Dream Data: January 2023

The month of January 2023 has been a doozy. So much began happening that I had to drop my personal curiosities and questions for now and just let myself be directed into what Inner being feels the need to show me at this time ( which is considerable ). As you can see from the titles of the events experienced this month there is a good deal of data coming through on the Earth, past and future humans, global events, collapse, earthquakes, EARTH CHANGES. As well as rapid healing and the processing of old wounds. All of which ties in together for those in the know, preparing to survive in the coming times and achieve a successful “death’, one in which we carry memory with us ( rather than fall again into the cycle of forgetting ) when the times comes.

Elvis features heavily, I am also beginning to be told who I am — and the month ends on a bang with the stunning, starkly simple message that “God is fatal”. I make it back with some riveting detail on the meaning of this but we will have to keep our eye peeled on the coming month to learn more. The storyline data is getting exciting indeed.

How this will all conclude lays ahead.



Dream Titles

  • Rapid healing, accelerated learning, feline born into my home
  • Global event, out in space, on another planet
  • Collapse, couple, wall, border line, ( the butt crack of America )
  • Teams of three ( 3 ), live experiments, being studied
  • Earthquakes, Earth changes, increasing impetus to move
  • Earth changes, maps
  • Leaving crystals with hotel security
  • Uniting with Jesus, miracle
  • Elvis, a physical reunion
  • Overseers, outside influence
  • Guidance to take two weeks off for a special project
  • Ancient feature on ancestral humans
  • I give my 2-week notice
  • Disaster maps, the shift, Bret and Heather Weinstein, Initiation
  • Elvis continues to come
  • Inside Graceland
  • Discovery during desert patrol
  • I am reminded to get a broom ( <– repeating dream theme )
  • A massive download and renewed understanding
  • Evacuation, money, looking for a book
  • I am told who I am
  • Scientific advancement, metallic mechanical orb
  • Processing old wounds
  • A beautiful Fall day, fun-filled friendly feelings, ( floating egg )
  • Near future humans
  • Deep data exchange, Cliff High
  • The transition back into the waking state
  • Angels and demons; how will humanity ever comes to terms with itself
  • Message, “God is fatal”


January 31, 2023

Message, “God is fatal”

From a dead sleep the brainwaves roll momentarily through beta. I can feel, but see nothing of my dreams so naturally reach for my crystal and mentally say “dreams” to make a quick inquiry into them. A voice shoots through the sentence “God is fatal”. ( It is an energetically male voice ). “What the heck” I think to myself. “Who is this?” I ask. I now get an instantaneous physical manifestation. The smell of cologne wafts through the room. It is a physical manifestation. I can smell this with my physical senses. I am testing this, taking the scent in a few times. I almost can’t believe the anomaly is so close to my physical space. I test a few times, trying to see if I can identify the particular scent and who is putting it through. Whoever it is, is right here.—right here in the room with me. I get a prompt to check the clock, the time is 4:11am, *the moment before the date of my birth.

As I am doing all this I am remembering Larry, a good friend who was my roommate in Laughlin, NV when I first went to work in the casinos. He worked security and was in his 50s, I worked as a cocktail server and was in my 30s. Larry passed away about 6 years into our friendship, after I had already moved back into Las Vegas. The whole year following his passing, occasionally he would let me know of his presence by making my whole house smell of Royal Copenhagen, a cologne he wore and that I solely associated with him. He is the only person who has ever contacted me through the use of scent. But the cologne this morning, this is not Larry’s scent. It is light, and quite pleasant, I do like it. “Whose is it?” I wonder, while realizing the crystal in my hand is super hot. “What in the world has made it this hot?” I wonder. 

I decide I had better write some of this down before going back in. As I begin writing, a strong tone comes in through the left ear ( wow ). I listen until it fades, finish what I am writing and as I lay my head back down find myself in a heady, mystical energy, potentially realizing what has been meant by “God is fatal.” It is true that the more Spiritual we become the less 3D physical we become, and in this sense, yes God is fatal. God can also be equated with the word “Truth”, and likewise the truth in many cases can be fatal. The more we seek it the more we can sometimes be made a target. But why am I being told this? I am going back in to see if I can find out.

Sometime later,—

I am looking down a black and white grid pattern which seems to spiral down into its center creating a tunnel effect. At its far end it concludes in a singular square shaped space where there is a sitting king ( R ) and standing queen ( L ). They are dressed in matching colors, silks of navy blue, white and brocade gold. The queen’s dress has near the whole of my attention. It speaks of elegance, purity and humility all at the same time. I am very drawn to this, as well as the manner in which the color patterns are laid out. I get such a good look I am certain I will remember this well enough to even draw it myself if needed — but a good deal of the detail has now faded. I am certain I will recognize it, though, if ever confronted by it again. It does seem important. Even of very great importance. This area now gives way to the feel and sensation of a large open field. 

I am lifting a black practice mat off the ground and placing it onto the foot of the bed that is in front of me. The first thing I notice is that it came up off the ground with small bits of gravel and dirt. I am distressed at myself for not noticing and getting all this into the bed. I begin dusting it away, sweeping the gravel and dirt off the sides of the bed. With this action, scary black spiders beginning running out of the mat. This startles me but I begin sweeping them all off as well, then set to go after each, one by one, stomping upon them so that no-one has to be concerned of all this when sleeping here later tonight. I stomp two of them right away and am running after two others who I am less successfully catching up with. I run into a man, a young prince, who I alert to the spiders. One of them has just crawled up his boot. He nonchalantly stomps it with his other foot but seems relatively unconcerned about it. 

There is a reality to the characters here, to the environment and what is happening. There is also my own unconscious response to it all, a ‘dreaming’ portion on my part. The prince seems to be patiently waiting for me to come out of my own dreaming portion so that a more direct  communication between us can begin. Currently I am still processing all the symbols. There is another queen here, she is accompanied by her female heir apparent; a princess. They are both clothed in red—silk dresses elaborately embroidered in gold, the colors are the same, though each dress is unique. They are a nemesis to me, I would say they are evil but more accurately, simply want me dead. Following a brief bit of activity wherein they come into my view, I see them both board ( first the queen, then the princess ) and go up in a large, elaborate hot air balloon. 

This visual gives way to another and now I am walking up from behind my brother, Derrick. The family house is on our right and we are walking by it. Something has happened. Derrick is asking where all the family photos are, he seems dazed and is saying they cannot possibly live without the photos. I don’t know what has happened here, there is the sense the house has been looted but have some of us also died? It seems we may have.

