OBE Log: I am Told Who I Am

I am in pain. My body is in pain, as I return from another work weekend that requires I be on my feet for 10 hour shifts at a time. My feet feel broken, my bones hurt, my joints ache, there is a pinched nerve at the left side of my neck. It is a sheer state of exhaustion going into the night. Already reaching in and connecting inwardly with Inner being I humbly request to be healed. I observe as the work actually begins—I give my instantaneous gratitude and fall off into the depths. Toward the morning the request continues in its graces, to my great surprise in an experience wherein my very identity is re-revealed to me. Isn’t this what might be considered the height of all healing?….having our self, returned to ourself after for so long being in the dark.

I am about to begin to see.


January 23, 2023

The environments are shifting so fast, one into another into another so seamlessly. This in itself is utterly magical.—I am in a conscious state of awareness in a lengthy 20-30 minute shift back toward physical space. I can feel the energy systems of the body throughout which are holding me in a perfect state of presence, still peace and awe. I have been away at a yoga retreat. This whole portion of the experience is in the process of collapsing into the coming data set and as it is I am seeing a journal I had been writing in while there. I am fingering through the pages and discovering that, what must have been at times when I was away from the journal, others had taken to writing me messages. One of the authors I recognize right away, it is Jeannettel from the Moving Into Stillness board *who I had the joy of actually meeting once in Santa Monica. The concluding words she has written are an invitation to always stay in touch, and she has left her phone number. All this is shifting me to where I am now in the direct presence of Erich.—

We are in a very deep, emotionally rich energy; our whole systems are wide open to the other. As we are speaking there is a page in the journal I want to show him. A page I had just discovered while fingering through. On this page is a crystal transmission, a brilliant, royal being in hues of gold and cherry pinks. I see my skill with this capacity to bring the transmissions through has grown by measures. The renderings are more alive now, more light filled, more dimensional, they twinkle and even fully move when backlit by the sun. I am trying to move myself into a position with Erich and the sunset both behind me so he can see but I don’t think he wants to and the environment begins shifting again. As this is happening, Erich is saying he is sorry he let me down. Goodness, nothing could be further from the truth, why is he saying this? I am assuring him has not. We are each explaining something from our discrete perspectives to the other.

I know there is somewhere I must go, somewhere I must get to. “I like to fall into here” I say pointing to the space between my brow. He is saying to me, from his own perspective that it looks like I just don’t want to fail, that I have a problem with failure, that because I have none I don’t want there to be a first. I am, from a very deep, compassionate and compelling place in my heart explaining it is not this, it is not this at all. I am saying “I just don’t know how to stop until it is done.” The environments are shifting so fast, it is all in perfect timing as I am experiencing from within but to keep pace while writing it all out in words is challenging. I seem pinned in place here while Erich geometrically shifts his own position to where there is now a small divide between us. He is still speaking and explaining things as he leans over to one of two men sitting on his left and says something. As if on queue the man stands, and again geometrically, in a very magical moment crosses Erich over the divide back to me.

It is this other man himself, who has just performed this magical feat who looms his face right into mine. I recognize the face and say with gratitude and even glee, “thank you, Bill Bixby.” Even as I am saying these words the face is shifting from Bill’s into someone a little different, I do not recognize this new face. Like a carnival ride master he now shifts me ( geometrically…this is as fast as a carnival ride and near to like moves on a chess board ) into another area in what is increasingly coming to look like a carnival grounds. The environment has grown somewhat dark, there is dirt as far as the eye can see. A large ferris wheel seems to loom in the distance. In front of it appears a man, he is a humble English working person and as he sees me the look upon his face is not pleasant. “I recognize you” he is saying, “you are one of the very spoiled Elaina’s.”

With this my position shifts again. A male, non-Earth-human ( but human ), very tall, slender with elongated features…is walking me back from this episode toward physical space. He has sandy colored hair, worn long just past the shoulders and a mustache. He is wearing loose layered clothing with a long velvet cape over the top. He looks like a carnival person, like a person common to the England area well in the past. As we are walking, back from where I have just been told I am one of “the Elainas”, which upon hearing I am only just beginning to remember and glean the meaning of ( I see a female group in long, soft silk dresses ), he is, almost like a recording, reciting data to me. I want to retain it all so badly but I know I am waking and that there is so much else I want to hold with me as I do.

I let go and in the  w a v e s  let what will, carry forward with me.
I embed all that I can, then make my log.

All but the final information remains intact.



Note: back in the 1970s Bill Bixby played in a t.v. series call “The Magician”. My middle name is “Elaine”, the meaning of which is often given as “light” or “sun ray”. In this experience there is a strong reference to England and the English ( Jeannette is also from England ) and there are undertones feeding me the feeling of people I know exiting the Earth plane.




Addendum to the above log ( “I Am Told Who I Am” ): This is [ an example of ] a highly multidimensional transmission, which came through just prior to the experience I have logged above. I understand not everyone will be able to see, but for those who are >> the main being up in front, on our left as we look at the frame is La’al. There is a major transmission coming through his brow, from another being clearly depicted *with the red plume coming up from the top of his head. This symbol of the red plume is coming through in a vast number of frames this past month. I cannot quite yet definitively isolate the prominent species of the beings coming through in this transmission, aside from the Lion being, barely seen in profile on our right. For now I am just making note of all this, connecting this contact and the transmission in this frame to the above experience. I will continue receiving all I can.



This is Aurous.

The name is pronounced  :  (  ore – ose  )

If you look closely you may be able to see he is holding each hand up to the sides of the mouth, as one might when whispering a secret. I wonder what more secrets he has to tell.

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