OBE: Extraction or Exchange? What is the Difference

With the expansion of awareness comes the good and the bad,—”bad” may not be quite the right way to describe it but for the sake of general understanding let’s go with it. Let’s say you become aware of some things that are not always entirely pleasant to be aware of. The greater awareness in itself is a boon, always a boon but it does take some getting used to. As per usual, it is best to not jump to conclusions, go down into negativity, judgement, or fear. The way, and the energy with which you view the new awareness is 99% of everything you are going to come to view as your truth. The wise choice, I have found for myself is to view as neutrally as possible and stay in a light state of wonder—a continuous, steady state of questioning, rather than thinking, incorrectly in advance of what is true, that I know. The experience below lends us a fine opportunity.

Have you ever been in an experience wherein it feels something is being taken from you? Or in which you feel you have been infiltrated? I periodically do and this past month experienced it in an extended fashion for weeks. I found myself asking the following. >>

March 10, 2023

What do they want from me?
Courted by Elon Musk, energy exchange

The past few weeks I am beginning to feel a certain way in the night, it feels like something is being extracted from me, like there is a kind of something being siphoned from me. The concept of a GLAND keeps arising in the dream, and tonight, again I feel the solely outward flow of something as I briefly wake to get up to use bathroom. My energy feels low, not as healed, as is more usual following a good night of rest. I specifically ask, telepathically in my mind “is there something being extracted from me?” I hear a resounding yet soft, immediate “yes.” My next question is “why?” I am shown a visual but cannot quite make it out in the sense of a reply. I see a pink flower in the lower right quadrant, the backdrop behind it is a beige-y burnt yellow. I curiously recall the dream from March 8 and wonder if my substance is pink. I also wonder what that means. I can feel an extraterrestrial presence in the background and have the awareness that what is being extracted from me is more along the lines of DNA/knowledge, than loosh or adrenochrome. 

In the dream I am in an experience of being courted by a young Elon Musk.. I am walking through one of his places of businesses, a variety of concepts are bleeding through including that of an airport ( sky travel ) and casino ( place of “chance” ). I am pausing in areas to speak with some of the employees. An older female in particular, following an inquiry from me, begins telling me of her disappointment relative to her tips. She had expected them to be in the $60 range and instead they were only half that. “It sometimes happens” I say as with a very light step I walk away toward a sort of in-between space. It is more drawing me, than I am drawn to it. Visually it is a nook, a kiosk made of a short corridor or hallway that goes no further than it does; a wall is at its far end. Elon is here, there is a heady feeling of attraction in the air.  In this area Elon has set up a commons for the employees, there are a wide variety of items which are here for them for free. It is meant to be fun. I immediately comment on how well he has put the space together. 

Elon wants me to try some of the perfume. I look to the wall of items that is to the front of me but I am not immediately seeing any perfume. We walk over to the wall together and he picks an item up, I tell him I would not have thought of that as perfume, which more usually is contained in glass. I now begin to see a box of sample size perfumes in little glass bottles. Elon is behind me, very close, looking over my right shoulder. The energy of the attraction from him is building. It is beginning to be the main thing I am experiencing. I pick up one bottle of perfume after another to sample their scents, but cannot. I explain to him that I have not quite recovered my sense of smell yet from having covid. ( this is in fact true ). Scenes are beginning to superimpose as Elon’s and my energy unite. I am laid down with him, he fully horizontal and me half sitting/reclined with my legs curled in. My left hand rests atop his left wrist, his right hand rests atop my ankle. The sensation, the exchange of energy flowing between us is deeply, sublimely intoxicating. 

In an area just to the front of us, visible to us both I am standing in front of an extraordinarily large window, white light streams in.. I am naked and I am dressing myself ( ie: I have been out of body and I am preparing for the shift back ) when I am approached from the right by a blonde Alec Baldwin. He is, inappropriately, attempting to hone in on and redirect the energy exchange between myself and Elon. He is doing this with words and has laid a hand on my shoulder. It is so coarse, so obviously a come-on. He is saying something of my singular nature. I am not receptive to him at all, in fact quite the contrary. I confirm, saying “yes, there is only one of me” and then “you don’t remember me do you?” >> as I remove his hand from me and begin relaying how and where we have already met. While grasping more consciously the connection between being naked and out of body, I shift fully back into the energy exchange with Elon, and through this back into physical space. — where I linger in the energy,  w o n d e r i n g  for some time.

2 thoughts on “OBE: Extraction or Exchange? What is the Difference

  1. I am reminded of a scene from “Barbarella” where Duran Duran asks her to experience a connection with her by taking a pill and touching each other lightly… I also sense this is about consciousness being, I fell there are layers of “beingness” we are only now starting to re-experience. Different from the consciousness of the animal kingdom, this is an inter dimensional consciousness- Tobias Lars calls it – getting real to heal. In a large sense what you are experiencing is healing, people, planets, galaxies, a universe without boundaries…

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