I am looking into all this while at the same time, from my conscious mind, thinking I can easily live without hard copy photos. I am beginning to have a conversation with someone from within—and at the same time also beginning to wake.

The wave toward home takes me. The experience 
and data flow ends here.

January 30, 2023

Angels and demons; how will humanity ever come to terms with itself

It is another rough night of deep body aches and pain *following my weekend work shifts. The discomfort in my body keeps me up until very late ( after 2am ) and wakes me early in the morning ( 8am ). The six hours in between are just gone. No data accompanies me back through the physical and mental anguish. It is important to note here that there is much healing and release occurring in the new level(s) of pain I find myself now experiencing. I will not go into this in any detail yet, but I do fully plan to. I will mention that tonight the pain is keying me to close loved ones who have long since passed from physical life. There are many tears, and a review of myself of sorts, a coming to confront my successes and failures in many of my relationships. For instance with my sister, a dear friend of the past, my pup, Charlie. 

All of this is following having watched the movie “Angels and Demons”. A truly horrifying movie I am certain it is no coincidence came into play. This morning, certain aspects of it are still with me for hours. It is truly uncomfortable, processing the horrors of what human kind are capable of, including ourselves as human. We have done, and experienced well more than most of us will ever care to admit. How will we ever collectively come to terms with all of it. Is it even possible? I am just openly wondering  >>> genuinely wondering in the depths of this pit in my stomach. Hours later I am weary, and repeating the word “prophesy” find myself falling back off.—

I am in a quite surreal scene at the oceans edge.

It is night, a huge night sky full of stars canopies over me, blanketing near my entire visual field. I am reaching my arms up toward a particular constellation and in a large physical movement, acting as though pulling something down and slamming it here on the planet. I am repeating the action again, and then again, it feels so good. Then my consciousness is free-floating. I inevitably find myself merged, in an embodied state. I feel with a young male who has long-ish sandy blonde colored hair. I am reclining on a beach chair with a big open bag of chips at my left side and something else on my right, a tool of some sort I think that is involved in the action ( I have just performed ) and activity I am involved in here when I begin to feel something sharp penetrating my upper right arm. Someone is attempting to give me a shot, to inject something into my arm. 

Somehow I know to dematerialize myself fast, so that I myself am not injected. I begin this process, gleaning what I can until I find myself re-materialized somewhere else. It is still night, there is the same huge black-as-night sky full of stars. The same super surreal feeling to my presence here and the environment. I am walking through a backyard fence that is made of wide wooden planks to where there are some curious little beings huddled together.


My attention is zooming in to investigate this, they are situated around the base of a lone tree in a mostly dirt yard. I am just beginning to see them a bit more clearly, from closer in more detail when again I start to feel a needle going into my arm. “What is going on with this?” I find myself ( consciously ) wondering. This is actually the THIRD time I have now alerted to this sensation. 

I am dematerializing myself again and end up in the shift back toward physical space. 

In the shift I am being shown something. I am discovering, or being handed, a string with a few items attached. One of them is a small, thin sewing needle, another is an even larger needle ( much larger ) , and the third is an item I have never seen before. It is black and silver, I am looking at this trying to figure out what it is and what it does when a contemporary looking human woman with light blonde hair begins telling me. I am struggling to understand it is so horrific. It is a kind of torture tool used on animals, it goes up into the foot into the leg. I can only hear so much, what is being said is causing such a schism. My state of cognitive dissonance is extreme. I am in an energy of shock, horror and disbelief. Something unusual, well beyond my level of comprehension has occurred this night.

January 29, 2023

The transition back into the waking state

I m trying to catch the last leg of my flight back home. 

The previous leg dropped me at a small airport but I can’t seem to find the area where the flights depart. I calm myself by taking note that if I miss the flight I can always drive myself the last leg. I am told it will take 7 hours to drive, this is longer than what I had thought. Outside the airport building a helper tries to assist me. She brings me back in and gets my tickets all in order. When she hands them to me I see the flight departs at 1:32 am, but that it is already 1:42am. She doesn’t think this will be a problem and begins walking me back toward the departing gates.

Now I am with Donnyji, on the street outside his house. As we are walking up the side of the house toward his back yard where he has a garden of fresh growing vegetables, two police cars race to stop in front of the house. This does not surprise him, he is always getting harassed instead of the real criminals. The police officers exit their cars and Donny walks us all back into the garden. The first thing I see is a bed of cauliflower. Inspecting them I see something like little tiny black bugs infesting their tops. I try to take one of the heads with me for the flight home but inevitably ditch the bag due to the bugs. As I am beginning to wake, I am with a black man. As we are talking I am cleaning a drawer out of its garbage food contents. I don’t know why. I just feel like I want to leave it all the way clean for him.

January 28, 2023

Deep data exchange, Cliff High

I am hand cutting with scissors small bits of green bell pepper and bacon to use ( instead of nickels ) to play the video poker machines. Cliff High is here with a helper, he is handicapped and in a wheelchair and is playing two double sets of machines at a time. Behind the scenes ( and in the scene ) we are in a process of deep data exchange. We are finishing up here and are going to get a bite to eat. Cliff has invited me, it feels there is also a third party ( female ).

I am going to use the bathroom first. Once back in the stall I lay my purse on the floor, before thinking twice about that and finding a hook upon which to hang it. There is an attendant back here, Robert from the typical sceptic podcast. There is another data exchange. The bathroom is superimposing with the tables at the eatery, Robert is serving and ringing us up. Although sitting at separate tables, I tell him I am with Cliff and that we are all on the same receipt. He is seeing to fixing the separate receipts he rang as I begin to wake.

Earlier in the night I am in a house. It is not the house where I work but similar to it there are a lot of dogs and a couple cats. There is a young female here who I am interacting with. I am wanting to spend more time with the cats. She is directing that something be done with the dogs so the cats are not discouraged from approaching me. I am swimming in deep energetic levels of inner communication here also. The whole environment is literally this.

January 27, 2023

Near-future humans

I am taken, one after another to future humans who live a generation down the timeline. It is hard to believe they are down our own timeline and not some parallel reality. They are struggling in various ways due to the decisions we ourselves are making right now. The format of the discussions is almost like an interview, they are explaining certain circumstances to me only I feel I am receiving this information telepathically more through the etheric than physical field.

One of the women is tall and thin, she has long, thin brown hair.

She is more fortunate than most in that she has more resources than most, even still, her home is barely comparable to perhaps a nice 2-bedroom apartment. Her body is in constant pain from some kind of neurological disorder. She has a small device in her hands that she orally draws some kind of ‘medication’ from every few minutes as we talk. The device is roughly the size of a thin bar of soap, is off-white in color with an electric blue strip near to across the top which is backlit in electric blue light. She would not be able to function, to even sit here or live without this and with it, it is not much of a life. It does not dull her senses, it does something to her cell receptors which allows her to live for a moment with far less pain. 

