OBE Log : Strategy for Exiting the Earth-Life


This experience is one that reveals the onset, as well as the event of the conscious shift from a standard dream state into a full OBE wherein the conscious state of attention is present within multiple fields. I have learned, indeed known for some time that the cluster of beings who help compose this life experience are working from their end, to help me from this end make the fully conscious shift from this life experience when the time comes. I know this from out of body experiences and also more regular dream time experiences. Including the combination of these in events such as the one I am about to outline wherein we are all engaged in working the details of this through. It will not be a standard ‘death’ experience, there seems to be much more planned and in the works. As the details come through to me, here forward I will make them public.

Others of you may come to recognize similar processes going on within yourselves. The more of us who can make our ultimate transition retaining full conscious awareness the better. There is much work to be done and our service is needed, both on this and that side of the veil.


December 16, 2022

White purse symbol: devising a strategy for invoking the conscious shift and ultimately
our evacuation from the Earth life.

For the longest time, – or perhaps just repeatedly – I am in the service bar area at a job where I am supposed to be serving drinks. Rather than working I am looking for my purse(s). I am not getting any work done because I cannot find them. I see what they look like, they are two identical large black bags. This is a very mentally strenuous situation for me, I cannot for the life of me see a reason why they would not be here, or for not being able to find them, the area is so small, there are not many places they could be. I am spending multiple hours looking, in the same places again and again. I just can’t figure it out, nor do I seem in any way inclined to just drop it. I do know that in the end, Ie: at the “end of my shift” the purse(s) always somehow magically appear and that it is not necessary that I spend all this time looking for them. – but to no avail.

In the final place where I find myself looking the idea of the purse has changed to white. There is only one and it is identical in every other way to the black one(s). I am kneeling on the floor pulling various purses out from under the bed. I find what I think might be my purse, and inside a wallet I think is mine until I take a closer look and see that it is not. It is near identical to my own ( IRL ) but not identical. A woman comes in from her shift and I feel bad thinking I may have just gotten out her wallet. We begin talking. We are talking about this room we are in. I am saying to her how much I like the quality of the light and the color patterns. She asks me what I mean. I direct her attention to a door-sized macrame hanging on the wall to the far side of the bed. There is a large window just off from here. As the light pours in it mingles with the macrame and creates these beautiful multicolored auroras. They are principally pink and gold but other colors are present within these as well. As I am watching them my attention gets caught and I shift.

I am out for a walk. I feel like I have decided to take a break from looking for my purse and gone out —only immediately I am ( consciously ) beginning to realize the landscape isn’t right. This isn’t my world, or my city, or even the area of the city outside the service bar area. What a surreal feeling. I am entering into an out of body state, but from the perspective of my principal reality being somewhere other than the Earth life. Extraordinary. The colors, or…not quite the colors but the quality of the light is very different here, it makes the colors themselves seem different, too. It is pretty, quite ephemeral and surreal, I feel myself sort of melting.

The sheer awe of it all is coming over me,

I know I have to find a point of focus, something to focus on in order stabilize the awe and hold my position here. I quickly look around, my attention falling onto a few choices and then settling on the sky. No sooner than I do this than does something begin to appear up there. “What is that?”, I think to myself. It begins descending and as it does I begin to see that it is a man. I almost can’t believe it. A man in the sky on a standing airship ( *in our world we might say hover board or hover craft ). He sees me seeing him and comes right down to the ground.  He is young, I can’t quite grasp his origin, his genealogy. There seem a lot of different races in him. I might more normally describe him as a light skinned black man, but there is more, a mix of other indigenous type peoples. He is standing on the sidewalk right here in front of me and we begin talking. 

Minutes after he comes down, another man begins to fight with him. The fight is happening in an approximately 10 foot tall tree with no leaves which is just to the side of where we are standing. The other man comes down from it. As the two of them wrestle, in the scuffle the man from the sky knocks a weapon away from the other. He seems to have one of his own and observing this it does not seem fair so I scoot thing, which looks like a sort of shield, closer to the base of the tree where it can be reached. Somehow the whole thing gets resolved and later I feel I have to explain my action. It is judged harmless and did not hurt anyone so easily gets excused.

I wake briefly to use the bathroom. 
It is still early *I decide to lay back down and embed more.

I am back in the apartment, a 4 bedroom apartment that the woman here, at present lives in alone. While in the apartment interacting with her, behind the scenes I am with my Group, one of which has just played the part of the man in the sky. I am telling him what it was like for me to make a conscious shift in the way just invoked. And to where I was taken,—how beautifully stunning it felt in that light, and in the realization of being in a world not my own. And his appearance in the sky! It was all done so perfectly. Delight, awe, curiosity, excitement. I am explaining what it feels like to hold a beta wave present in a theta wave. There is much discussion on this alone. 

In particular we are trying to work out how to invoke the conscious shift more steadily and effectively. We are all discussing the correct symbol to use to help get me there. We have so much time and energy invested in the use of the purse, the purse going missing, the shifting in the colors toward white that I suggest ( and we all agree ) we will continue to use it. I confirm I will actively, regularly remind myself going into the night and continue to look for the symbol throughout. We go over again, that there will come a time when it gets used in the wake state during the day. It will be the sign—the beginning of me leaving the Earth life.

Back down in the apartment, walking through the hallway with the woman the white sandal I am wearing breaks. I kneel down to have a look, thinking to myself “it never ends” I can never catch a moment’s break, my Group will forever be keeping me on my toes. 

And of course on the forward moving path…….

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