Dream Data: March 2023


Increasingly, as the years go by, as I continue to draw from the Inner fields daily, there is less and less distinction between the “out of body” and “dream” state. I am regularly accessing what I call REAL data—data pertaining to incarnational, planetary lifetimes >> sometimes this one, sometimes others. These monthly logs are filed as “dream data” but it is important I make this note, many of the events I experience directly in first person. I enter, and am often able to consciously re-enter them even years later. — they remain present and intact.

I am beginning to glean with more regularity within some of my experiences that I am being observed. At times these observers step into the experiences and there is direct interaction with them. This latter event is rare but it does happen. The themes coming through most strongly this month are 1) the future, future probabilities 2) connection, meeting, gathering and 3) downfall, system and societal collapse. Is this what is on the Mind of the human collective? Is it what is coming? Are we subconsciously, and sometimes consciously picking up on it?

It does feel so to me.

Mid-month I began feeling the impetus to begin a new consciousness experiment. It is something Inner being began within the fields and I just picked up on.

To come at it more consciously from my own position I began devising it as a consciousness experiment. It is something I have long wanted to focus and work on, — bringing information, dialogue back with me. Dialogue, guidance, detail tends to take up a lot of space. It is the firstthing most of us tend to let go of, in order to embed concepts and symbols which carry far more of an overall experience than mere dialogue *which fractures easily in the frequency shifts between the expanded/non-local state of consciousness and our more local state.

The whole thing is still in the set-up process, but the idea is to pass messages through the etheric for me to bring back to physical space. I have asked to work with one specific being, I have asked that we consciously meet. The meeting place is still being decided, but I like the idea of a classroom, or wooden park bench. I have asked that it be consistent, the same being, the same meeting place. I would enjoy this experience more than I can say and do hope we can move on this right away. Which brings me to the second note. Synchronously with this new Insight/idea, I find myself, after all this time, – finally – developing a decided interest in Inner Earth. Telos, the Agarthan Network. The timing can be no coincidence.


Dream Titles

  • Alabama after the (coming) war
  • Mantra to open the portal to the dream fields
  • 4D Earth, “the green green grass of home”
  • Readying for prolonged contact, a new crystal
  • Sleep phenomena
  • Borrowing power, a shaman’s ground testes
  • The downfall of an otherworldly ancestral people
  • A deceased friend reaches out, connection beyond the grid
  • What do they want from me? ( courted by Elon Musk, energy exchange )
  • Different worlds, dance
  • Three men is hazmat suits
  • Frequency future, new system and structures
  • Military operation, marriages between the U.S. and Mexico
  • Premonition or precognition? – shooter, pangolin
  • Facing the past, clearing karma
  • New orders, contract, requires my data and signature
  • A difference in my hair
  • Beach, aliens, the sunset horizon portal
  • Exhaustion takes the day, remnant of an alliance
  • Gathering—connection and data transfers
  • Dreams without scenery, unformed mental environments
  • New experiment, passing data through etheric space
  • Meeting place, discussions, superimposition, group exchange
  • Teaching elephants to survive humans
  • Extraction, alien life-form under the microscope
  • Connectivity in the vibrational state, visions, telepathic communion
  • Offense defense, resolving differences, accepting responsibility
  • A test from Telos, Inner Earth
  • One second after

March 31, 2023

One second after

Tonight I stayed up LATE, until after 2am, unable to put a book down that was recommended to me, titled “One Second After” >> a look at what would likely unfold in the event of an EMP ( electromagnetic pulse ) being detonated over the continental United States. Riveted, I read until I literally could read no more, at which point I fell off into the fields ( of oblivion ). Relative to the time I fell off, I woke early, a mere 5 hours and 45 minutes later. I went in for data but came back an hour later with nothing. I actually felt as though I had overslept, I had to push myself in there for the hour. I have the most ephemeral glimpse of the dream in play. There is a small group of 4 or 5 male ET beings, they are all the same species. I cannot see it clearly but the skin tone is a dark brown. A serious event is in play, one of them is working his way back and forth between some kind of consoles or control panels. They are brave, warriors. They are in a feat of heroically, potentially forfeiting their lives in doing what they now are.—for others.

Before getting up >>> I ask if there is an anything else that is important to bring back. I see nothing further. I ask to be left with a symbol. As it always does, one immediately arises. It is an asymmetrical mud colored collage of faces, indigenous peoples, species and races, on and off world of every kind. They are all dynamically interwoven within one another.

March 30, 2023

A test from Telos, Inner Earth

Every now and again it happens—at the top of the night, at the tail of every 90 minute sleep cycle I fully wake. It can take up to 10 minutes or so to knock back off. When this happens the sleep is very light, I am almost more on the wake side of the veil than the sleep/dream side, no dreaming seems in play. This occurs tonight the first two sleep cycles and I am well into the wee hours before I drop, and stay steadily inside. Once in, I am in a large multi-level Mall. It is not your typical mall, it is more sophisticated, has far more levels, and there are more than just shops >> there are libraries, offices, unearthly artifacts and technologies, spaces that seem more like living quarters, or homes. It would seem I am taking multiple environments ( a craft certainly being one of them ) and condensing them into the single concept of a “mall”. 

It must be that I am being observed and a test in play, *I see this now that I am awake. The obstacle placed in here for me is the idea that there are no bathrooms that can be accessed. I don’t even have a need to use one while in the experience but it goes on for so long that the lack of access begins to unnerve me. It is not just the lack of access alone, it is that there are so few facilities to begin with and they are far from easy to navigate my way to. I can’t figure out what kind of place this large would have so few places a person could go, and then to block access, to boot, just doesn’t make sense. At the onset of the test I ask a woman for directions, the directions are far from clear to me and I ask her if she will take me there. She does so, and even helps me apply to use the bathroom but my application is denied.

It goes on and on like this through to the morning until
I am quite literally beside myself. 

Emotionally I ask this little man in a red capsule-shaped pod why they would do this when in the end, when a person has to go they will just have to go anywhere, even right here on the floor. As I am saying this, he himself begins doing it, he is peeing right there inside the pod.

It is daylight now and I have made my way to the doors leading to the outside of the Mall. I am going to do it, I am just going to find a place outside and pee. I have had enough. It is still nowhere even close to an emergency, I just don’t want one to develop.

There is some land out here with trees, to the back of which is the large backyard of a house. There are dogs, though, they sense me and begin barking wildly. I can see I will not be able to go here so I turn to head back into the Mall. What I see makes me smile.

From here I can finally get a sense of where I am. I can see three corners of the Mall, the far end where I think Mom dropped me off. I think I can now navigate through the Mall back to that spot and hook up with her. She will know how to help me. 

The thought is hopeful, and comforting.

I head back in.

*   *   *

Note: over the past few months I have grown increasingly interested in Telos, Inner Earth and the Agarthan underground network. I seem to be tuning more and more to this. I suspect because I feel something is coming and am looking for a potential pathway to safety. Exiting the above experience it is the first thing on my mind. I can hear the idea of “a test from Telos”. — if indeed so, it would seem not one I passed. Although right on the verge, I am still in the correct frequency state so immediately inquire if I have a connection in Agartha, anywhere within its network…….. ( no ). The answer I’ve received, it must be ( another test ) a redirection of my attention due to the test I’ve just been through. I persist. I ask if there is an Agarthan who will sponsor me, carry me, bring me into Inner Earth. The instantaneous vision I now have is hopeful.

I am in the white, the white light.. there is an added dimensional texture which frames the white with soft billowy white clouds.

A long, narrow, gentle and delicate feminine hand reaches in from the left.

In the palm of the hand is a blue bird.

March 29, 2023

Offense defense, resolving differences, accepting responsibility

An important reminder—again this morning I am shown to receive and hold what comes to me not in my head but with my whole being. This is what allows me to hold more—more of the internal framework of the experience as well as more detail. I know this but do still on occasion need, and appreciate the reminder. I spend a moment quickly shifting back and forth between the two states, feeling the difference and discrete sensations of each. The one is effortless, all information is just always already there. The other, working from the head, in comparison feels a great strain, force is required to access what I wish. This is due to coming at it from the outside, from a distance. While the whole body method is a letting go of this and flipping the perception inside out, to where I myself AM the consciousness field and all is always already in me. Just like in meditation, letting go and letting go and letting go to access a deeper, more fundamental state. 