The next woman I am taken to is in a group of others, there is a male near to her who may be a partner or spouse. She is roughly 50 years of age, which is slightly older than the last woman who appeared in her early 40s. She has short hair, what used to be blonde hair, and looks more like an elderly person. We are somewhere outside the woman’s home, somewhere like a blood bank, only it is set up outdoors and it is where people come to have something injected into them their bodies need but is no longer available as a food source. Whatever that food source was, the derivative of which is in these infusions, it is looked way down upon.

There is a great deal these people are not admitting to themselves, in order to justify what it is their bodies do still need even just to survive. The woman is in the middle of one of these justifications now as she is explaining to me what she is of these infusions, their necessity, how often they are needed, which seems may be as often as bi-weekly. Visually we seem almost in an alley behind a brick building. It is very clean, though, and the day is quite sunny and bright. I am not sure how much of this environment is actual and how much is the woman’s own feelings.


Just prior to all this happening there is a female here in my space with me, she is rubbing an ointment of some sort on dry skin patches I have started to develop. She is working on the one that is on the posterior side of my right thigh. When I come alert to her presence, and what she is doing, I point out another and ask if she will help with that one also. I then fall off into the above experience.

January 26, 2023

A beautiful Fall day, fun-filled friendly feelings, ( floating egg )

January 26, 2023

It is a beautiful Fall day. Large multicolored leaves blanket the ground. I am out walking near the forrest with a little girl, my daughter… A neighbor, Jack, has left a basket of freshly laid chicken eggs out with a sign that says 1 cent each. He really doesn’t expect the 1 cent, he has put that there for friendly reasons. I am always more than happy to share my reserves with him, and other neighbors also. I walk with a smile over to the basket to collect the eggs. They are of various shades and very large, there are exactly half a dozen of them. One of the eggs is magically floating in midair, what a wonder-filled delightful feeling. I reach out for it and it is as though invisible hands have just handed it to me. I am thinking of something fun and silly I can put in the basket for Jack to find in return and am heading back toward the house to find this now.

I begin seeing inside the house. Into a movie night I have devised for others in the area. They are all here now. I direct them to the fridge where I have left a pitcher of something to drink and home made foods. Everyone gets up to help themselves. Later the fridge is being inspected by a male teacher. He is asking who cleaned the fridge and I quickly raise my hand and say “me!” He is saying lightheartedly that I have done a good job. I look inside to see the mess the people made of the top shelf where I had laid out paper towels under the pitcher of liquid. I am telepathically showing the teacher what happened there, chuckling to myself as I begin to shift away. I see another area where a man is behind a bar and hosting an event for people there also. I am thinking I will make a monthly event out of this myself—hosting a movie night once a month. 

January 25, 2023

Processing old wounds

Derrick and Elissa. Restaurant kitchen. They take our food order but never deliver. I don’t know why they would do this. So much time is just passing. I am asking WHY! why? why? Finally Derrick says a distant relation of Elissa’s has a problem with me. It all just makes no sense. ( not having had the shots is the undertone here ). “You are cutting all ties with me” I say to him “you realize this?” I am very emotional, quite literally beside myself. I begin putting the foods together myself, mainly for the two people I am here and traveling away with. The ingredients are not coming together so I just start packing whole foods. A watermelon, some bread, peanut butter, etc.. 

Barbarian orgy. I can no longer see how I got here, I was brought here or made to come here by one of the other tribes. I am thrown into a tent with a group of barbarian men. I am going to die here. I leave the body before much even begins happening. I just step out and aim to go on my way. They just have a body in there, still animated somehow but no longer by me. There is a woman at the door who lets me out, she is wearing a leather skin dress, has cut black hair, face paint. I tell her to run while they are distracted in there. She tells me she cannot, they will find her and kill her. She walks with me, quite a ways, though, before turning to go back.

January 24, 2023

Scientific advancement, metallic mechanical orb

I am inside a bookshop that also has crystals, there is a scientific discussion going on about an orb shaped metal mechanical object. It is hovering in midair in front of the man who is speaking. I have a question I want to ask. I want to know what it does, how building this advances the human, the consciousness of mankind. I am thanked for my question but as the discussion continues it is not answered. I am here with Richard Dolan and someone depicted as his elder brother. I am wearing a little black dress that is short enough to be a mere tank top. At first it does not even cover me below. When I see this I think to myself “oh great” ( in flabbergast ). I do get it pulled down sufficiently to cover myself and am working my way through the shop looking for crystals. Boo baby is in the shop, and other travelers. There is nothing very exciting here in the way of crystals. At a later point I find myself out in a truck with the Dolan brothers. I am wearing a flight jacket now but the elder of the two is taking it from me. I interject, trying to get it back, “I am cold!” I say to him, “I want it back.” We are all walking back into the shop again now in a sort of time loop where the whole experience begins again.

More toward morning—

I see a black man in a white lab coat, his energy is pushing a young woman down into a dark, confined entry area to the lab. It looks at first like a cave opening only the colors are dark and backlit in green. The woman, her energy is screaming “no, no , no, no”. She in part in misunderstanding his initial intent. He seems to be bringing her here to show her his lab and explain the importance of the work being done here ( she thinks she is going to be raped ). I watch him enter and begin to point things out and explain what is going on here. Many other people in white lab coats are working at stations set up throughout the room. It does turn out, though, that there is an element involving sex. An older female detective is here, she is caucasian, has blunt cut shoulder length brown hair and is wearing a black leather jacket. She has been listening in and is feeling the situation out. She is going to go there into the room with that man, partially to protect the young girl and also because she doesn’t really mind. 

Now I am down in this large dirt bowl.. another man and woman are down in here. I am not seeing what I have just been doing, only that right now I am beginning to run up out of it. I begin at a walk and move toward a run to get a little extra exercise. At the top of the bowl is a truck and some men are unloading a whole truckload of a particular junk-like food that is packaged in black boxes. I say to him “best to throw it all away than take it down there.” It is something like a cocoa granola. He looks at the box he is holding in his hands and shrugs. He thinks it is perfectly fine. I say to him, “if I take the wheat and separate the chaff, make a whole bunch of pet food with the chaff then use the remainder to make products like this, what word makes it into the ingredient list on the box?…….wheat!” At this I simply head off.

