We are LIVE

For those of you who are new to our channel, and/or who have been here from the beginning ( since the moniker “omcasey1” ) this stream is a little update on the changes taking place. On who we are now and the new work at hand. It is a time to not only dive more deeply into the work, but a time to work together, to practice together – experiment and explore together.

With this aim we are growing our platform,—so I am going to show you around the place, introduce you to all the new sites. They are all interactive and you can group in here with us in any way you like. Share your stories, your experiences, your questions, insights, interests and curiosities. Your energy and input is always welcome. Synch in, in any format you choose.

The basic theme of our channel is : Consciousness Exploration

The website is “consciousnessexploration.com” and “the galactic travel channel” is a subsidiary within this overall theme. We engage together as a group through a variety of related formats including—

  • The out of body experience
    Spiritual self development
    Practice groups
    Consciousness experiments
    Dream work
    Reporting from the out of body state
    Developing our telepathy
    Kundalini activation
    Energetic processes known as ‘upgrades’
    ET contact



The Galactic Travel Channel Platform

We have a variety of ways for you link in and connect with us.

First there is the website you are now visiting.. Comments are enabled here so as you read through you are able to post in reply to near everything, share your own experiences, ask questions and help others. It is all not only welcomed but encouraged. In addition to the website there is :

The Forum / Message Board

This is a wonderful way for us all to meet and engage with each other as a group. To get to know one another, dive more deeply into our subject matter – our studies, practices, insights and experiences. There are forums to discuss a wide range of consciousness and spiritual related matters. There is a welcome area, a place to journal and blog – as well as to :

  • Share your own spiritual gifts and services
  • Find community. – Others of us who are in the world sharing gifts
  • Receive Kundalini survival and support
  • Discuss OBEs and dream work
  • Speak LIVE

We have a Universal Round Table and forums for :

  • General Practice and Study
  • The Body System
  • Energy Mastery
  • Meditation and the Mind
  • Health and Healing
  • Channeling, and more

Come have a look for yourself! Dive in!

The Youtube Channel

The Youtube channel began as a video journal of my spiritual awakening, detailing Kundalini experiences, OBEs and lucid dreams. The journey started out in the Summer of 2009 with a top-down Kundalini type process. It was at this time that the ability to explore consciousness systems, realities and worlds beyond our own became a permanent part of my life experience and I began transmitting this out into the world.

The channel has grown over a decade ( 2009 – 2019 ) and now also includes a few skills that have been integrated along the way. Combining consciousness with crystals, conscious contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, channeling, and mentoring. Zoom Live-streams are the most recent development. Everyone is welcome to join them.

Come by for a visit or subscribe..

Facebook Group

Our group can also be found on Facebook.

We can be a bit challenging to find and this is partially by design. Those who truly wish to link in will find us. This platform is most used as a place for members to mingle, and to get messages out fast to a large number of us. Such as for Events and when we are going LIVE.

I occasionally post and speak here ( for now ) – but the best place to find and reach out to me, if you wish to is through the forum/message board.

The Patreon Portal

Our Patreon is a potential way in which to help keep the work we are doing alive.. It is in essence an intentional community and it seeks to exemplify the idea of unconditional exchange. I share my experiences and help you navigate your own : contact experiences, out of body experiences, miraculous healing, DNA changes and upgrades, etc..

I share through video and LIVE-streaming, visual art and writing. We dive into areas such as spiritual self development, consciousness exploration, conscious contact with extraterrestrial intelligence and the communication applications of crystals.

Although there are tiers to the platform, no tier gets one any more ( or less ) than any other. All content is for all patrons universally and equally. A great majority is also available to non-patrons. Support the work and the content if you find value in it. If aligning with a more unconditional world supports and uplifts you.

Follow us on Patreon


All our Zoom LIVE-streams are free to join and participate in.

All sincere spiritual seekers and consciousness experiencers are encouraged and welcomed. When you feel ready just connect through our forum/message board and/or Facebook group where you will find the days, times and links to get in.

The Zoom Platform

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Zoom here is a link to help familiarize yourself:

Joining a Zoom Call

It is simple to set up and takes less than 5 minutes. There are lots of extra great features making it for now the ideal. We can have as many as 100 people on a call so there is plenty of room for everyone. Come join in the fun!


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