From here I can instantly see that I have been popping from one location to another repeatedly through the night. I lock onto three of them and re-enter to investigate. In the one I am in a shop with a small group of others, they are mostly all female and of various ages spanning generations. It is daytime but no lights are on in the shop ( as they more usually are ). There is a counter where things are sold, a couple small round tables and chairs and a back room. A few of us are standing in the space between the back room and one of the tables, gradually making our way over to it when mom, standing outside the cracked open front door with a gun in her hand shoots one of the people inside. The person instantly falls to the ground. I cannot see why, but no-one besides me even sees this has happened. I hurriedly shift over to mom and tell her not to shoot any more people. I explain fast that they are people, real people, good people. It is almost more than I can do to get her to believe me. She is aimed to shoot more, but does stop.

Now I am on a football field with two other players and a coach. We are standing on the running track that circumvents the field. The other two players are working hard, but I can see that I don’t really want to be here. Is that what we are working on? motivation? building my motivation? ( momentum ). It is really all I can see here, my attention goes right to it and drowns out all the rest—the feeling that I don’t really want to be here.

Now I am with the girls again, this time in a house >>>

Are these some of the same women from the shop? I think they are. There are two groups of them, there is some kind of friction between them that is holding them apart, I am an intermediary. One of the groups contain two young ladies, they are sisters, one is a few years older than the other, I might guess they are 16 and 19 years of age. The other group contains three women who are all of the approximate age of a mother to these young ladies.

Taking in the interior of the house, the hairstyles, clothing and colors I would say we are somewhere in the 1950s. What has happened here is that the girls, specifically the younger of the two has relayed a story to one of the mother group in a fashion that has caused her to have some fear for the girls and the fear then caused her to fill in some untruthful gaps which further led her to take action to begin moving the girls into her custody. The girls are not liking this one bit and have gone on the defensive against her. 

Before this whole thing gets out of control, I am here to help show each of the groups what has happened to create the situation, which will hopefully amount to its resolution. First I help the mother figure see that she has taken liberty with the girls story by adding in some things on her own that are not true, — fear is partially to blame, but there are also personality, flawed character components at play. The young girls are happy with me bringing this to light, so I take the opportunity to show them where they themselves are equally responsible. Rather than state the facts as they were, they exaggerated the matter into something far more than it was. Everyone is now beginning to see the house of cards. That no real situation ever existed. One was only made out to be. Both groups see it now.

*  *  *

Before waking I connect and work with Inner being for awhile, asking if there is any more for me to see. I am shown a pencil sketch of something that I am going to attempt to draw. The components are: a sun with 7 rays, an eye over the top, a tunnel leading into the sun, a road leading into the tunnel. I then see this ( all that I know ), our whole world, solar system and galaxy as a single spark/connection point within an enormous neural network.

We are all far smaller, and grander than we know. It does
make you wonder what more is out there.

March 28, 2023

Connectivity in the vibrational state, visions, telepathic communion

It is morning and the top-middle portion of the night is gone. The dreaming remained clear at various intervals but now I cannot get at it. What is blocking the way is where I currently am here at the bottom of the night.— I am walking away from a convenience store, still in the parking area when I alert to a car driving next to me which is also pulling away. A man is in the back, he is being chauffeured in his own vehicle. The driver is a young man with rust colored hair. The man in the back is lightly chiding him over something, to which I put a hand to my mouth, holding back a giggle over not just what was said but the awkwardness of having heard. Something in the similarity in our two energies connects us and before I know it I, too, am in the car >> driving around with them. The car is big, a convertible, circa 1960s, painted a shiny brown. 

At the moment we are going through a very narrow little alleyway behind a row of houses. It is a tight squeeze. There couldn’t be more than an inch to spare on either side of the car. There is a light colored wooden gate up ahead that is going to be even more narrow. I cannot see how we will possibly make it through. The driver is seriously working to keep the car straight and not damage it in any way. The moment for me gets intense. So intense I pop from here to where the man and I are now standing out on the residential street in front of the houses. We begin walking as the chauffeur parks the car and steps into the scene to re-join us. The man, clearly a wealthy man of his own leisure, is English and wears his brown hair in a long bowl-type cut very common to the times ( —the times being the early 1960s ). 

He is telling me about a service he wants to give.. he doesn’t have a very clear idea of those with lesser means and what they could really use. He wants to provide a free transportation service down to the beach areas. Which sounds really nice in itself, only relative to what people really need it is, well, silly. The streets down in the beach areas are even more narrow than what they are here where we are. I can’t help but wonder how he thinks it is a good idea. I mean I can’t see how it will work. Getting there will not be a problem, but getting through there, as just seen and experienced will be quite the tight squeeze. I walk from this thought straight back into physical space. Where I am lying in the bed, knowing and feeling the importance of what was happening earlier in the night and actively attempting to reconnect with it. To no avail.

At it turns out, though, there is something else.

I am in a stable vibration — a stable connection with Inner being — I find I am intuitively playing with visuals, with my telepathy .. what I can see, asking questions and receiving overlapping, reverberating answers whole body with my entire system. I am mostly awake and alert but also briefly fading in and out due to the intoxicating feeling of the connection and following some of the visuals into momentary expanded states of oblivion. The connection feels so good I just can’t break it. I can’t get up. I lay in it for the hours between 8-11am. I ask about the ETs, about what I had been dreaming earlier in the night. I can see, but not hold onto what I see. I ask about the 1990s series Dark Skies, about how accurate, and/or how much liberty was taken in the making. The reply is that the information shared, as it pertained to our people was substantially accurate. I ask if Carl Sagan was really a part of Majestic…… ( yes ). I begin playing with the visuals again, with the imagery behind my closed eyes, with what I can see. 

When I come back this time it is through a vision of a young man walking into the white – the light – many dogs walk with him. Taking note of all the dogs I find myself knowing ( hearing ) “man’s best friend.” He is accompanied well. I fade out and back in. This time when I get back it is to the scrolling voice of prophesy so familiar to me *which has been happening since my teens. The male voice ( it is always male ) is speaking of Silas. The name alerts me to my conscious state as I recognize the name. I have come in on the middle of what was being said, three full lines of prophetics which I have shattered in breaking the previous state. I inquire, consciously this time, “who is Silas?” Immediately, clear as day, standing before me is a knight. I find myself knowing, hearing, “protector of the realm”, “protector of the realm and the people of light.”

For a moment I try to see more into the knight, to penetrate the suit of armor but then it hits me and I feel I cannot lose this precious opportunity—I ask “who am I?” For a moment I feel like I am too close to the answer and will not be able to see. But then it comes….. the knowing….. ”you are the magician, the bringer of the dawn.”

March 27, 2021

Extraction, alien life-form under the microscope

Massive experience,—again I have to focus down into just a single bit.

What I am viewing is hard to describe in all accuracy, I will endeavor as best I can. There is a texture to the scenery that tells me it is a microscopic view ( I am looking at what I am through a microscope or microscopic lens ). There is a light/color to the whole view that is pale reddish. In the background —I know now— is a forearm, my forearm. In the foreground I am seeing it covered in thousands of tiny, standing, gossamer thin strands. The way the strands are standing and near invisibly swaying it would almost seem the whole structure is under water. In a very precise area of my forearm, near where IRL I have a large mole, I begin removing the strands one by one until almost immediately, and somewhat shockingly I get hold of one that, as I am pulling it from my arm becomes far more substantial. It grows, in comparison to the rest to be the approximate size of a shoestring potato, roughly 4” length and dusty white. I feel every sensation of the removal.