Now I am inside. The scene makers are dropping breadcrumbs for me to follow ( the ‘breadcrumbs’ are more accurately alfalfa sprouts ). I appear to have accidentally dropped some of these across my pillowcase. And now I picking up a bath chair, setting it inside a free standing bathtub filled with water and am noticing I have gotten some of the sprouts inside that were stuck to the bottom of the chair legs. I am reaching in to remove these when I see something triangular shaped, clear and jelly-like floating in there. I reach to squish it into the paper towel I have in my hand when it moves and I realize it is alive. “You are an alive-thing” I say, startled. I am here trying to figure this out, what it is and how I feel about it when I begin to wake. Uncomfortable in the bed, I leave the scene and shift my position. I feel like it is probably time to get up.

Edit: This just came out: the Mosul Orb  <–this photo was leaked to the public the very day of this log, 1-24-2023. The link directs you to a video report from The Black Vault on this story.


January 23, 2023

I am told who I am


I am in pain. My body is in pain, as I return from another work weekend that requires I be on my feet for 10 hour shifts at a time. My feet feel broken, my bones hurt, my joints ache, there is a pinched nerve at the left side of my neck. It is a sheer state of exhaustion going into the night. Already reaching in and connecting inwardly with Inner being I humbly request to be healed. I observe as the work actually begins—I give my instantaneous gratitude and fall off into the depths. Toward the morning the request continues in its graces, to my great surprise in an experience wherein my very identity is re-revealed to me. Isn’t this what might be considered the height of all healing?….having our self, returned to ourself after for so long being in the dark.

I am about to begin to see.

Continue reading >>>

January 22, 2023

Evacuation, money, looking for a book

It is a work day and I am up early with the alarm again ( and exhausted ).
I have only random bits and pieces—

There is some kind of an event coming. We are evacuating. A woman is with me and I am deciding at the last minute to pack up my money reserves to take with me. Although it does not happen in the scene there is the idea of water and putting all the cash bills into baggies. I am placing what I have here in the scene in a linen sack and putting the linen sack into a long strapped linen sling purse worn diagonally across my shoulders. As we go to head out someone tells me my car door is open. A man is beside the open side passenger door and there is the idea his grown son has been inside. I tell him it is not a good place for him to nap. There is a brief conversation, a moving of the car and a reaffirming that he is not to sleep here. A bit later I am looking for a book. A female is helping me. She is telling me her credentials and great knowledge of books. She seems to know just where to go, it is a different place than where I had been looking, but all the same she is not finding me the book I am looking for.

January 21, 2023

A massive download and renewed understanding

I am in Las Vegas. I am at the casinos. In this massive download of data I am repeating the sentence, again and again “It is beginning to make so much sense, I am understanding much more now.” This is a conscious sentence coming from behind the me that is in the dreamscape. There is something about food, and not having enough of it. I am leaving a large, clean, white garbage pail of food *that I am adding water to in order to make it into more of a soup for some others who are here. I begin to feel I have added too much water and skillfully remove of some it without losing any of its contents ( which, importantly, is mostly wild rice ). When returning this to the people, notably a father figure ( male ), there begins to be more and more space created between us. I spend the rest of the dream en route with the focus of getting back to them. Note: within this same sequence of activity I find myself biting down on my teeth again and ask if I should start up the parasite protocol again. Immediately and clear as a bell the answer comes back “yes”.

January 20, 2022

I am reminded to get a broom

I am talking with someone, for the longest time I am talking with someone >> until in the dialogue I am reminded about the broom. There is this broom I want to get, I am shown a clear visual of it and exactly what colors it should be : white, silver and grey : when I stop the conversation to ( consciously ) send out a thank you for the reminder. All this has brought my conscious state of attention to the alert, however as I look around I can see nothing and the one I am speaking with is not here. I try for some time to re-enter the dialogue but to no effect. I just keep being shown the broom. It is a straight edged rubber bottomed broom. I have been ‘sweeping up’ a lot in dreams as of late, often for ( /behind ) other people. It would seem there is a lot more of it coming. I will start a search right away.

January 19, 2023

Discovery during desert patrol

I am taking a random drive out into the middle of the desert. 

There is a large area I am responsible for patrolling and I have intuitively chosen this sector. I am with someone but I cannot see who. There is a new instillation out here, the various entrances into it appear to have all been enlarged, as if to accommodate more people at once getting down into them. It would seem the instillation is mostly underground and what I am seeing here at the surface, a large disturbance pattern in the sand is only the very top portion of it. Following the patrol I am reporting back what I have seen. I don’t really have the right words, explaining what I saw the best way I can without really knowing what it was. The concept I am coming up with is the detainment basin, the water catchment system ( devised in the 1990s in Las Vegas ) which due there rarely being overflows of rain-water, double as playing fields most of the year and are where the city’s soccer practices and games and held. This instillation out in the desert is like this, it serves a dual function, one of which is for some kind of rare event. The larger context in which this scene is playing out I don’t seem to have access to and I seem to be blocking the large portion where I am taken down inside this thing.

January 18, 2023

Inside Graceland

I am not sure why this is happening, or how long it is going to continue but here we are again ( as Elvis ). This time I am exploring Graceland. The angle I am looking down on it through is interesting. It as though I am looking down through an internal chimney shaped chute, very long and narrow. I am discussing what appear long, narrow dimensions of some of the rooms in the home with someone who is above even me. This goes on for what seems a very long time. In the shift back into physical space, for the second night in a row the majority of the night’s content fades into a cover song. Today it is “don’t be cruel”, one line alone is echoing again and again in my mind: >>> baby its just you I’m thinking of

January 17, 2023

Elvis continues to come

I am with Elvis again, though the details have all faded to the wayside. He has been with me every night since the major event ( OBE ) with him last week, January 9/10, 2023. As I am looking in on our interaction this past evening it is challenging to tell whether he has come here to me, or if I have gone to him as point consciousness collecting data from his life. Each are equally life-like, I am not sure I will ever learn to discern the difference. I can see he is wearing a black long sleeved shirt and as I am waking I am hearing him sing :  Are you lonesome tonight

January 16, 2023

Disaster maps, the shift, Bret and Heather Weinstein, Initiation

The first thing I recall is a period of time in which I am being shown simple disaster cycle maps and pictographs. These are black diagrams against a white backdrop with occasional green and red highlights. I am seeing this against the backdrop of the black ( void ). The graphs are multiple, I see one, then it fades and there is another. In the brainwave state in which I am viewing I understand exactly what I am being shown but the second I shift toward beta I have no idea. Save that these are relative to the magnetic pole shift that is currently in play [ 2023 ].

