OBE Log: Vortices : A Natural Technology-Symbol Used to Pass and Embed Data

December 6, 2022

It is late into the 4am hour and I am screaming myself awake.

Yonatan’s symbol is at the epicenter of the experience.

Yonatan posted this on our forum board yesterday. I immediately see the sun, light, and two people/beings/energies dancing/twirling/spinning. I see the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 8 : read more


As it begins I am with Bill Ryan.

Location: the interior of a home. I see yellow, I see green plants and white light streaming in through windows. We are both standing. Not sitting, not walking or moving, just standing, facing one another. We are streaming to one another in a full front on exchange. I am transmitting, Bill is asking questions, grilling me.

What I am imparting to him has to do with the Kundalini. I am telling him what the process was like for me. I am focusing at present into the physically painful aspect of it, recalling this data is bringing me to the point of tears, tears I would not ever let myself shed in the real time physical process itself, choosing at the time to instead aim at the awe. He wants to know why it is was so painful. I am explaining the necessity of having to reach this state, the point where you are at a threshold, the very end of your rope in order to invoke a movement, the reaching further than you now are. Bill is understanding and accepting this explanation.

I am further explaining that in this process most will reach into and clarify one or more of the five senses, and that I instead chose to reach past these to awaken something beyond. A capacity for deep level communication, awakening and activating my telepathy. I am explaining how I did this, as well as why I did this specifically in order to more completely awaken and actualize the idea in him. I spend quite a lot of time with Bill embedding all this within him using Yonatan’s symbol ( !! ). I understand now what it is. It is a means, a technology with which to entwine with others to awaken/activate/share and pass on data.

On a deeper level this technology is being engaged.

Our activity begins to be detected. Two agents begin coming after me. There are two of me. I catch a glimpse of myself at the airport doors as I turn to see they have caught my twin. I am a petite, fair skinned, blonde haired woman. I am wearing white pants and a soft pink colored blouse. I do not seem very concerned about my twin being caught. It is as though the twin is a shadow, not real in its own right. It doesn’t carry the real data. They have caught nothing. The agents are beginning to realize and are right up on me when I activate an escape route by screaming loudly in a very high tone through to my physical body, thus waking myself in physical space instantly.

It works well this time! So many decades I have been working at this and now, or at least in this instance it has effectively worked. I instantly begin embedding. I immediately wonder how loud the scream came through and if anyone else in the house heard while at the same time instantly seeing that I have used a portion of Yonatan’s new symbol to invoke the scream ( the escape route ), and the whole symbol to do the data exchange. The portion I used to invoke the escape route is the portion in the middle that resembles a referee’s hand signal for “time out”.

I do not see why I have chosen Bill as the recipient of the exchange but I know there must be a reason. As I write these words I find myself knowing he is with a large enough capacity to hold what it is I found so urgently necessary to impart. And that, likewise, I am an equally fitting receptacle for data he synchronously sent to me. When I say “I”, I do not necessarily mean my person, although I am conscious in this experience so my person is included, but more fundamentally what I mean is my greater being or higher consciousness. And to reach Bill, we must have had to pass in agreement through his. Incredible experience.

While briefly back in the physical I have embedded all this. It takes only a moment, and because the ( brain ) waves are still in delta-theta they wash again over me, carrying me back under in less than 30 seconds. It is enough to have broken away from my pursuers. 

When I resurface next I am with my Dad. 

Location: the street we live on in Las Vegas is at first in the fore.

There is now an earthen sort of wall built down at the end of the street but I see it is not very high. A strong wind is blowing in and a tumble weed or two have blown over the wall. I watch as they roll up the street and land, or get momentally caught at the far dividing wall of our house and the neighbor’s. I am talking to Ann, who is superimposed with Lil, about how I used to remember when there was no wall, how strong the winds blew and how many tumble weeds would roll in. Lil shouts out to all the neighbors to erect a fortified steel wall more sufficient in height to do the work of catching the winds and protecting the homes. Everyone is now discussing this. It will have a cost. It seems within my means. I am volunteering to pay that cost.

Now I find myself inside. Dad is with me and he is informing me of his intent to set me up with someone. Evidently it is frowned upon to live a solo life the entire life. I am telling him this is my preference, I can’t believe he has intervened in such a way. I am seeing the name of the person he is setting me up with on a piece a white, lined paper. It is written in very large block letters. As I read the name I see the man. He is much older than me but begins to morph down in age as we meet. He morphs further into a woman, who is now standing here ready to go out on a walk. I am putting on a jacket and heading out with her now. It is a long walk, much is discussed but as usual I do not make it back with this content. Too much has happened, data-wise I am at my limit.

It is still early as I write this, the sun is just now rising.

I am going to go back in one more time.

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