Once the thing is out it unfolds into its natural form, which appears to me a tiny extra-terrestrial being with a large round head and slight body. It remains the dusty white color. A portion of me is quite conscious at this point. Everything is very real. My central nervous system is working hard to keep things in check but the relative closeness to this foreign life-form is not without effect. I am excited, stunned, nervous and fearful all at once. The most immediate impetus is to take the life-form to others to show them. I put it in my purse. I hesitate to place, or contain it in a baggie because I feel it is alive and won’t be able to properly breathe.

I place the tiny being on top of what appears other items inside and take him to three different people. I only remember that the last of three is my own mother. And that none of the three believe the story I have just relayed, or that this lifeform is real. In the process of all of this something is happening inside the purse with the tiny being. I glean that a life-form alien to even it, which was inside him gets out. There is a scuffle and this second lifeform is ended. Back in the lab, when I open my purse to show the original being to someone here it gets out and attempts an escape. I try to throw my purse out in front of it to block its path but the aim is not far enough and the tiny being is squashed. The head is separated from the body and remains fully intact but the body is squashed like a bug.

Viewing all this from the outside I am stunned and saddened by the sudden loss of life, but inside the scene whoever I am, or am merged with, has an entirely different focus. It is seen that the head is not damaged in the slightest, I will still be able to show this to others and get them to see. It may be a long, slow road but the momentum is certainly here. I wish I could detect why this is so important. I do detect the general importance, and its validity, but the details escape me. It seems to have some connection with the mole that is on my arm. Which, itself, seems to have some connection with the idea of a mountain, or volcano. 

Later—just before waking— in a large, expansive, open room >>>

The idea of my mom is here again, and there are others who I cannot see. The room is a repository, I am acquiring items meaningful to me at this time. They are all being brought here to this special place. I see the large gallon sized bottles of raw organic apple juice that are exceedingly so hard to find. Racks of clothing appear and as though standing in a store looking through them I see the whites which immediately fill me with joy. The whole environment I am In this whole while is this feeling-sensation, my own happiness and joy. I look over to the front of me where a male person is standing and say “everything wonderful happens at this time of year,” Indicating a time span between mid-March and the end of April. I am being filled with the knowing of the gifts coming to me this year as I complete my thought “this is why I chose it for my birth.”

March 25, 2023

Teaching elephants to survive humans

I shift into this one consciously from a distance, it grows from cartoon-ish into full 3D living color : I am viewing an older male who is teaching the elephants how to survive humans.

Later—I am in an apartment, drab, colorless.. I am here with a man who very closely resembles Tom Selleck. I have cooked a vegetable stew, a whole pot has cooked down into just a single bowl. I am lightly complaining about this, chiding with the man, asking if he thinks I am a bit bitchy today.

A petite blonde woman with a short cropped haircut walks through. It looks good on her. I wonder to myself how much time and attention is required to make it look good, for what appears on the surface such a simple cut. Sitting on the floor I am cutting off bits of my own hair.

The man walks through the door I am sitting next to and closes it. My robe gets caught underneath. As I pull it away I notice it is a robe I hade when I was 19 years old, of a light green silky material. The man’s desk has shifted positions in the main room. It is now facing me and the door he has just walked through. He will go to work here soon.

March 24, 2023

Meeting place, discussions, superimposition, group exchange

Once more the dreaming from the night is all discombobulated. The segments are all like little islands with miles and miles of water between.—separated with no seeming connection. It has been like this, for the most part since recovering from covid. When I wake the activity is so distant. I can get to it, but not directly inside it like what has been more common throughout my life. I know what to do to fix this. I have been staying up late, irregular hours and eating late. I have also recently taken to watching old sci-fi series’ from the late 1990s, Farscape, then First Wave. It actually feels somewhat important so I have been following this through. The feeling to continue is still present. Usually these things complete on their own, I just get to a point where I feel done. I just finished the First Wave series last night but I do not yet feel done.

Going into the night I connected with my Inner being, began a discussion on our new endeavor ( passing messages through etheric space ), sending out a few of my own ideas on this and asking for input. I suggested I work with the same carrier throughout the experiment and suggested I first meet whoever this is going to be, learn their name, our connection, etc.. I suggested a stable environment in which to meet, a place that would be the same every time, a park bench, a school classroom, etc.. I asked for feedback on what kind of location would best suit our needs. In our discussion, I had fallen off before I even knew.

Come morning, this is what I am left with:

  • Driving in the truck ( with Mom ). We enter into a gated group of 5 or so homes, we have never been back here before and are curious to see. I think we are both disappointed in that there is just the thoroughfare and driveways that connect the homes, there are no yards, no greenery, no life. 
  • Sitting in the back passenger-side seat of my old car, Goldie, on a makeshift bedpan going poop. I am parked in front of my Dad’s house in the old neighborhood where I grew up. A young male person is outside the truck, I think he sees me. I try to cover the sides of my legs so it is not apparent what I am doing. When I am finished I inspect the contents of the porta-potty. I am not seeing any poop, just recyclable trash items and a few little black pellets.
  • Sitting at a table with Heather Weinstein. Heather and Bret are superimposing with Erich and Leslie. <— this is becoming an increasingly more common occurrence, not just the superimposition but meeting with Heather. There is an exchange between us all but none of this [ data ] makes it back with me. Everything is made of wood, the table, the chairs, the floor. I ask a woman who seems to work here if there are any sandwiches. She directs my attention behind me but I do not see anything there. She walks me over to a shelving unit where there is coffee and pulls out a plastic wrapped bagel that has a thin slice of something inside. This is not a sandwich, not what I have in mind. I am describing two slices of real bread packed with vegetables. They don’t have anything like this.
  • Upstairs in my room I am expecting Luke.. My sister, Sandy, shows up in his stead and takes up the space. This is a blocking maneuver, there is now no space for Luke. I walk over to my sisters suitcase and begin re-folding some of her clothing items.

March 23, 2023

New experiment, passing data through etheric space

I almost do not know how to structure this one together. I will start by noting that I have begun a new experiment. The idea to begin practicing this [ shifting into the etheric frequency bandwidth for the purpose of receiving a message, then making it back into physical space with the message intact ] came to me earlier this week. Based on what has been happening since, I suspect this is training for me being able to cognitively hold higher frequency data—which translates also as more data. On my end I would very specifically like to hold / make it back with more dialogue, which to-date has been a major challenge. Dreams for the past few days, since beginning the new practice have contained so much data I am near unable to pinpoint a location within it to begin embedding and unpacking it in a linear ( ie: word-based ) format.

One of the first things that is shown to me in the night is the anomaly at the top of my throat which I have had since contracting covid early February, 2023. It feels like the beginning of a sore throat, like something is eating away at the area. In the night I am shown this in a positive light. I feel the area, I feel a sort of drip and the idea that it is what the ancients call “soma” pushes through. Could this even possibly be true? I ask, then instantly fix to the fact that it can.

Underlying the whole experience I am embedding come morning is an undercurrent of vibration. It has me pinned. It contains so much information that I am swimming inside it for some time before finally isolating a BIT to expand from. It is in this process that I begin to glean that, due to my new request/practice/experiment I am being primed to receive and relay larger high frequency data packets. This is seriously not easy.

The data is fragmented but this is what I can grab:

  • Syringe. I myself am working with it—it is filled with a very light honey colored fluid. It begins to change colors in a petrie dish: bright yellow, a little pink, and white. I try to get the fluid back into the syringe. A thin serum separates from a thicker part of the fluid. This is no good, it cannot be used. I am going to have to start again.
  • Man. older. grey hair. A telepathic exchange is in play. I had done my laundry early and I am telling him I will now for the next 3 days wear clothes that can all be washed together. I will wash this load 3 days from now. He is disgusted at something, something about me. He blows me off with a wave of the back of his hand and walks away.
  • I am on a walking path behind a woman who senses me and begins to feel I am following her ( I am not ). She is wearing a long summer dress with a slit up the side, circa 1970s. I try to go around her on her right to ease her tension. We pass a small set of bleachers on the left filled with people.