Later I am with Bret and Heather Weinstein. It is first and foremost Heather who has come but she has come with Bret in tow. Our discussion is about the shift, about evil not making it *or more notably negative thought and action holding back those who are positively oriented. Heather is concerned about a particular action in her past ( my past? ). I am telling her that she is good and not to worry. At the same time, Bret is misbehaving badly with me seemingly representing the devil. More accurately, due to additional data being present that is signifying this, I feel I am actually on a craft in the midst of a physical examination *sensitive areas are being looked at. In the scene, though, I am processing it in this other way. I see that Heather has come for the purpose of congratulating me on something—and to buy me a tea. Something has happened, though, relative to her wallet/money. I am more than eager to cover the cost. I go first into my coin pocket to pay for everything with change ( note: coins = “change” ). Bret sees me paying this way rather than with bills and thinks it is because I am poor, he is stepping in with the feeling to cover the cost himself. I know am more than able, however, this isn’t why I am paying with the change.

In the early morning I wake briefly. I feel I should go out and check Hug-me again ( my cactus ) due to the torrential rains hitting California at present. It will do me good to go out in the rain and get wet again. Last night, returning home from work I gave Hug-me my umbrella and tried to weight it down over his pot with a chair. The winds grew too strong and at some point blew it all off. I get him set up again then came back in. Some Inner group is immediately speaking with me, saying they like what I am trying to do for my cactus. I tell them “thank you” and that I am really worried about him drowning. I ask again, as I have been all night for help keeping the umbrella that is over him in place. Shortly after I shift in.—


From physical space, my body laying supine in the bed, awkwardly higher on the left than right due to that side being up on some blankets,—I recognize the position is odd. I feel so comfortable regardless. My body is just so tired. I am telling someone who I feel to be here to not move me. I enjoy the sensation here a moment longer then the next thing I know:

I am with John. I am at his home after being away for quite awhile. I am in such a state of joy and delight, even awe at what he has done with it. He has built it into something truly astounding. I am being moved back in. I am let to see the entire place inside and out ( I want to say the entire kingdom for truly this is what it is ). I am telling someone else here, a female, how he has done this all with his very own hands. It is, to say the very least, so impressive! >> so creative, sustainable, artistic and unique. There are two little animals—not from earth—both white, both quite small and one slightly smaller than the other. They are discovering me, I am meeting them, preparing to learn to feed and care for them. ( phenomenal feeling of interaction ).

Waterways work from John’s place, networking out to many others and their lands. In a humble wooden boat I am moved along a channel until the sun shines over a man and his home and I am called over. I am female, I can see I am wearing very worn linen robes and sandals. I am taken inside where there are many others who I begin to meet and in a whirlwind of energy ultimately find myself moved into the center of a ceremonial magical ritual. I am laid out horizontal and can see into the heavens above. A wooden coin with a symbol upon it drops from the sky, I watch as it falls and then lands in my right hand. There is a stimulating energy sensation when it hits me. Another begins falling and this one lands on my feet. I begin readying myself to receive the third I somehow know is coming but I do not see this one fall or where within me it lands. 

Following this I am ushered from here back toward John’s, this time on foot. 

The walkways are highly traveled, many people are out upon them. I am called to the side by one who I feel must be of the Order in which I have just been initiated. He is going to show me a back walkway-network to get me to where I am going. I have to push through many cows to get in toward where he is leading me. I am calling out “how do I get past the cows?” I do push past them to get in to where he’s standing and at journey’s end arrive once more at John’s. On the way I am alerted to the Powers moving those in John’s central room out of it and installing me back in *into the bedroom. I do not see why. I am wondering, asking “are we supposed to have a child?” Now that I am awake I can see that our innate coupled state is being reinstated, re-empowered, reactivated. It makes me feel one or the both of us are returning home to our magical lands and life.

January 14, 2023

I give my 2-week notice

There is a young man with dark brown hair at my place of work, I think he must be an etheric helper, helping to oversee and take care of the place. He asks me outright if I am going to stay on. I tell him it does not look like it, my body just isn’t keeping up. There are some anomalous ( astral kind of ) things happening. The front door blows open. I walk over there to see what it is. A dark wind is kicking up. It feels ominous, and like some intruders have just entered the space. After working on this for awhile I go back to packing up my things. Printing ( and re-printing ) my last paycheck. I am writing something to myself on the signature line on the back of the check, the long rather than short way. When I have seen what I have done I try to erase and scribble it out. I am not sure the bank will receive the check like this. When I go to reprint the check, which is pink and white, the printer begins putting out multiple copies of it in just about every format possible. I am trying to get it to stop but in the process ending up with all I could ever need.

Note: before going in for the night I ask to see my way forward regard work and the rest of my life. It would seem that in reply I am shown the first step. To acknowledge the current job is too challenging for me physically, and give notice.

January 13, 2023

Ancient feature on ancestral humans

There is a young girl here with me, she is maybe 11 of age, fair skinned and light haired with elongated features. She is showing me an ancient feature that used to be on ancestral humans ( she herself is an ancestral human ). They are like thorns, like on a cactus or even porcupine, dark in color and roughly 1 inch long that do not protrude but rather grow along the skin where the fine hairs grow at the start of the hairline. There is one at the center/top of the forehead, two at the top/sides and two more that rest just above the ears. She is showing me how easy they are to remove. I watch as she removes her own, then reach to feel, and discover that they are present on me as well. Mine are older and have been here much longer than hers before removal, they are therefore not as dark and not quite as thick. They are also even easier to remove than hers were. She has taken a small thin object, slightly lifted up the one end and then pulled along the horizontal. Mine seemed barely embedded, they easily slide right out. Following this,—

It is night, I am outside the house. I have two appointments I have scheduled, each with men who look similar. They are neighbors. I am teaching them various things. I am feeling good about actively working and the teaching being sustainable. But as I move to meet with the one I see I have actually double-booked each of them for the same time. I try to compensate by meeting the first of them 15 minutes early, which will make me only 15 minutes late for the second. It is not working, though, the daughter calls the first man and he has had something come up. Some part of his house that is falling apart. He is trying to show me. It is an emergency.

