Project Camelot Interview : Awakening Consciousness, Crystal Contact

It all started with an email from a friend.

I was as surprised as YOU may be reading this right now. She wrote that she had written to Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, suggesting she have me on her show. No sooner was I reading this than I was receiving an invitation from Kerry herself. It was an interesting feeling, because I will tell you that when I first encountered Project Camelot, Kerry ( and Bill Ryan ) back in 2009 I could see the connections in our names and felt we would one day meet.

Today was the day.

I was nervous as all get out, honestly, I have only just begun the process of dispensing our work out more to the general populous, and engaging in the more ‘interview style’ format. It isn’t easy! I mean, kudos, seriously, to those who do this, and for such large audiences, as Kerry herself does. It will take me some time to acclimate to all this. As the majority of those who are here with me know, I tend to be much more of a hermit — so going out in this way requires significant adjustment. It indeed is time to go out, though, so making these adjustments I am.


Note: Kerry moved the interview into her pay wall but there is bitchute link in video description of this upload.


It surprised me, but after the momentary shock of having to introduce myself ( lol ), I actually found it very comfortable, Kerry was very easy to speak with. She probed, as she characteristically and skillfully does, but not too in depth, which was also good, because audiences generally require a moment themselves to acclimate to the whole of what this is. It can be jarring.

I won’t say too much more, I will just let everyone enjoy the talk, possibly making new discovery yourselves. We opened with the awakening, then Kerry guided us into the Kundalini, which open things into the ET contact and activation of the dormant spiritual skill with the crystals. All in all, it is a rapid-fire journey encapsulating the last 12 or so years; 2009 to date.

Even if you have read all my logs, it is really different hearing it LIVE.

Let me know what this experience is like for you.

Your feedback, as always is welcomed.

4 thoughts on “Project Camelot Interview : Awakening Consciousness, Crystal Contact

  1. Hi Casey, I have just watched you on Project Camelot. What an interesting conversation you two had. I found your renderings very endearing too and have come along to enjoy learning more about your process. Best wishes from Scotland.

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    1. Hello, Ricia ( hello Scotland! ).. thank you for listening in, and for making your way over to us. Your presence here is appreciated and of course extremely welcome. We have a forum board if you ever want to come snuggle in with us. It is where we dive in to all the real work together. And of course where most ALL the contacts get posted.


    1. Thank you, Robyn, it always does me good to hear it. Can I ask a question? I am wondering if what you begin to better understand STICKS. Do you remember specifically what you began to better understand? Sometimes I do, too, but for a long while it doesn’t stick, lol.


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