I arrive back in the main area where I first started. There is a square pool 100 yards from me, there are many people all around, a young female with short blonde hair stands out and seems to lead all the others. Music starts playing, they all begin to jump up and down with it. I think to myself I have to start moving more. I can feel the underlying vibration that has me pinned in this experience. All my cells, my whole system is vibrating. I am not with these others. I am in an area by myself.

I am working on a project, what comes to look like an art project. I am smashing stewed vegetables into a wall—the wall changes to a chain link fence. I wonder how the vegetables can all stay on the thing, why they do not just slide off onto the ground. I attempt to fix the angle at which the fence is standing so that they do not. Now I wonder how they do not fall through the empty spaces.

My attention cycles and cycles through this data multiple times. I can’t really make any sense of it, or make it into anything I am able to see cohesively. The bits that come between the bits I have mentioned are just too much for me to hold.

March 22, 2023

Dreams without scenery, unformed mental environments

All night I am in mental non-formed environments. There are few objects and no scenery around me, but the data stream coming in makes me feel as though there is. I see this not within the discrete dreams themselves, but in the brainwave shifts between them *notably the periodic shifts through the beta waves. This awareness, once I have it, for all due purposes dominates over the content of the dreams themselves. I have only a few remnants.

In one segment I see Carie, a friend who has recently passed. I see her contorting the body, doing yoga poses. There is a flash of Erich pulling up in old faded light blue truck. He is here to pick up both me and another woman, notably the latter but I am included and here for the ride. There is some animosity between the two having to do with if she really wants to come. Now there is another woman in another area. I can only see, in a general sense that her intent and true actions toward me are hidden and not good. The interaction here with her goes on the longest. But, again, what has the bulk of my attention is the missing environment/scenery. My mind is filling in some of the details, giving me a sense of actually being somewhere with someone but essentially I am just standing here in the black.—not quite the pitch ( the void ), this is different, it is more like an empty room with a dim enough light above to see. 

In the process of waking I attempt to see more. I am flashed a clear and near fully 3 dimensional view of two large wooden sea vessels on the water. There is the blue of the sky, the blue of the water, the two boats and a branch of greenery. Immediately I know this is the Caribbean. It is something in the unique way the sun lights the sky and hits the water. The lightly golden hues in the light and blue are stunning. The idea “pirates of the Caribbean” crosses my mind. I say, inwardly to that which is showing me “so this is where I have been this whole time? inside this boat?” I let the visuals, the frequencies and hues embed. All remain perfectly stable, fading only when I am done, and I am again fully back in my room, in my bed, eyes closed and trying to see more. There are only the flashes I have mentioned above. No more will come.

March 21, 2023

Gathering, connection and data transfers

In this remaining, lingering fragment I am with a small group of others, aside from myself there are two young men and one other girl. I get the idea that food, at least real food is scarce and that today may be a special, often celebrated day. The two young men are talking and the one of them who is sitting is confessing he has gotten food enough for two — two large bags of cherries are mentioned and he has other items, too. He is saying what they are, there are 3 other items but I cannot see or hear now what they are. It is being discussed where we will all go to have this meal when I offer my place. It is now being considered along with others. Fast forward>>>

We are now at my place. I am standing with my back to the wall and the other of the young men is standing in front of me. He is wearing all white, loose white linen pants and a loose long sleeved top. He is a good foot and a half taller than me. I reach up for a hug. It is a little like climbing a tree, my feet come way up off the ground. But something happens. Is holding the weight of me hard for him?.. I am set back down upon my feet. I get the idea we are not very physically strong. A conversation ensues, data coming to me from the field however none of this makes it back with me. This experience has been more energetic, more feeling than anything else. I am reading the core vibration and frequencies. There are areas where my awareness is ‘dinged’ and my conscious state of attention is increased. Energetically this tall one reminds me of Luke, he looks little like him but energetically there is a great deal of similarity. 

Now I am with Robyn.—

My recall here, at the moment is quite vague but we are outdoors in nature, it looks to be Fall, there is an abundance of trees and large dried maple leaves line the earthen ground. What are we doing? There is a structure, a large clear divider of some sort amidst us. What is this? The space to the far side of it from where I am standing is Robyn’s space. Am I just seeing into her home? through clear plexiglass-like walls? I don’t know.

She is trying to give me something. What is she trying to give me? It is at the same time that I am trying to explain to her why I keep alerting to somewhere else. There is an item over there in her space that is red and each time I see the red it ‘dings’ me, shocks me, startles me enough to momentarily send me elsewhere. It is the strangest thing. These two activities are overlapping, Robyn trying to give me what she is, and me trying to explain what I am. It is like two people talking over one another. In the experience itself this is fine, all the data is clear, but now that I am awake I am too in beta to separate the two enough to see what Robyn is trying to give me.

It is information–the information is a solid thing as well, though,
and it has value. I wish I could see more.

March 20, 2023

Exhaustion takes the day, remnant of an alliance

I am too exhausted to recall even the tiniest bit. Even in my sleep I am inundated with the feeling and sensation of my overwhelmed, overtired body. Upon waking it is my immediate choice to not work myself further. To just rest and let everything remain in its current oblivion. As I make this decision I do have a knowing. The main experience from the evening is significant, the experience itself being lengthy and with importance. I can see a male figure. There is an energy sensation of another world.. not quite another world but another frequency space. The man is blonde. He is wearing white with hints of gold. I feel an alliance. 

March 19, 2023

Beach, aliens, the sunset horizon portal

It is night. I have gotten myself to the beach. Charlie is with me. Aliens are in the background. Now that I am awake and viewing this from a conscious state I feel somewhat like being in a fishbowl. I am being observed. My actions, interactions, intentions, etc.. There is another person. I am explaining how I want to spend a few nights, maybe even a week or so out on the beach. We are right here, the weather is idealic ( it is more than this, though ). There is a knowing, an absolute must in me to do this. I am describing how the beach connects to where we are by a stratum of steps. There are many ways, many opportunities, pathways to get down onto the beach. As I begin taking one, obstacles begin to be put in my way. I am making my way through them all as my work alarms begin going off. It is now that I see at least a part of the reason why I am wanting to get here. It is the horizon, the sunrises and sunsets. These are portals. I am wanting to go somewhere. To travel through the sun. The horizon, the sunset on the horizon is the best way.

March 18, 2023

A difference in my hair

It is a long night…for the longest time I cannot fall off to sleep, at 2am I begin to be concerned because this morning is a ( 10-12 hour ) work day and I have to be up and going in five hours. I begin to take getting to sleep more seriously. I begin mentally chanting my mantra and inquiring into what I am seeing in the first subliminal layer. This works, I begin seeing into the fields almost immediately and have fallen off within the next 15 minutes. The first interaction I am aware of involves a mid-aged female, she is pointing out a difference in my hair and bringing this to my attention. It used to be longer, thicker. I confirm, telling her I trim my hair each year at this time, the ends get very thin and the length begins to be a bother when I sleep at night. There is more to all this than just what I have said, more is attempting to be brought to my attention, my hair is just the symbol being used to do this. But the hair itself is also with importance. In the morning, only a few hours later I wake to a series of alarms which wipe out all the rest. I see only day residue. Going over things I am working out related to my job. I see myself sweeping with my new flat edged ( hair/dust ) broom. I am at work.

March 17, 2023

New orders, contract, requires my data and signature

Two jobs. A phone call comes in from the second while I am at the first, questions are being asked for me to answer. It is paperwork related, administrative. I answer a few questions but then say I have to go, explaining I am at work and will come in later to handle the rest. Not long after, I break from the first job to physically drive over to the other. I take care of the paperwork but soon notice the clock says it is five minutes past two. I am late getting back. I explain I have to go but there is still one more thing pending. I am handed what looks like the lower portion of an astronaut suit, the pants portion. The pant is black and wrapped in plastic, the way clothes come back from the dry cleaners. There is an area on the back right pocket where I am supposed to leave my signature. When I begin to sign my name someone stops me. A female with brown hair. I am told to sign my name to the tag inside the pant instead, this way the pant can be assigned to another after me if needed. Following this >>> I head out of the building and walk toward my truck. 

