Log : Three OBEs About Shifts

Working With and Within Free-Will

March 29, 2015

From the back of my truck. ( I lay down and shift in—

New Shift. Repeatedly. Or (an additional perception).. One long shift inside of which I am periodically landing in data fields. I am being held by two helpers, intent-fully close to the physical. Each is on one side and has me up off the ground with a hold of a wrist and an ankle. I am first bent (legs going up toward my head), then stretched, twisted, turned, and tossed into the air. *This activity is to increase flexibility and decrease fear. Heighten sensitivity to the physical system and it’s independent systems. Sex center system sensation is notably high. To focus my attention away from fear I ask— ‘how can I help people’..? ‘I like to help people’.

Data field opens out:

Two women are standing with a young girl— One is filtering symbols and information out of her field according to her existing belief system structures. The other is with a close-to-equivalent energetic force, pushing through information and energies that could do harm due to the existing structures. I am simultaneously seeing this pattern one way, and in reverse. Each of the women representing both sides. The dark and the light. The experience is like being inside a storm. The energy, the dynamic, super intense. 

The three females are both of and IN a swirling mass of similar blending color(s); purple and pink hues. I am shut out of their circle. —my energetic is yellow. I instinctively feel to help due to the pattern. Not getting a good feeling from either of the two energies connecting with the young girl. Each of the women [potentially] representing an infringement upon her free will. Potentially causing harm. But I cannot get in.

I am not believing the woman who is on her right, who is saying [to the girl] that she can see her structures. At the same time she is saying this she is coming through to me as not genuine. As one who is attempting to choose for her what may come in, as a mother figure might for her child, but thus infringing upon free will. And I am aware at the same time of the multitudes of others who are attempting to enter the girl’s field.

All this is happening quite rapidly and as it is the feeling in me has me stepping back, and from this position begin – full body – moving and concentrating energy through my hands into a swirling energy ball, and sending this out to assist in giving the young girl her own breathing room. Her own decision space. I am brought closer in to the trio, and then removed. —but I am still shifting : with the helpers : bend, stretch, twist, turn, toss! —Again and again and again.

The Wake/Sleep Threshold : A Closer Look

October 14, 2019

6am : WBTB

Full seamless conscious shift into my dad’s house. 

I do know I am shifting. I feel myself incubating into it here but there is no other sensation. Sometime later :

I am standing in the kitchen in front of the microwave oven opening a package of sliced bread. The crossover in the data streams of this environment and my own in physical space is causing small little shocks through my system. 

I am what I will call precisely on the verge of full conscious awareness ‘here’ and losing such. I begin : knowing I am standing in dad’s kitchen, looking around the room, feeling the sensation of the field, I am in dad’s kitchen : ( then the crossover in the streams and the little shock ) : why am I up and making breakfast? I am off today : ( then the crossover in the streams and the little shock ) : I am in dad’s house. I am out of body. Wow. I am here at dad’s. I look over toward the bread, pick up the package, smell the bread and take out two slices : ( crossover )  . .

The incoming little shock is shifting my position and I am now upstairs in my room sitting on the floor. Dad walks by down the hallway down the stairs. With the briefest of a side glance at me he asks that I watch him to make sure he doesn’t fall. He at the same time seems to be aware of my fluctuating position ( my instability here. A black dog is in the room with me. Black is my dad’s first dog. but the data stream is saying – he is here. he is mine. he is my responsibility – ( now a significant jolt ) – I have forgotten to feed him. With this I lose total position. I am back to dreaming. I am setting off to find and get food in the dog as fast as possible. dry dog food. deli chicken and beef from the fridge will be faster.

Note: I have never experienced the wake/sleep threshold from inside an
additional field this thoroughly before. 

It packs quite a punch.

The Full Conscious Shift as Ascension

October 21, 2019

6am WBTB

Full conscious shift.

This is the longest shift yet, perceptually more than 30 minutes in real time. This is notable in itself. More regularly an initial, fully conscious shift into an OBE will last roughly 1-2 minutes before particulating into scenes, data streams, ‘physical’ type environments – and this 1-2 minutes is no easy feat to traverse. Thirty minutes is monumental. As the shift is launching I am and have been speaking with guidance about the full conscious shift as ascension through the dimensions ( our frequency has been to a degree infiltrated ) I am assuring myself and everyone I will make it. 

Sensorily – the shift is straight upward. I will note also that the last shift I experienced of this nature was 2009 at the onset of my activation to awaken. Data from three distinct streams are making it through to me in here. It would seem I am principally aimed at identifying the interference. It is the first thing I see. Conceptually : three Asian dark lords. red and black silk robes. ( question : clearing Muladhara? ) ..There is respect from their end in regard to my reaching them. I am seeing them each, one at a time in extremely clear detail. As well as their location.

The data from each of the three streams is entwined, it is all related, all one event. This first stream continues.. I am a three year old Asian girl child. I am wearing yellow silk robes. I have a female protectress, also wearing yellow silk robes playing a mother type role. She is very worried for me. We are journeying on horseback but are stopped for the moment at a place to get food. One of the three dark lords, or an assassin sent by one of three has come. Without knowing how ( without seeing in great detail ) I kill him with his own sword.

I have a view of my protectress and I riding on from here.., she is no longer worried for me. I have come into my full power. It is the dark lords who now have cause for concern. I am clean, not a drop of blood on me. Our yellow robes are glistening. ( clearing/activating Manipura? ). From the second stream now : there is Darr and I in the in-between, the life between life area. Indicated by temporary housing – a hotel. The idea of a large vehicle, a large bus and the concept of picking up and working on huge piles of dirty laundry.

From the third stream, a location where-in I am choosing to experience the energies in themselves, the shift itself :

  • Family home.
  • On the floor. facing the rising sun.
  • On the bed. full penetration of lower gates. male voices from the in-between area. I close the window.
  • Absorption. Uninterrupted focused absorption.

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