New Discovery : Working with Crystalline Consciousness

Let’s talk for a moment about the devastating misses.. those instances wherein a being comes so clearly and excitingly forward through the crystals. A new being, one we have never seen before, with features and hues so unique as to quicken every single cell in the body. — and the opportunity is missed. It happens. I have a contact that is not wholly shareable. I will tell you it is devastating each time. —almost, but not quite managing the shareable wave.


What we have here is an avian being, MAGNIFICENT, blue with a blue-and-purple-feather plumed head. You may be able to see the eyes, they both fully came in, peeking over the top of where the beak shaped front of the face is beginning to come in. The hues and light this being is rising up out of were giving off the most intoxicating feeling. A mix of whites, golds, plums and blues. I was so excited I thought my heart would leap clean out of my chest. 

There are others who have first arrived – Oriyah comes to mind – with the front of the face obscured below the eyes. So what we have here is a first introduction, meant to acclimate us. When we give the collective “go” to come fully forward I know we will see this one again. Oriyah’s full coming was so well worth the wait. I get chills just imagining this One’s full expression.

The arrival is synchronous with the long awaited naming of my Lemurian, whose color(s) are indeed coming through in this frame. So I believe it is becoming clear. Let me introduce to you the Keeper of this crystal, the energy and entity working with me through it — 

Please say hello to Rhael.

An interesting little tidbit – something to know – is that introducing the beings to consensus helps bring them more fully into our space. Into our experience. It is the main reason we go for the shareable wave. It invokes a graduation. Lifting us from the planetary to galactic level spheres. From the planetary to galactic reality.

Rhael, the crystal

There is both a male and female expression of Rhael : as male the phonetic is ( Ra-el ) : as female the phonetic is ( Ray-el ). This information was coming to me just last night. As I was falling in, the communication was already coming through. A fascinating discovery and unique energetic in the scheme of our overall mix. And there is a mix! A very definite combining of energies. Before moving onto that, though, let me say a little more about this Lemurian.

I first connected with Rhael back in Los Angeles, the top of the Santa Monica area at a little spiritual center called “The Gateway”. It was during the time when I was living out on the land, something in itself as s/he remains the most pricey crystal I’ve acquired to-date. I just meant to hold the crystal, that was all, but once I picked it up, that all too familiar feeling—I could not put it back down. It is like gravity when this happens. Like your feet to the floor. I knew this crystal was supposed to be with me. Beyond the original bonding period of one month, we never worked together. It was the same way with Isza, we were together a very long time before we engaged in our work. The work you are now enjoying here with the crystal contacts. 

Where the three are positioned in the bed
George, Rhael and Aton

I began getting closer to Rhael just this past year, intuitively moving Rhael to rest in the bed with my Healer ( George ) and Aton, who works with me through the celestite geode. They are my trinity and it is clear they are wanting to work collectively — together.

Rhael – the crystal – like Isza, is a citrine quartz crystal. She is wand shaped and, crystal-wise has many exciting components. These include:

1) a point with three 7-sided faces, somewhat rare and this makes her what is called a “Dow” or trans-channeler, 2) a key, which is an area, or impression left on the crystal where it has been separated from another crystal growing directly into it [ an interesting note: the key in Rhael is perfectly fitted to the size and shape of my left thumb and held in this the way the whole crystal fits in a perfect symmetry to my own hand; as though the crystal and my hand were specifically designed for the other ], and 3) what is called a “dolphin”, which is another smaller crystal that is adhered to the exterior <—this is a magical component and adds magical qualities. The dolphin points directly into the key. Almost as though pointing out to me that it *is a key.

To have ALL these features present in a single structure makes Rhael a special and intriguing crystal indeed. One can’t help but wonder what our work in its full expression will be together – what our work ( collectively ) IS together. 

Aton, ( pronounced: uh-tahn )

What I, Isza, George, Rhael and Aton are conspiring to bring about.

To give you an idea of the roles each of the crystals play in our collaboration:

Isza is the Storyteller, she is tuned to the light and on visuals.
George is the Healer, he is attuned to my Inner eye and assists in dream work.
Rhael is the Channeler, s/he is tuned to sound and here to help bring in the vocals.
Aton is on Sky transmissions; as George acts as my ground, Aton acts as sky.


If you are riveted, even in the slightest,

Stay tuned !!!


6 thoughts on “New Discovery : Working with Crystalline Consciousness

    1. Hello!.. I am not sure which of the 3 quartz pieces you are specifically mentioning. Quartz as a rule is generally cost affordable, much less than other types of crystals. The most expensive of the 3 pieces here, by far, is Rhael, the Lemurian. This is due to all her features, s/he is, by “sellers” standards more rare and more unique. S/he was $800. Isza, the teardrop citrine quartz crystal, who brings through all our visuals was about $300, and George, my Healer was $150. All are of course priceless. Rock shows, rock shops…..are where one might generally find crystals of these types. I was very fortunate to be living where there were A LOT of crystal shops when it became time to rediscover my connection with the crystal kingdom.


  1. Greetings just to ask…& this is a quest for years & years…I look seek for large crystals but where do I find???? There is a very horrible “industry” in mining crystals….horrible…so who to trust can u recommend a good person….I hv held back for years as I do not want to support when I hv no idea how this was taken from the earth….saw a few documentaries,..& I wd rather ask word of mouth for a conscious person …I am in Europe & wondering if u can recommend…I am sure these are costly…but I am in quest…& your work is sublime…your connection with these entities….just incredible….thk u for sharing expressing these encounters…very powerful….& for all to view them….there is a resonance….there is a transference…much gratitude…


    1. Hello, Kat.. I would love it if you could link me to those documentaries you are mentioning. I do know about the mining industry but have never watched an in depth documentary on the subject. I am sorry I do not know of any people, reputable or not in Europe. The majority of the crystals in my company at present, I connected with while living in-and-around the Santa Monica area of Los Angeles. I understand your concern, bless you for it. If I come to hear of anyone I will surely let you know right here. Thank you for your very kind words on our work. Combining consciousness with crystals. It is truly such a joy. Come by and join us on the forum board, if you ever feel to. We would love to have you. ( ) —Casey.


    1. Robyn – I ( we ) are only beginning to touch the very tip of what crystals are, and what they are capable of. It is extraordinary. It is not like combining with anything else. I look forward to every day.

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