OBE: Extraction, Alien Life-Form Under the Microscope

The theme continues to present itself: EXTRACTION.

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Have you ever had something removed from yourself?
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March 27, 2021

Extraction, alien life-form under the microscope

Massive experience,—again I have to focus down into just a single bit.

What I am viewing is hard to describe in all accuracy, I will endeavor as best I can. There is a texture to the scenery that tells me it is a microscopic view ( I am looking at what I am through a microscope or microscopic lens ). There is a light/color to the whole view that is pale reddish. In the background —I know now— is a forearm, my forearm. In the foreground I am seeing it covered in thousands of tiny, standing, gossamer thin strands. The way the strands are standing and near invisibly swaying it would almost seem the whole structure is under water. In a very precise area of my forearm, near where IRL I have a large mole, I begin removing the strands one by one until almost immediately, and somewhat shockingly I get hold of one that, as I am pulling it from my arm becomes far more substantial. It grows, in comparison to the rest to be the approximate size of a shoestring potato, roughly 4” length and dusty white. I feel every sensation of the removal. 

Once the thing is out it unfolds into its natural form, which appears to me a tiny extra-terrestrial being with a large round head and slight body. It remains the dusty white color. A portion of me is quite conscious at this point. Everything is very real. My central nervous system is working hard to keep things in check but the relative closeness to this foreign life-form is not without effect. I am excited, stunned, nervous and fearful all at once. The most immediate impetus is to take the life-form to others to show them. I put it in my purse. I hesitate to place, or contain it in a baggie because I feel it is alive and won’t be able to properly breathe.

I place the tiny being on top of what appears other items inside and take him to three different people. I only remember that the last of three is my own mother. And that none of the three believe the story I have just relayed, or that this lifeform is real. In the process of all of this something is happening inside the purse with the tiny being. I glean that a life-form alien to even it, which was inside him gets out. There is a scuffle and this second lifeform is ended. Back in the lab, when I open my purse to show the original being to someone here it gets out and attempts an escape. I try to throw my purse out in front of it to block its path but the aim is not far enough and the tiny being is squashed. The head is separated from the body and remains fully intact but the body is squashed like a bug.

Viewing all this from the outside I am stunned and saddened by the sudden loss of life, but inside the scene whoever I am, or am merged with, has an entirely different focus. It is seen that the head is not damaged in the slightest, I will still be able to show this to others and get them to see. It may be a long, slow road but the momentum is certainly here. I wish I could detect why this is so important. I do detect the general importance, and its validity, but the details escape me. It seems to have some connection with the mole that is on my arm. Which, itself, seems to have some connection with the idea of a mountain, or volcano. 

Later—just before waking— in a large, expansive, open room >>>

The idea of my mom is here again, and there are others who I cannot see. The room is a repository, I am acquiring items meaningful to me at this time. They are all being brought here to this special place. I see the large gallon sized bottles of raw organic apple juice that are exceedingly so hard to find. Racks of clothing appear and as though standing in a store looking through them I see the whites which immediately fill me with joy. The whole environment I am In this whole while is this feeling-sensation, my own happiness and joy. I look over to the front of me where a male person is standing and say “everything wonderful happens at this time of year,” Indicating a time span between mid-March and the end of April. I am being filled with the knowing of the gifts coming to me this year as I complete my thought “this is why I chose it for my birth.”

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