January 12, 2023

Guidance to take two weeks off for a special project

I can feel Elvis is still with me. I can feel his presence in the dream fields even before I drop in but also afterwards as well. I am empathizing with what it must have been like to be him, especially not being able to sleep, this must have been really hard for him. Through the middle of the night, for a long while I am in a shop, the prime interaction is with a male person but this is all I can get at. In the early morning, not ready yet to get up I shift in one more time.—

I am in the etheric, in one of my old bedrooms that is set up more like an office. It looks like I am sitting at my old oak corner desk. I have just gotten back from being out and about with mom. I am at the desk working off a very large computer monitor. The idea of Miles Johnson ( of the Bases Project ) and Bill Ryan ( Project Avalon ) are both infused into the heady energy dynamic of the space. I am receiving the idea to take 2 weeks off from work in order to get an important video made showing where and how the crystal contact work takes place. As I begin remembering an item I purchased while out with mom, my niece, Brielle, sneaks up to the computer. She is wanting to use it but I am telling her not to *my Guidance is coming through to me from it and I don’t want to lose the channel. I am removing the item I bought from my purse, the receipt I received with it is super long ( <—repeating theme ) I am laughing and showing this again to mom. The item itself is silver and round, there are two things it does, one of which is a special type of measure specifically for the arm. I am taking it out and wrapping it around my right upper arm right now. I do not see what it says because at the same time I am trying to keep my niece away from the computer and monitor, and also in a dialogue with Guidance about taking the two weeks off.

December 11, 2023

Overseers, outside influence

There is a group. 
One of the group gets pushed out from it. 

He now lives by himself on very green land, before a forrest line of trees. I am bringing things to him I feel he may need. I do not have to do this but I have taken it upon myself. I bring him some avocados but they get deemed as an item I should not have brought to him. I don’t understand, I am asking the others why. I am told he could use them to throw at us ( like a weapon ). These others are up in sky. I am saying I will make sure I only bring him ones that are very soft, I could make them into an even softer guacamole. I am asking if this would be alright. These beings in the sky are overseeing us humans now. Serving to keep us organized, on track and on time. 

One of the things they are ensuring we do is get the shots. This and other things. Humans are seen to tend toward procrastination. It is not efficient. Some humans are still slipping through the cracks, though, living as they want to live. My own family unit comes into the picture. I am looking for and choosing a cup in which to make my brother, Derrick, a cup of coffee. I have set the cup with water in it down on a coffee table and the kids get little flecks of confetti inside. I am scooping these out now. Once I finally get the whole coffee made Derrick takes a drink and lets out a ‘first sip of coffee of the day’ aaaaahhhh. I say “do you like it? does it need a shot of espresso?” He likes the idea and I set off to get it for him. The service bar I arrive at is having some difficulties. The sinks are backed up and the registers aren’t working. I have forgotten to bring my purse. Mom is nearby and I ask her if I need can use one of her dollars. It turns out I have just enough ( $2:34 ) even in exact change down to the penny.

Elvis, a physical reunion

The increasingly more paranormal, precognitive experiences are not just continuing but becoming a regular course of events. In the following experience there was almost more than I could put together ( there were so many levels ), but following it, streams of data continued coming through to me to the point that I spent the day following them all. Before I go into some of this, as a prequel to the experience itself let me say this. I was 12 years old when Elvis died. I remember the day well, because I had met a friend across the street and she was crying. When I asked her why she said that Elvis Presley had died. I had no idea who that was. 

Following this, synchronistically, his movies began popping up in my life and I discovered he was a very famous person and popular singer. Not only this, but he regularly played Las Vegas, and annually was right here in my hometown. Prior to the experience you are about to read, which, let’s not mince words, was a sexual encounter and ( quite literal ) manual raising of the kundalini – I had no idea of the details of Elvis’ death or that there were any mysteries surrounding it. 

This said, – as this experience begins I am entering what I perceive as a crime scene,

There are details in the experience that match those of Elvis. So it seems the experience is pointing to his death and potentially suggesting it is what would be considered a crime. I am still acclimating to being given REAL data in dreams and other such altered states of consciousness. It is a lot for me to process and I honestly don’t know why I am being shown what I am, or what to do with it. I will just do what I have always done. I will continue to make my logs.

*  *  *

January 9-10, 2023

[ A day after what would have been Elvis’ 88th birthday ]

Continue reading >>>>

January 9, 2023

Uniting with Jesus, miracle

PROLOGUE : I have just finished my long work weekend and am in a state of extreme body tiredness. I am watching The Chosen, season 3 episodes 4-5 in this state and at a certain emotional point during episode 5 I have turned more inside my own awareness in a state of empathizing with one of the female characters experiencing a 12 year malady, her pain and my pain, and I am speaking internally with inward invisible someone about this. I am knowing I am not meant to be in so much pain and asking what I should do, specifically in regard to the job I now have on the weekends.—what I would do instead for work that would not leave me in the broken state this, and so many care jobs do. I know there is something. I know there is an answer to this.

It is an emotional, moving episode which I continue in this state of empathy with through to its end. Before falling off for the night, I get up to use the bathroom. As I am walking back to the bed all of a sudden I notice my feet, which just moments before were so swollen and hurt so badly to step down upon that, while wincing, I could only step lightly and slowly — were no longer feeling broken or in any pain at all. Something had just happened.

Through my empathy, emotional release, and knowing while in the union with the Jesus energy, something had just happened. To say I am outright stunned, even though I am what might be expressed as highly accustomed to these kinds of things happening – is an understatement. I look to the sky smiling and in youthful good humor give my gratitude.

I sleep hard and deep through the night.

In the very early morning, in the shift toward the point wherein I first begin waking I see something extraordinary. I see where my attention has split equally into four discrete areas. At this point I retain full awareness of these areas and am experiencing their superimposition ( whole body ) through my entire system. It is glorious, the only word I have for this glorious. At the point at which I am writing these words much of the detail has fallen into the recesses of my awareness, though I do recall one of the four locations is the entire timespan of what has occurred here in my room tonight, and that another is a meeting—a uniting with the Jesus light-and-energy. It is this field which has first captured my awe and attention and lit up all the others. It is a stunning reality to see that one has literally been chosen, that a miracle and healing is right now currently in play.

From here I begin re-entering the dream fields. There are two females who are walking me toward the man who plays the Jesus character ( Jonathan Roumie ) in the show The Chosen. It is an easy journey to arrive at where he is, and then later an arduous journey to get back there. As we first arrive, from a bit of a distance I see him on the floor practicing yoga postures. We are in a large, warehouse sized upper flat with wall to wall windows along the entire back side. There are two other people here with him who he is teaching these movements.

This is as far as I can see into this particular space.

Awhile later, on what seems the journey back to him, ( truly to the real Jesus ), there is a large body of water to cross. There is a sky lift I have to use in order to cross using my own hands and arms, my own upper strength, there is no cart to carry me. At some points I am up here, hand over hand crossing the silver/grey bungee-like cord, and at others I am down in the water. Each of the elements, air/sky and water are equally healing. There is great effort on my part up in the sky, and seemingly none at all in the water, the water carries my weight and this is thoroughly healing.