I see myself standing outside the open driver’s side door, the truck is white with a black interior, I am having trouble getting in. It is a very large step up to do so. A couple is walking toward their own car. I recognize their voices, Jerry and Kathy Wills—they are discussing what they will have for dinner tonight at the restaurant. It is a Mexican restaurant and Jerry is saying he just wants something simple. When he mentions a hamburger I wonder what kind of Mexican restaurant would serve this. Someone begins offering to help me into my truck. I say I do not need any help getting into my own car. With this I sweep myself up and in, awkwardly and with effort, and begin heading back to work. I end up at the Mexican restaurant instead. I am walking through a hallway inside when I realize I am at the wrong place. It seems dusty, empty and even abandoned. Like a memory from the past. I am struggling to work out how to make it back to my job when the effort, and dissonance this causes—causes me to begin to wake.

Note : when signing both the paperwork and pant I am speaking almost behind the scenes with someone about an item I am referring to as a “penincil”. I used a translator for “incil” and found it has an actual local meaning. Translated from Turkish to English it means “gospel”. Put together with the word “pen”, it could be in reference to the “hand of god” or “word of god”. In the dream it is referencing a device belonging specifically to me that is solely what I use to sign my name.

March 16, 2023

Facing the past, clearing karma

Mark on stage. three pianos. another girl. stringing lights. straightening up. seeing to food/feeding the people here. I leave on a bike to go get something for myself. I am trying to get away but realize I have only brought 4 quarters and that won’t even buy me a cup of coffee so I just stop in my tracks. I hear Mark’s voice in my ear. I see him at a distance. I don’t want to do this. I think he just tried to contact me ( has he crossed over? ). Is he just reminiscing and reviewing his life? Making amends. —or am I?

March 15, 2023

Premonition or precognition? – shooter, pangolin

For the longest time, hours and hours ( in real time ) the background template of the casino is appearing. There are thousands of people here, the place is filled well beyond capacity. I am serving drinks. Almost no-one is ordering, though, and no-one is drinking alcohol. I am dotting my tray with with sodas, juice and coffee. I don’t have any station to myself and periodically wonder if I am treading on any of the girls. Someone asks where I will take my next order. I point to an area out in the far corner that is the furthest away from the service bar and say loudly over all the noise “I will head out over there!” As I am walking out to the area [ I do not see this at the time but I do now that I am awake ] the contents of another scene beginning bleeding through into this one [ at the time I feel it is all still occurring in the backdrop of the casino ]. 

There is a man, the way he is dressed he looks to be on vacation—he is wearing loose fitting casual clothing, off-white pants with an Hawaiian type shirt. He looks roughly in his 50s and has blonde shaggy hair. He has a gun and has it pointed at someone in the crowd who is at the moment standing behind me and my line of vision. He fires at the man, the crowd begins to scream and duck in place. Some begin to run. As I am busy wondering if I myself am shot, I am turned to face the scene behind me as the man begins firing randomly at everyone. It does not appear he has hit his actual target yet, he has shot many others in the process, though, and is still shooting as all this activity  f a d e s  >> and I continue on through the casino. A portion of my conscious mind has come alert through what has just happened. It is questioning the strangeness of it all.

A variety of events like this continue to take place as I go about my work. The majority have faded into the recesses. There is a woman in white who stands out, who opens a scene in a large white estate that I feel is connected to the man who began shooting into the crowd—but the woman, the white, the estate and feeling of all this is fairly much all that remains. I work my way back to the service bar, where even though I have no drink orders I partially fill my tray with iced glasses and ask the bartender to fill them with sodas, half sprite, half cola. As he does this I ask some of the other girls if they are getting any orders out there. All of them confirm orders are low, *notably relative to the extreme masses who are out there. When I look back to my tray I see the bartender has poured the drinks and placed all my glasses upside down. For a long moment I can’t work out how or why he has done this, or how I will get them nightside up again without spilling the fluid. I do what I can, then ask him to top off all that need.

As I am heading back out to the floor with my drinks yet another scene begins to superimpose. There is a tree planted in the dirt, I see a little lizard sized creature down there at the base. I immediately want to feed it. I get down on my hands and knees and retrieve from my tray a finger sized piece of something that is the texture of pate and give it to him. He tastes it, then takes the rest with him as he burrows down into the dirt. There is a male person behind me observing all this. The next thing I know, the creature is much larger, the size of a small dog, and right in front of me. I am still kneeling down in the same position as before. We are face to face. What a fascinating little fellow. I have never seen anything like him. The word “pangolin” is reverberating in my mind. This fellow’s snout is much longer, though. I want to feed him again. As I move to do this the man behind me says to be careful, as the pangolin takes not just the food but my whole right hand into its mouth. It doesn’t hurt, he isn’t biting down, but there is a sensation and it is not easy to get my hand back. 

I eventually do, and still am not afraid. I am curious at him.

In a pure visual state of fascination.

March 14, 2023

Military operation, marriages between the U.S. and Mexico

[ Military operation ]. Marriages. legal, but of the down over the border variety. The men are all just following orders, the females would all rather get away. I can see inside and outside the base. I also have a view from above looking down and I am merged with someone ground level for the ground level view. The energy of the men is surprisingly lighthearted. Inside everything is very light grey, square with sharp corners. Outside I see snow, cold and snow for as far as I can see.

There is a moment when I wonder who is behind all this. A Stargate looking portal appears and the large blue head of an ugly extraterrestrial pushes through.

In the shift back toward physical space,

I see myself pulling my old purple t-bird [ late 1990s ] into an odd sort of station to gas and clean her up. The space I have pulled her into is an awkward one to the front of another that is already occupied. There is a room to the front of the space that I pull her into after she has been refueled. It has a standard building door and is like a bathroom. Like the space out front it is mostly empty, missing the more usual contents. From inside this room I am trying to work out the logistics of how I will get her out ( I have no idea how I got her in ). I think to myself it is good she is at least the smallest of all my cars. This scenario then repeats with me bringing in a large red truck. I have never driven a large red truck and now that I am awake wonder if this could be a possible future. 

March 13, 2023

Frequency future, new system and structures

I do not see why but there is a movement, people are on the move, there is some kind of mass migration. In the midst of whatever this is, some people are hiding from some others. Likewise, I do not see why. I, myself, am entering an apartment that is not mine ( most have been already been abandoned ) in order to hide. When I go to hide behind a rack of clothes which the man who lives here is coming out from >> he says it is time to go now ( to get away now ) as he passes me and heads out the door. I continue the movement into the apartment, into the rack of clothing. 

From here I have only fragments. My body is so tired and my energy is low—but Robyn features prominently here forward. In all the movement…migration…she is looking for a new school for Aris. This is the undercurrent behind a lot of what follows.

In another area there is information about a bottle of water I have acquired for myself for the journey. The bottle is large, glass, and has a blue and silver label. A man comes through and says something about it, like it is no good. He takes my bottle and exchanges it with a much smaller bottle that is made of green glass and has a red label. I am confused about the switch and not happy with it at all. So much more happens, I just cannot hold to it.  

Further down the timeline, closer to waking, Robyn is standing on a kind of billboard platform that is grey and really high up in the sky. I am impressed how she can be so casual and calm up there. No belt or rope even holds her to it. She is painting. She turns to look at me when I arrive, we exchange a few words about being up there. How she got up there and how she gets down. It is not clear to me. There are no stairs, or steps that seem to lead up. Only the platform itself seems to be there. So she shows me. She leaps from it, as easily as one might pick up one foot and put it in front of another to take a simple step. She free falls in a sitting position and, as quickly as she leapt, lands on her butt on an invisible energy net. When she lands, for a moment I can see it. The movement ignites what I can only call a contrast in the light.

