OBE: The Downfall of an Otherworldly Ancestral People


It is increasingly common at present to be shown within my experiences, the rise and fall of the myriad of cycles,—peoples and civilizations. Is it because we are again in such a phase of a cycle? At a crest that is now collapsing? Looking out into our world it would seem so. Everything seems to be disintegrating. All our various systems, the health care, banking, election systems, etc.. flawed and failing. It is not an easy time to be alive, or navigate our way through, is it? But it IS a good time to get clear, on who exactly we are and the best way for us to move forward. As sovereign beings, this choice is always ours. It is important, now more than ever to not give it away. To choose, and fully experience that choice. It is the only way we ever learn.

An important note: it is not that the cycles can ever be avoided or evaded, it is that through them we can either cycle “up and out”, and/or “down and back around again.”

At the verge of a potential paradigm shift, >>
which way will your choices take you?

March 8, 2023

The downfall of an otherworldly ancestral people

I am point consciousness. I am with a group of off-worlders who have come back in time to a planet where old ancestral sites are being visited and buried technologies investigated. During this event I am periodically alerted to my physical body, which is pinned magnetically to the bed, my mouth is dry as a bone and the body is struggling to breathe. There is nothing I can do about the situation, I am too deep to reach, I easily slip between here and the event in play. There is no set sequence or timeline of events. It is like I am being shown a variety of data and I am popping from one data set to another by some will of my own. There is a rectangular, white walled-in housing structure that is interesting to me. A substance that is yellow and another that is pink. A large pool of muddy water that I am projected over. I will go briefly into each of these.—beginning with where I am with a small group of what look to be Spanish explorers. A discovery is being made. I float up to them. They are standing at an elevation on one of the old structures. 

A tall, thin male begins pouring water over the ground at his feet which quickly wears through the sand, rock and debris to reveal 1) what brought this city down, and 2) an ancient technology. At the ground beneath his feet I am beginning to see lights, some kind of light structure/grid and a central crystalline core emanating light in the purple spectrum. I look down into this and fall from here to an area below, where the more common people had been living. I am mildly aware that I have a guide who is accompanying me through each of the areas. We are coming up to a single remaining rectangular shaped white walled-in housing structure. All the common people lived in such structures. I can see inside of this one. It is occupied by an older married couple who are in their 50s, they are raising a young male child they must have produced quite late in life. There are no difficulties within this marriage but the wife is wanting to leave. She wants to leave the area and move to another, but the husband is content to stay here. 

The wife seems to know something, or minimally intuitively feel something is coming. – from my current vantage point I can see it is the downfall, or collapse of the city. It is not clear if the boy will stay or go with his mother. It feels more that he will stay. 

It is here that I begin to be shown a yellow gelatinous substance. I move through a great deal of data ( many scenes ) being shown and trying to understand what this is, where it comes from and why it is being highlighted. It is near to beyond my ability to comprehend in the way the data is being transferred. For some time I do not know what questions to ask to help me grow any clearer. In a vehicle, or enclosure of some kind I am shot fast out over a large muddy pool of water. The idea is to drive at a high speed into it in order to be able to keep going and reach the other side. I look behind me to see if I can gauge how far I have shot out into the water, where I now am within it and how much further I must go. All I can see is the mud color, there is no definition of where the mud water and the mud bank meet. With some effort I do reach the other side. 

The boy is here and I am shown a large olive tree. 

I begin to ask if the yellow gelatinous substance is fat, if it is butter. I seem to have asked something right, something with contrast enough to invoke a response I now, to some small degree am beginning to understand. I am shown that the yellow substance exudes from a gland that is located in these people’s heads, not centrally but to the right side of the head. It is now shown to me that yellow is the more common color but in some people the substance the gland excretes is pink. The difference between the two is relayed but it is too much for me to hold. The part I feel is most important to stay with me is that it is the extraction of this substance that has been the downfall of these people, their civilization and world.

The physical body is again demanding my attention. The situation is the same,
the mouth is bone dry and the body is struggling to breathe.

I work for some time to pattern through all the data until I feel it is stable, then push through the paralysis, moisten my mouth and clear my airway until I am breathing normally. It takes only a moment. I pattern through the data a few more times, popping from point to point to point, expanding the range of what I am able to see. As I shift from this back into my room I pass through what is decidedly a craft, long and pointy at its front end, an elongated triangle grid structure which is the elemental basis of the craft and a color pattern associated with it and the beings on board, who I suspect have been my benefactors this night; the color pattern is a tri-pattern as well, a deep charcoal grey, maroon and teal green.

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