additional consciousness states.. Please use them so and enJOY, just let your gaze soften, drift and float, remaining conscious, active in your awareness as you do.

If you are interested in this type of work and phenomena, you don’t have to join, just “follow” and you will get notified when I post these frames. Not all of them are shared elsewhere and soon the great majority of the work will be shared exclusively here and here.

Thank you for remaining as ever, open and expanded.

Much discovery lay ahead. ♥︎


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