Robyn steps down off the energy net and walks toward me. We have a long conversation about a handful of things I no longer remember. While we are in this conversation we are in the black. When it completes we re-enter the park-like scene where Robyn ascends back up to the platform. I watch her, but can see only so far, I still cannot see how she elevates up to the platform. I see her walking roughly 10 feet away, then see nothing until I see her back up there. It is like the middle part is kept from my view. It is as invisible as the energy net. I watch her go back to her work, painting, and am again impressed, this time that she has taken the time, which must have been an inconvenience, to show me all she just has. I think to myself I am not sure I would have, but this is likely my low energy at present bleeding through. 

With this thought,

I see back into the black, into a portion of the conversation we were having. It is about pain, understanding and having a respect for each others pain, and what it feels like to be in each of our bodies. We discuss switching points of perspective to experience this firsthand. I, experiencing her body, and she, mine. The remembering fades before this actually takes place and I am back in the park area. It is a truly beautiful, picturesque day. — lush greens, a mix of wild and landscaped plant life, clear blue skies. The sunlight and temperature are perfect, there is a certain recognizable stillness in the air. We seem to be, in a manner of speaking in a frequency future. 

The system here seems to be operating in harmony with the people. In my view it is working, functioning, caring for the citizens. It seems there for them. Yet I hear an underlying dissatisfaction and chatter to the contrary, which now that I am awake see must be the differential between our own system and this. — this must be what we are dreaming, envisioning, re-writing our own reality into. I do not see much of it but I like what I have seen.

March 12, 2023

Three men is hazmat suits

The clocks went back an hour today and I lost an hour of sleep on a busy work weekend. 

The tiredness of my body overwhelms all visuals. I have little energy ( and no time ) for data recovery but as I initially attempt it I do get one strong visual that is decidedly stable. I easily see the scene multiple times at different junctures in my  hour-long waking process, it lingers on its own and is even present now almost an hour after having gotten up. There are 3 men in white hazmat suits that are built up around the shoulders, as if they are carrying some sort of apparatus and it, too, is beneath the outer suit. It seems night, the environment is misty but lit by what could be street lights. The men are holding canisters and spraying something. I cannot see what they are spraying, maybe it is just the area, I am just not certain because the mist prevents me from anything other than the 3 men. This is all I have to for today. Log out.

March 11, 2023

Different worlds, dance

I am on what seems another world, exploring the streets and commerce. The environment is very brown. Everything is brown. The sky is dusty, the ground is dirt, the stands and people’s clothing are neutral colored in various shades of brown. In an area where a variety of items are sold I come up to a simple food stand. I am shown four plates with different cuts of cooked chicken which I think are over rice because another food stand had this dish also. I choose the thigh, discover there is no rice underneath, and the price is a lot more than perhaps it should be.

I feel like I have a lot of money and am not concerned for the price. I feel I should not reveal my finances when paying because it would seem there are those who would try to take them from me if I did. The man who runs the stand has a soft spot for me. He feels a bit bad he has charged me so me much and sends me away with a sweet drink, something like a pepsi over ice he has not charged me for. I explain I usually would not drink something like this but do accept it. I sample a taste and raise an eyebrow, surprised and thinking to myself that it is good.

[ another dream awhile later ]

Dance. dance steps. performance. time constraint. I have not practiced and am doing all I can to find out what the steps are, what foot leads and how many repetitions before the next move. There is a girl helping me who is not very helpful. All I know is the very first move. I feel like I should just give up but am not. I am led all over the place in the process. Into bookshops, gyms, other dance studios, out onto the streets. The place is beginning to be familiar.

I wake repeating the sentence again and again “big eyes inside.”

March 10, 2023

What do they want from me?
Courted by Elon Musk, energy exchange

The past few weeks I am beginning to feel a certain way in the night, it feels like something is being extracted from me, like there is a kind of something being siphoned from me. The concept of a GLAND keeps arising in the dream, and tonight, again I feel the solely outward flow of something as I briefly wake to get up to use bathroom. My energy feels low, not as healed, as is more usual following a good night of rest. I specifically ask, telepathically in my mind “is there something being extracted from me?” I hear a resounding yet soft, immediate “yes.” My next question is “why?” I am shown a visual but cannot quite make it out in the sense of a reply. I see a pink flower in the lower right quadrant, the backdrop behind it is a beige-y burnt yellow. I curiously recall the dream from March 8 and wonder if my substance is pink. I also wonder what that means. I can feel an extraterrestrial presence in the background and have the awareness that what is being extracted from me is more along the lines of DNA/knowledge, than loosh or adrenochrome. 

In the dream I am in an experience of being courted by a young Elon Musk.. I am walking through one of his places of businesses, a variety of concepts are bleeding through including that of an airport ( sky travel ) and casino ( place of “chance” ). I am pausing in areas to speak with some of the employees. An older female in particular, following an inquiry from me, begins telling me of her disappointment relative to her tips. She had expected them to be in the $60 range and instead they were only half that. “It sometimes happens” I say as with a very light step I walk away toward a sort of between space. It is more drawing me, than I am drawn to it. Visually it is a nook, a kiosk made of a short corridor or hallway that goes no further than it does; a wall is at its far end. Elon is here, there is a heady feeling of attraction in the air.  In this area Elon has set up a commons for the employees, there are a wide variety of items which are here for them for free. It is meant to be fun. I immediately comment on how well he has put the space together. 

Elon wants me to try some of the perfume. I look to the wall of items that is to the front of me but I am not immediately seeing any perfume. We walk over to the wall together and he picks an item up, I tell him I would not have thought of that as perfume, which more usually is contained in glass. I now begin to see a box of sample size perfumes in little glass bottles. Elon is behind me, very close, looking over my right shoulder. The energy of the attraction from him is building. It is beginning to be the main thing I am experiencing. I pick up one bottle of perfume after another to sample their scents, but cannot. I explain to him that I have not quite recovered my sense of smell yet from having covid. ( this is in fact true ). Scenes are beginning to superimpose as Elon’s and my energy unite. I am laid down with him, he fully horizontal and me half sitting/reclined with my legs curled in. My left hand rests atop his left wrist, his right hand rests atop my ankle. The sensation, the exchange of energy flowing between us is deeply intoxicating. 

In an area just to the front of us, visible to us both I am standing in front of an extraordinarily large window, white light streams in.. I am naked and I am dressing myself ( ie: I have been out of body and I am preparing for the shift back ) when I am approached from the right by a blonde Alec Baldwin. He is, inappropriately, attempting to hone in on and redirect the energy exchange between myself and Elon. He is doing this with words and has laid a hand on my shoulder. It is so coarse, so obviously a come-on. He is saying something of my singular nature. I am not receptive to him at all, in fact quite the contrary. I confirm, saying “yes, there is only one of me” and then “you don’t remember me do you?” >> as I remove his hand from me and begin relaying how and where we have already met. Grasping more consciously the connection between being naked and out of body, I shift fully back into the energy exchange with Elon, and through this back into physical space. — where I linger in the energy,  w o n d e r i n g  for some time.

March 9, 2023

A deceased friend reaches out, connection beyond the grid

Prior to entering this experience a voice telepathically announces the sequence, the only word of the title I remember now is “world”. The environment that opens out is the interior of a house. The template is essentially the care home in which I currently work, although there are differences, fluctuations in what appears and disappears, and contractor work that is being done on the home, notably in one of the bathrooms. The toilet is sitting just outside the bathroom atop a 6 foot steel pole. I see this as I am heading toward the bathroom door intending to enter. Just as I go to open the door it is opened from inside and the contractor, a mid-aged male with long sandy brown hair steps out. I quickly apologize as we near run into each other. I had not realized the room was occupied. Also, rather than the people who more actually reside in this house, Bonnie is here. I work near my whole shift before realizing she has not even gotten up today. She has not dressed, nor has she eaten. I have done none of the laundry. 