The next point at which I am aware, I am with Erich, 
everyone is sitting at a conference table in a board room and I am just observing. 

There are three others, young adults, in the seats around the table and Erich is sitting at the head. There are plans in the works and a proposal is being gone over. A young caucasian girl with short curly dark hair has a large sketch pad in her hands, turns over one of the pages and is describing this part of the proposal. I am in an out of body state ( ie: point consciousness ) but do not know it. Erich glances at me, intentionally notices my typical state of undress ( I am topless ) and I still do not alert to the fact. I just feel like a hippy/yogi and that for me this is normal. I continue, comfortable in this state even though all others here are dressed. I am beginning to perform tasks while I listen. At the moment I have taken it upon myself to begin sweeping. Environments are shifting us more outdoors, into a natural setting in the sun. 

This is as far as I can see.

January 8, 2023

Leaving crystals with hotel security

I have and am carrying a large treasure of my crystals and crystal jewelry with me. 

I am traveling and have arrived at a hotel. There is activity in the rooms that give me cause to feel I should leave a large portion of them with security in the hotel safe. The crystals are very heavy, I will not be able to carry them all in my purse all at once, I will have to make more than one trip. The journey between the hotel room and hotel security is long and arduous. I am getting lost in the great distance. I am asking various personnel to direct me but they won’t. I ask multiple of them why they have made it so hard to get from the one point to other, I don’t understand and am beginning to get frustrated. Finally one male plain clothed security officer gives me a bit of a hint. He points me in the right direction, and says if I pass through the next two doorways and then turn left I should at that point begin to recognize again where I am and how to go the rest of the way. He is right, when I get here to this area it begins looking familiar and I make my final way to the hotel security help desks. There are many female persons behind the desks. They ask me if they can help and I tell them what I wish to leave in their safe. I open my purse and as I begin looking through its contents am not only embarrassed by what I see ( half eaten food and wrappers ), I see the crystal items in here are not even mine, they are not anything I even recognize. As I begin pulling out what is here my attention shifts back toward the hotel room, to see more, who I and the others are here and what has happened.

January 7, 2023

Earth changes, maps

Quick notes:

An early alarm startles me awake, dreams are for the most part fragmented to pieces. 

I am being given more on the Earth changes. I am shown maps of the continental untied states and have arial view of the land and changes that are going to occur. I understand only some of what I am seeing in this format. In a scene just prior to waking I am sitting on a man’s lap, he is attractive, fair skin and dark hair. We are not sitting where anyone else can see, but as I go to get up he sits me back down because he doesn’t exactly want to be left exposed. I am telling him I have thought of everything and that is why the sheet is there sitting next to him. I stand and place it over him as I move toward another area of activity that has captured my attention.

January 6, 2023

Earthquakes, Earth changes, increasing impetus to move

Sometime before sunrise, when I first look into what I am dreaming I get the sensation of an earthquake and feel I am again being given information on coming Earth changes. I am right on the verge of the scenes still in play and given a two-word concept to say ( which I am not right now remembering ) as a compressed sort of key that will re-synchronize me. This always fascinates me, because the words seemingly never have anything to do with any of the concepts present in the scenes but yet they always open my awareness back out into them. It is no different today. I say the words and within less than half a minute I have re-entered—

I am inside a bookshop. It is after hours, no customers are here. 

I am walking through with a female someone who asking me about a female singer and whether I know if she is gay or not. I have no idea, but think to myself that Darr is more familiar with bands than I am so I think to ask her. She is sitting cross legged on the floor working with papers, like she is doing homework. I ask her the question and she begins giving a response as I shift from this area of the bookshop into another where I find Dawn. This area of the bookshop is brighter and bathed in golden warm sunlight. The other area, where Darr is sitting is dark, like it is night with the lights out. Note: Darr and I are located in California and Dawn has recently moved to Mexico.

Dawn is saying she is going away on a trip for awhile, she is saying I can use her things while she is gone. I find one item interesting. She has this wooden box structured thing that is composed of two puzzle-like pieces pressed together inside a wine colored pillow case. It acts as her pillow. There are various items inside here that I begin going through. The whole thing really needs to be cleaned out. She is using it for storage and there is literally everything under the sun in here. Most of it is really not necessary. I am having fun going through the things, though, just making the little discoveries. And each item shifts me into an additional superimposed location wherein there is additional data coming into my knowing.

One of them has shifted me into a large outdoor back yard area. The ground is dirt. There are two identical chihuahuas patiently waiting to the inside of where there is a small rectangular opening ( the size of a large doggy door ) for Dawn to return. I am holding another in my arms, who is my own ( but not Charlie ). I cannot set him down with the others because he is not as disciplined and will definitely run out through the door if I do. I am telling this to the same invisible female who has accompanied me throughout this experience, who is still here with me now. She is the source of all the data that has come through. When I think of her there is information that comes through relative to her appearance. I see a caucasian woman, mid 30s with short, dark brown hair that is worn very full. Her energy is very kind, friendly and helpful.

*   *   *

Note: almost since the onset of my awakening ( 2009 ) I have been given information, generally in first person through the out of body experience on the coming Earth changes. I have been placed in multiple tsunami events, multiple events showing the migration of myself and others toward safe zones, multiple events wherein we are overtaken with water and do not make it, etc.. Recently I am regularly being shown again. In 2013-2014 my Group put a great amount of energy forward to me to get me to move. To leave California. When I scanned the globe the see where it was being suggested I go the location was clear: the top middle portion of New Mexico.

January 4, 2023

Teams of three ( 3 ), live experiments, being studied

It is a challenging night of dreams, which lead from the beginning one into another. 

It is interesting due to the darkness of the content that at no point am I am ever scared or in fear. I am fully integrated into each persona and the content just seems the progression of my normal lives. Within each of the scenarios we are working in teams of three ( 3 ). In the first the trio is composed of two men and one woman. We seem like agents and are all operating in a state of heightened anxiety and paranoia. It seems like this is intentional, initiated, as though the state has been induced, either by drugs or some other similar means. Looking in on it from the outside it feels like an experiment that is being observed for effectiveness.

Circumstances quickly lead to one of the men shooting the other ( who is one of his own team ). I am the female, the remainder of this segment is spent dealing with the shooter, my partner, and trying to survive getting shot myself. If I do not know what he has done, in his mind I can live. But if I do he will shoot me, too. And I do know, so I somehow have to find a way to survive this. I will note that the paranoia of each of the males led them to feel the other would kill them if they didn’t kill the other first. There was also an element of competition for the female ( me ). My survival tactics have kept both me and the remaining male alive for what is deemed a sufficient time. Another team of 3 is now being called in. They will take over from here.

