Reporting from the Out of Body State : A Monroe Explorer ( Type ) Project

Are you familiar with Robert Monroe and the Monroe Explorers?

It is a fabulous piece of OBE history left for us – to reach out into—potentially further and further, as would all true Explorers. The idea came through to me recently to continue on, and/or even re-devise a recreation of the work.

You can : read about Robert Monroe here.
You can : read about the Explorer Project here.
You can : listen to the original 24 Explorer Series tapes here.

From the TMI website :

“The Explorer Series is a set of twenty-four tapes unique to the Research Division of the Monroe Institute. Each tape consists of actual recordings, taken during experiments with the MIAS tapes, which explored the far reaches of altered time and space. In these altered states, certain individuals learned to extend their consciousness into non-physical realms of existence.

Monitored by Robert Monroe, the Explorers report from these non-physical environments, and communicate their perceptions. In many instances, foreign “third parties” would enter the experiments to aid in the understanding of their non-physical worlds. In the case of Miranon and many of the experiments with ROMC, a total emergence from one being into the Explorer’s physical body took place, causing definitions and concepts relating to our physical beings to be drastically reexamined!”

This should give you a good feeling for the work, what it is and what it involves. I have recently reached out to a few OBE groups and forum/message style boards, looking for a few seasoned OBErs who might be interested in joining in on such a project but did not hear back from anyone who felt themselves ready. So – with the help of one spiritual seeker and friend, – I/we dove in and have begun just ourselves.  ( no time like the present! ).

We are working with one or the other of us being the Monitor, and the other the Explorer. We are working without a third person “Technician” to observe physiological measurements and changes. The platform we are using ( Zoom ) does the recording. As stated on TMIs own site, the project is meant to be a service – to be and bring helpful information to the world.

I am engaging in this work – reporting from the out of body state – specifically to open a channel for higher consciousness to come through. This is the ultimate aim. As one who has gone through the process of a conscious awakening, and one who from this time ( 2009 ) does make regular conscious shifts out of body I am alert to the presence of the beings who are beginning to congregate and offer their assistance. ( which is!, at the same time my own Inner self.

Recording these sessions is something James and I are both fine with.. The desire is for the work to take place and the result to be shared. Those who the work is meant to reach it will reach. Those it is meant to draw into itself, it will draw.

Fun and exciting times lay ahead!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

There are six ( 6 ) sessions currently, —
specifically focusing in on reporting from the out of body state :

We are meeting a new ET species today, a representative steps forward and introduces herself as Itsa Nitsa : pronounced ee-tsa-nee-tsa.

Casey. — The greater and ground level self learning to work together as a cohesive, functioning whole. : relative to the reporting/channeling.

I am going in today.. A very interesting ride. Always new phenomena being explored. Ultimately I am taken very high up – straight up – as is increasingly common in my experiences and greeted by my White Wizard. A doorway of light forms between he and a very large white tree and I am welcomed in.

James goes in for the first time. – into the life of Tom McDonald, a 1920s gold miner.


We have decided that for the next month we will continue to come at the channeling from this other another angle : that of “reporting” from the out of body state. This is much as along the line of the Monroe ( out of body ) Explorers, if you are familiar with this. The process is far more natural as I am more of an Explorer than a channel so we are going to see how this patterns out. If it results in me opening further as a channel.

In our group’s last Zoom call – The Conscious OBE – we opened a dialogue on past life recall. James and I found ourselves naturally opening this practice session with talk along the same line. Much to my surprise, when going in we are directed into a lifetime in which he and I crossed paths. The energy template of this lifetime and crossover in our paths is being brought to our attention to assist in the very similar work we are likewise here engaged in. Fascinating!

Journey with us today through the inner world(s) of consciousness as we ride the shift in waves. We are being more relaxed today and doing what comes more natural to us : spirit journeying and reporting from the out of body state. We are taken directly into the 1950s and connect with ET beings as well as spirit beings who see us and seek our help. We participate in a handful a little ‘rescues’. And more. ( come in and watch.

A full playlist of this ongoing process can be found here.


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