I am beginning to more consciously feel the time constraint as I walk back to the bedroom and find her here laying in the bed under the deep indigo colored silk sheets. I try to get her up as I begin looking in closets and cupboards for clothing items and what I can give her for dinner before heading out for the evening. In the closets everything has been thrown into little pup tents. I open one of them and find nothing along the line of what I am looking for. In fact, I have no idea at all what these items are inside. I see Bonnie begin to move and then exit the bed. I am astonished at her smaller size. I say, “now I know why you are sleeping and not eating”, thinking to myself “you are wanting to lose weight.” I then send the message “slow and easy [ rather than fast and furious ] is more gentle on the body and the longer lasting.” 

Standing at the side of the bed, Bonnie finishes dressing herself. A call comes in over the television set from her grandmother. While trying to consciously cognize what is happening I look back and forth between the television ( the grandmother ) and Bonnie. I comment on how alike they both look even though they look nothing alike. This said, Bonnie’s appearance is being to change to look more like this person, more blonde rather than jet black haired for one. In a very skilled manner, as the grandmother is speaking, information and instruction is being given. I am learning that Bonnie feels her life and personal freedom to do as she chooses is being intruded upon. The grandmother is letting me know it is okay to give Bonnie the reigns to do as she chooses. This does take off a lot of the pressure I am feeling as one who is here to care for her. 

Scenes are superimposing and I am now beginning to see a plate of food that Bonnie had started but not finished. She has placed it in the kitchen. When I go to the kitchen to warm the dish Bonnie heads out of the house. My energy naturally follows her but Bonnie does not want me to follow. She is within eye sight and has a 10 yard lead on me. She leads me all over the place, over hills, around corners and structures until I can no longer see where she has gone. I am standing in a quad, the ground is dirt, there are various people standing about. A man comes up to me who looks like Robert Conrad, even the energy is identical to what I feel when in movies I have seen him. 

He is saying something about my phone, mentioning that mine is still working and pointing out to me that everyone else’s are down with no reception. The idea is that the whole grid is down, but that even though, I can be reached and have the capacity to reach others. He says that others like him also have devices with some reception. This has come so out of the blue and is so off point from what has previously been in play that it confuses me. In a moment of trying to understand and make sense of both his approach and what he is saying I begin shifting back through all the scenes that had led to here and ultimately wake back in physical space.

As I lay here absorbing I hear the next sequence announced…. “the jewel of the universe.” >>>

I could go on into it, but I feel I have had enough sleep for the night.

My body is ready to get up. It is just past 8am.

March 8, 2023

The downfall of an otherworldly ancestral people

I am point consciousness. I am with a group of off-worlders who have come back in time to a planet where old ancestral sites are being visited and buried technologies investigated. During this event I am periodically alerted to my physical body, which is pinned magnetically to the bed, my mouth is dry as a bone and the body is struggling to breathe. There is nothing I can do about the situation, I am too deep to reach, I easily slip between here and the event in play. There is no set sequence or timeline of events. It is like I am being shown a variety of data and I am popping from one data set to another by some will of my own. There is a rectangular, white walled-in housing structure that is interesting to me. A substance that is yellow and another that is pink. A large pool of muddy water that I am projected over. I will go briefly into each of these.—I will begin, though, with where I am with a small group of what look to be Spanish explorers. A discovery is being made. I float up to them. They are standing at an elevation on one of the old structures. 

A tall, thin male begins pouring water over the ground at his feet which quickly wears through the sand, rock and debris to reveal 1) what brought this city down, and 2) an ancient technology. At the ground beneath his feet I am beginning to see lights, some kind of light structure/grid and a central crystalline core emanating light in the purple spectrum. I look down into this and fall from here to an area below, where the more common people had been living. I am mildly aware that I have a guide who is accompanying me through each of the areas. We are coming up to a single remaining rectangular shaped white walled-in housing structure. All the common people lived in such structures. I can see inside of this one. It is occupied by an older married couple who are in their 50s, they are raising a young male child they must have produced quite late in life. There are no difficulties within this marriage but the wife is wanting to leave. She wants to leave the area and move to another, but the husband is content to stay here. 

The wife seems to know something, or minimally intuitively feel something is coming. – from my current vantage point I can see it is the downfall, or collapse of the city. It is not clear if the boy will stay or go with his mother. It feels more that he will stay. 

It is here that I begin to be shown a yellow gelatinous substance. I move through a great deal of data ( many scenes ) being shown and trying to understand what this is, where it comes from and why it is being highlighted. It is near to beyond my ability to comprehend in the way the data is being transferred. For some time I do not know what questions to ask to help me grow any clearer. In a vehicle, or enclosure of some kind I am shot fast out over a large muddy pool of water. The idea is to drive at a high speed into it in order to be able to keep going and reach the other side. I look behind me to see if I can gauge how far I have shot out into the water, where I now am within it and how much further I must go. All I can see is the mud color, there is no definition of where the mud water and the mud bank meet. With some effort I do reach the other side. 

The boy is here and I am shown a large olive tree. 

I begin to ask if the yellow gelatinous substance is fat, if it is butter. I seem to have asked something right, something with contrast enough to invoke a response I now, to some small degree am beginning to understand. I am shown that the yellow substance exudes from a gland that is located in these people’s heads, not centrally but to the right side of the head. It is now shown to me that yellow is the more common color but in some people the substance the gland excretes is pink. The difference between the two is relayed but it is too much for me to hold. The part I feel is most important to stay with me is that it is the extraction of this substance that has been the downfall of these people, their civilization and world.

The physical body is again demanding my attention. The situation is the same, the mouth is bone dry and the body is struggling to breathe. I work for some time to pattern through all the data until I feel it is stable, then push through the paralysis, moisten my mouth and clear my airway until I am breathing normally. It takes only a moment. I pattern through the data a few more times, popping from point to point to point, expanding the range of what I am able to see. As I shift from this back into my room I pass through what is decidedly a craft, long and pointy at its front end, an elongated triangle grid structure which is the elemental basis of the craft and a color pattern associated with it and the beings on board, who I suspect have been my benefactors this night; the color pattern is a tri-pattern as well, a deep charcoal grey, maroon and teal green.

March 7, 2023

Borrowing power, a shaman’s ground testes

Women are being chosen to participate in a high honor blending ritual. 

This whole conceptual framework is coming through to me in the sense of what we might call a game show *in that the female is in a spotlight, there is a lot riding on the event and there is a high level of spectator energy. The ritual couples a female with a potential male for life. To be chosen as a contestant, proof of suitability to receive of the shaman must be shown.

The female I am merged with ( it could be myself but I feel it is another ) decides to cheat and take from the shaman rather than through rightful process be given by him what is being passed from him. He is laying outdoors on a large cement slab and is bound by all limbs. She slices off the outside of each testes herself. She does this fully realizing he regenerates.

The testes are the size of what would in relation be considered by modern day humans that of a giant. They are the size of my hands. When it is time for the female to prove herself she reaches into a large mortar filled with an oatmeal-like substance and retrieves the slices of testes she herself had placed there. It is clear to the others she is not proven, the slices are not the ground substance they should be. There is also a second item that is always given of the shaman, I am not recalling now what it is but this part is not ever reached. The whole process never takes, no real power is ever transferred. What must be given can never be taken.

I wake, synchronously processing this event with the song : 

Love and marriage 🕊

March 6, 2023

Slep phenomena

It is a wild, wild night.

I fell asleep ( /passed out from exhaustion ) laying on my back with the laptop on my lap. I had been watching Farscape the series. Hours later, when I wake briefly I have the strangest experience of cognitive dissonance. I am not cognizing I have woken, ie: that my eyes have opened in physical space, and my view, which is directly into the computer screen, has like tunnel vision funneled everything to the outside of the screen out of my awareness into a vortex of BLACK, making me feel I am still in the dream and think I am on board the Farscape alien craft with these alien beings. This is startling to say the least, my heart is pounding through my chest as I quickly grapple with the dissonance to grasp the reality of where I actually am. It takes a full a 30 seconds before I realize I had fallen asleep and what is in front of me is my laptop with a video still playing.