As what seems this same female, I am now making my way on foot – alone – out to a discrete location in the desert that is far away from anything. There is a large structure out here. It has a huge metallic door that stands 20 feet high. I am standing in front of it now. Censors are scanning me head to toe. I feel like I am being instructed on how to get in. There is a hand pad off to my right in front of a smaller sort of door. I open the outer hatch, see the sealed laser shield inside and know to now close the outer hatch and lay my hand on the pad. There is the idea of the blood being sampled before the large door can open. This is all I am let to retain of this area.

My attention shifts.—

There is another scenario and team of three ( 3 ).
This time we are two females and one male, we are East Indian.. 

The male owns a shop that I am now stepping into, but scenes are superimposing and I also see the male stepping out of his shop while the other female intercepts me. We are walking together now ( this has been like a kind of fast forward and I can no longer see what happened in the shop ). The female is very beautiful, she has beautifully shaped arms, her beauty inside and out is truly admirable.—not just her beauty but her grace. The male wants her and energetically the feeling of this is full of muck but she handles it all with ease and elegance. She has brought me to a place where we are going to have something to eat. It is not like a restaurant, more like a mostly empty room with colorful walls, beautifully carved counters and what look like artifacts. Randomly around the room on some of the counters are plates of various samples of foods. 

As we are walking in, on one of the first plates I see there is what looks to me like a small horned shaped piece of aloe gel. I am very happy to see this and pick one of two samples up to taste. Immediately I find myself knowing this is not aloe. I do not know what this is, until somehow I begin to be informed. It is gelatin *derived from meat. There is nothing I can do about the bite I have already taken but I do not eat the rest. We move on to another counter filled with dishes, where I find myself knowing the male of our team is on the way with foods of his own he wants our beautiful partner to eat/enjoy. She is so admirably going to appease him. 

In the meanwhile I am sampling various other items. Some of which turn out to also be derived from meat. I feel basically okay about this, but am also beginning to feel not okay about how many errors have. now increased the amount of this in me. The others here do not eat meat and make zero errors with or allowance for this. Each time I put a food into my mouth there is a sensation, it ls like readings are being taken to gauge how it is interacting with my system. This sensation is causing me to suspect I am not really here in this room at all, but somewhere else. Somewhere tests are being done, where I am being studied.

January 3, 2023

Collapse, couple, wall, border line, ( the butt crack of America )

Every so often it happens, upon waking a large night of dreaming collapses into itself through the shift from ‘there’ to ‘here’, in the end leaving me on one side of what seems an impenetrable wall and all the activity and data on the other. This morning it is like this. I just can’t get through, or otherwise access the data. In the collapse I did hold to a single remnant. It is inside a restaurant off some highway in the middle of nowhere. A young-ish couple is here. I can see her more than I can see him. She has pretty red hair, more a strawberry blonde than deep red. She is working here waiting tables for a time while the couple saves some money. They are living out of their car, or mobile home. I am seeing her come in from repeatedly going out to it to have sex with her husband. They are a fun and energetic couple. I keep thinking I am being shown this to insinuate she is going to get pregnant but she never does. This is the center and circumference of what I can see. I do know there is more to it but this lay on the other side of the wall.

Upon waking I hear a sentence “the butt crack of America”,

I see the border line of the States and Mexico notably from Texas going East. It is odd for me to hear anything so crass as this sentence, but actually it is the line of a song that is being sung. I can hear the country western rhythm, melody and everything. An odd thing to wake up to, I can assure you. I cannot see why I am being shown this, what the purpose is or where the whole thing is going. I am already too awake to follow it in.

January 2, 2022

Global event, out in space, on another planet

There are three ( 3 ) main theme areas in my dreaming tonight: 

A coming global event ( namely the magnetic pole excursion ), being in space, and then viewing a different kind of society and how it functions on what seems another planet. I am viewing other types of societies in dreams a lot recently.

I am viewing in first person tonight, from directly on the planet in the mix of specific people my attention is being directed to but I am viewing almost more like a movie is playing out all around me. So this is maybe some type of technology, like on board a craft that has this kind of capacity. The experience begins at the very onset of the night and again lasts all the way through to the morning. When this happens there is generally too much information to hold. I have to be very well rested in order to bring back detailed descriptions ( which tonight I am not ), I am the exact reverse, thoroughly exhausted, in body discomfort, recovering from the long work weekend. It has been a phenomenal experience, though, I am happy to report the ideas and energetics have still fully embedded into my systems and overall structure. 

One thing I recall from the planet is a young 9 year old girl. She has brown hair, the hairline starts further back than the current Earth human. I am specifically let to see her, deliberately turning her head to where I see her standing in a door frame in profile. This is how the movie on the planet begins unfolding all around me. There is the idea of her having a small dog, the dog runs outside and my attention goes after him. The backyard becomes unfenced and opens out into a larger park-like community setting with a path surrounded by grass and something like tennis courts. Beyond the courts the scenery opens out into a large grassy field with trees. It is here that a young, blonde, very muscular man approaches. There is some ego that approaches with him, there is another young male coming up to him from behind me. There is a competition of some sort between them, a feat wherein they are exhibiting their strength. It is here that I begin to fade, by this tree, with the blonde man in front of me beginning to, in a highly odd fashion, climb the tree. Note: this is the second time as of late that in an experience involving human looking extraterrestrials there has been a confrontation of two males ( taking place ) in a tree.

January 1, 2023

Rapid healing, accelerated learning, feline born into my home

Ever since I can remember, in the night I have participated in advanced rapid healing and learning projects. Tonight is no exception. I don’t have much more to say about this, for today I am just mentioning it again. I went into the night after an extra long work day in significant body pain. At 1am, after 2 cycles of sleep I am briefly woken to find that laying here in my bed I already feel entirely rested and my body has returned to its normal. I have such gratitude for those who work with me while I sleep, restoring my systems. I have been dreaming about a dog. At this juncture the idea of the dog is turning into a cat that is born right into my home. I am a little concerned it will run out as the house is wide open without walls but the cat stays to the house while it goes through its early growing process. It is looking sickly at the moment, though, so I am telling it to hunt in the house. To feed itself what it needs. It doesn’t want, or isn’t feeling well enough to do this so I hunt for it, cook up the meat just slightly and am cutting this into pieces as I again begin to wake in the early morning. It is another work day. I am going to have to leave my dreaming off here to get up the start the day. Today is the first day of the new year; 2023.

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