The Conscious Shift : Inducing the Altered State

Something I feel is important, to not just share with everyone but to put out there as often and in as many ways as I can, is that the additional states we are each in the process of allowing back into our experience are ALL already taking place. All the waves, all the frequencies, all of everything out beyond what we call “the Earth-life”, including the very roles we ourselves play out there are in constant, ongoing effect. Even now, as the wave, frequency and role we play here also is. There is no separation between the waves. They are coalescing and concurrent.

This awareness is often why I refer to my awakening process as being one of the turning on of my cognition, my cognitive faculties, because the whole thing has always been in play. The whole time, here, active and ongoing. It has just been me, through a period of time not realizing. I was not even locked down in the beta-frequency wave. I could shift. What I couldn’t do, and I find this increasingly humorous the more I see, — is cognize the differentiations. Inside the experience that was me I was always simply being who I am, existing where I am.

All of this was and is, in actuality a depiction of life in many frequency fields <—this is what I had no tendency or aptitude for distinguishing with my 3D Earth human cognitive faculties prior. I often give the example of standing nose to nose with the wall. Right in front of you is everything: the wall, the particles composing the wall, the space in which the particles are appearing as the wall. But you see nothing. You are so close to it, and there is so much there all at once that the data field goes blank —while self awareness itself grows in relative size.

What is needed to begin a process of differentiating the fields, isolating data bits and seeing those in a manner in which we are more accustomed to “seeing” reality….is a bit of depth. — right? — a bit of space between you and the wall allows you to begin seeing it. Again…in the way we as 3D Earth humans are used to seeing. This is the process my Inner being moved me though. That is, a process of coming more into 3D to begin activating and encouraging the mental cognition of the dimensional states of being I had been more apt to hold myself to.

This was done so I would more readily begin to see “the difference” — the shift — the shifting of the patterns of awareness I hold, collectively as a multi-dimensional being. I would see the kaleidoscope turn, the patterns shift, the view ( and reality field ) change.


A compilation of ideas and guided journey into the out of body experience. Inducing and optimizing ( your awareness of ) the altered state – and how to make it back into physical space with your explorations intact. **This video is timestamped.


This is what I now explore, share and mentor others in.

It lays at the basis of how/why I can work with the crystals. Do you want to see the kaleidoscope turn, the patterns shift, the view and reality field change? ( <— I can show you! )

This is how consciousness works. It is how your consciousness works.

Just let this blow your mind.

The mind blown state, itself is ground zero.
(a most excellent diving off point )

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