It is an equally wild night in the dream fields, although I only make it back with this knowing and can give no details. I can say it did include various types of contact as well as data that is beyond my ability to easily comprehend. Some of it has to do with my body health and state of affairs. I also experienced multiple, repeated/sequential false awakenings. I fall from one false awakening, into another, and another. Each time I land I say near the same thing to the people I am interfacing with in each of the areas, “if only I was still dreaming and there was another opportunity I know I could wake to the fact.” Of course not realizing at the time I was indeed still dreaming.

March 4, 2023

Readying for prolonged contact, a new crystal

I vaguely, ambiguously recall being on a ship that I frequent. 

In a very general sense I am digesting what happens with me while I am here. There is a race of beings that is somewhat similar to the “Scarrans”, only they are not near as fierce looking. They have pale green skin. In another area I have a teardrop shaped crystal that looks similar to Isza, it is wrapped in plastic. When I pick it up a woman immediately informs me it is on hold from another person, a female, but only for the next 24 hours. I want to take the plastic off and have a better look. The crystal appears more citrine, more amber ( yellow/brown ) than Isza. I thought she would look more plastic due to the light weight of her in my hands but I am surprised, she is extremely clear inside. There is a discussion in the background about the person the crystal is on hold for. Something is coming up about her history. She is deemed not fitting for the crystal, the people say they will not exchange with her and outright offer the crystal to me. In another area I am shopping for clothes. I am saying “this is the day I buy an item for myself.”

March 3, 2023

4D Earth, the green green grass of home

As I wake this morning I am dizzy, it takes me some time to get my bearings. If I keep my eyes closed all feels normal, and even nice, but upon opening them the room is slowly spinning. Again it is a challenging morning in which to hold to my dreaming but there is one point that comes easily, and clearly to me. I am being shown a house, a lovely little cottage located nicely away from others. It is up on a hill and opens into a small, quaint children’s park that rests on a bluff overlooking the green rolling hills and valleys below in which small city establishments are peppered throughout. I am thinking to myself how perfect this is. Ideally quiet most the day but for hours in the late afternoon there would be children’s laughter leading into the dinner hour.

There is a female here with long, straight blonde hair who is with her young daughter. Is it they who live in this house? They come over to me and we begin talking. It is mostly me who is doing the talking, expressing my awe, really, at the landscape and views. I walk to the edge of the bluff and look out into the valley holding my arms out wide to the sides as if wanting to hold it all not only in my arms but in the very center of my being. 

All this said, not all is perfect in paradise.

There is an underlying something here that is coming up in various ways. When I ask for something to drink, for instance, some water, the response in less than hospitable. I am shown a table upon which there are cups of fluid, most look as though they have already been drunk out of. The fluids are various colors and none look exactly like water. I feel like I would prefer water, of my own, that is in an intact container. It is during this part of the experience that the interaction, and even environment turns more dark. It may just be something I am now beginning to detect as the brainwaves are shifting. I become immediately, momentarily aware of what feels a part of me that is present specifically to eliminate intrusions into my field. It stuns, and even shocks me to see that it has dominion not just over the current field, but over my body and the entire expanse of my consciousness, everywhere I am and/or might be. As though with a sword, it slices through the air and I detect three discrete objects…..shadows…..fall from the scene. All this happens very fast, adding to the startling effect of what I have just seen and now know.

My attention rises from these undercurrents of events and returns to the scenes—but I am already beginning to wake, I can feel the waves, and I have been shaken by what has just occurred. I take a moment to re-see myself entering the original point of this experience. I wonder to myself if I am on the Earth. There is data in the field that, as I shift back toward physical space moves me to ask not the location but the year I have just been visiting. 

I feel inwardly within myself for the answer and
with immediacy it comes >>>

It is the year 2412. 

March 2, 2023

Mantra to open the portal to the dream fields

Today lends a perfect example of how breaking protocols affects dream recall— I ate too late at night, stayed up way too late and kept the computer on playing an audio book until near the wee hours of the morning. Each time I begin to wake the scenes slip away from me easily. A cover song begins to cover them over. Again this morning it is the song “the green, green grass of home.”

I rarely give up easily, though. To counter the cover song I begin chanting my mantra, the Gayatri…. it is really beginning to surprise me how rapidly, and consistently this re-opens my inner eye into the dream scenes. There is a somewhat unique perspective of them as well, as I am as equally present in the bed in my room as I am inside the scene(s) and there is a dialogue that can go on between my conscious and dreaming mind that I can both partake in as well as observe.

This morning, while the mantra opens the portal into my dreaming it does not hold it open enough exiting for the data to come through with me. So this morning I have only what I consciously see as the portal opens:

I am in an apartment with my Mom, the light is dim and there is no furniture. There is a glass Ball jar filled halfway with Jun ( fermented tea ) on the counter in the kitchen which I keep meaning to put back into the fridge but other activity has kept getting in the way. I can’t believe how long it is taking me to get it there. I pick up the jar, place it in the fridge, then continue over to my Mom. Everything else, as they say, is right on the tip of my tongue, just beyond my reach.

March 1, 2023

Alabama after the (coming) war

As this experience first begins I am in a communications area. 

Global communications are down and these people here have rigged something together from existing radio parts and other common household appliances. They are using the motors from the base of 4 blenders to help power their system. I am inquiring into how it works, how they get the signals to go out. I am duly curious. Each time I ask a question of the man sitting at the helm of the station he looks to another male here for approval to answer. Each question is approved, I am learning and retaining all that I can. There are only a few males who man and work this particular area. I see no tight security but few others are allowed in. I try to change the broadcast going out to some music, to replace the educational signals currently being broadcast. It just seems like the people could use a break. But the male at the helm takes exception, and puts the channel back to what it was previously. I look around the room. I almost don’t know how to even describe this. It is war torn. I say this not necessarily in the common sense, it could be more that some kind of Earth event is principally behind the current state of things. I get the feeling that some level of fighting has also played a part. Old wood planks line the the floors. There is dust and debris. The men are all wearing what might be called survival type gear. There is no color. As I look around I shift into another house that is in this same area.

The first thing I feel is that now I am most definitely a female.. I am on the upper level of this house in a large, spacious bedroom that is sparsely furnished. I am aware that one male and two females including myself live here. A communication comes through some sort of comms device, it is like the phone has just rung an I have answered it ( only there is no phone ). A male is on the other end, he is looking for a woman named Erin. Moments later he is at the door downstairs. I listen to the knocking for some time, the male who lives here is not answering so I myself go down. Standing outside is a roughly 55 year old caucasian male, about 6 feet tall, white blond hair cut very short. He is wearing olive green clothing and a black leather jacket. He walks right in as I open the door. Immediately he begins questioning me, he is looking for Erin and is asking me if I am her. I am nodding my head sideways, “no I am not Erin” I say. The man’s face is right up in my own, it is like he is wanting me to see that indeed I am this person. The environment is becoming unstable as my mind tries to grasp what is happening. He leads me out the back door into our yard which rests on a small bluff that overlooks the ocean. 

I see a person at the edge of the bluff, climbing over to scale down the short ways to the beach. My attention follows the person over and I can now see that many people sleep here on the beach. It is night, there are large black fire pits lit roughly every 100 yards. I am now positioned on a blanket sitting directly in front of one of them. Even though the night is quite cool I can feel its powerful warmth. There is another young female here who is emotional and upset. Her hair is not combed and there is dirt on her face. I put her head to my chest and comfort her for some time. I then shift to an area, a cement walkway between our house, the next, and those that follow to the left of us. There is an armed male positioned at his end of the median. As I am walking toward him, he walks toward the middle where we meet. There is a discussion between us where I learn more about what is happening here. Another female has also joined us. The discussion is centered around the great state of Alabama. These people are proud, their land is their land. They are patriots and do not like outsiders, those not from the East. I listen and resist the urge to speak of the West. They are telling their stories. As they do, and the scenes all begin to collapse I see that the people here are all confined to their own home’s boundary lines. No-one can go any further.

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    1. I will be doing a search on that book right away. Your last book suggestion, “One Second After” I (surprisingly) devoured without being able to put down. Thank you!!


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