OBE Log: Confrontation with Covid

The past month of February ( 2023 ) I got Covid. I have been working to process it all month and am highlighting this particular log from the month to help show as an example how my consciousness was affected by the covid organism, and how during this particular experience I was brought into the etheric bandwidth of Earth space and shown what is happening there in relation to this organism. I am shown there are those who are protecting me, not just me but as many as is possible. As well as a duck-like ET species who is here, who I am not sure is working with or against us. I feel, at least in a sense, with us, specifically to eliminate waste produced in the confrontation between the covid and human organism(s) *which is interesting in itself.

I hope to find myself fit to be shown and learn more. I would certainly like to be more clear on more of the details. As you will see below, recently a similar ET species transmitted through the crystal which is depicted in shadow. I am still feeling for how to read this. A colorful rainbow does surround the being. As always, I continue to process all data to the best of my ability.

February 10, 2023

Dark, death, shadow-lands, succubus, rooftop rescue

I am in an apartment with a man. I am both inside the apartment as the woman, and behind the scenes as myself talking with someone. The content of the two streams of data come to be near identical. I am walking from the living room area of the apartment, where I have just been shown two large clumps of my hair on the floor, over to the bathroom where I resignedly see two more. I pick them up and throw them away. I say ( both in an behind the scene ) “I think I am going to die soon” and then in the scene, to the man, following a few second pause “is saying that morbid?” He nods his head, saying “no that is not morbid”. He knows, too, it is coming soon. I am wondering behind the scene what the illness will be and ask “is it cancer?” No answer is forthcoming. I am just let to wonder. I suspect I am only wondering this at all due to the pain my sleeping body is in at the moment from processing the covid. There indeed does seem to be something about this virus that brings to light the idea of mortality. 

The scene shifts from the apartment to the car which we have at the gas pumps. It is night and the city is quite alive. A man in the vehicle at the next pump begins to pop himself over and harass me. My partner ( or spouse, I am not really sure which ) suggests we leave. I am not sure we are in a position to easily get out of here but see an open enough path to the front of us, which I take. Everything starts morphing very rapidly now. There is a gang of wild men in cars immediately coming after us from behind, the scenes are beginning to take on a very circus-like appearance. I am no longer in the same vehicle and my partner has departed. I am riding something more like a jet ski now which occasionally has to be propelled forward like a scooter, by kicking on leg upon the ground. I periodically look behind me to see the strangest things. 

At two intervals through all the oddness I am approached and given Angel messages. The first is given by a male, the second a female. I have only retained the latter. I am approached by a pretty ethnic female wearing an earth-toned colored dress. She is not nice to me, possibly more of a “fallen” than “angelic” angel, but this is likely why I retain the message. Which is simply that I would do well to exercise more. She is suggesting that I could walk rather than always ride a vehicle. She herself is walking and as she walks back off into a crowd I thank her for her insight. She seems to appreciate my genuine show of gratitude ( I do fully realize this is an Angel message ) and she begins saying more to me before finally disappearing into all the activity. Meanwhile, back in the craziness, the road in front of me is not looking good. 

There is a very dark area up ahead. In my attempt to get away from the crazies I seem to be getting herded right at it. I turn to look behind me again. Now there is a whole brigade of uniformed monkeys, coming row after row in my direction. It is a harrowing site. I am pulling up now in the parking lot outside a large carnival ground set-up. It looks as though the theme could be that of halloween because the colors of all the rides, which look more actually to be living entities, are black and purple and orange. I step down off my vehicle and am beginning to walk now toward the entrance. It doesn’t feel like there is any other option. Everything seems to be demanding I enter. I can’t say that I want to, though. I am standing here, on the right watching all the crazies fast approach, and on the left this dark theme park. It is all too much. ( my memory ends here ).

For a brief while, from utter unconsciousness, small areas of information again begin to bleed through. I am outdoors in the terraced area of a lovely garden. The day is truly lovely. There are two women wearing white sitting on a marble bench seat. One is younger, the other the age of a potential mother. This is not the younger woman’s mother, but she is emitting strong mother-love energy to her, not for the girls own good but because she is using it to get something from the girl. It occurs to me this a succubus. She has her head to the girls chest, as though she is attempting to speak directly to her heart. The girl likely has lost her own mother which is why this tactic is being used. I tell the succubus I will give her what she wants but leave the girl alone. She does not listen to me and instead continues on her working with the girl. 

As this scene fades another comes into view. There is a girl standing in her backyard at the edge of the pool. The sky is blue, there is a row of tall deep green brush behind her.  She has a broom in her hands and she is sweeping the muck off the back of what is supposed to be a long bodied aquatic reptile. She seems to see me seeing her. She seems to enjoy what she is doing. She calls me over and shows me how she sweeps the watery muck into the pool before she is done.

All this is now penetrated by an immense Internal force.

I begin to be given an insane amount of data on what is going on. Not just in my plight this evening as my body continues seeking harmony with the covid organism, but within our whole planetary and solar system. It is of course way more than I can consciously hold. I spend a good amount of time compressing all the data into symbols, until all I can see are the symbols, and the story line is all but gone. As I am doing this I can see it is not the first time I have done this. I somehow intuitively know which shapes, textures, colors, patterns, spin ratios…will effectively house the data. There for instance is what could be seen as a plate, a swirl pattern in hues of olive green, navy blue and magenta comprise the plate. Upon it sits a clear gelatinous toroid. And there are hard earthen shapes that look something like an equilateral cross or + sign laying all about. Not all of the earthen shapes are whole, some are broken, or irregular and some of the broken portions are just dust/debris; inside this is a massive story I may one day unpack.

Before I wake, in stunning, fully alert point consciousness I find myself on the rooftop of a building in the city. It appears to be the top level of a parking structure that is perhaps 4 levels high. My vehicle is the only one up here, it is one I often drive when I am out, a quite plain mid-sized white truck. I am centered, standing in the exact middle of the rooftop. There is some kind of operation in progress, there are agents up here. The first I see is a female, a human female, attired in navy blue gear, who is positioned to the front of me at the rail, she is armed with a long range rifle. I cannot see what she is aimed at. It has not dawned on me yet that all this is for me. I turn to look behind me to see what more might be revealed. This view looks in part toward where the ramp goes back down into the parking structure. 

A shadow-y, duck-like ET being who recently came through

I am seeing first one, and then many, non-human entities in full body hazmat-type suits of various colors—peaches, pink and blues. Are they are working with the humans, is this a joint operation? They all see me and seem to be giving me some space to acclimate to their presence and activity and come up to speed with what is happening. It is true I am struggling, with what all this is and what it means. I am trying to see inside the colorful pastel colored suits to what these beings could look like. They are just shorter, and more slight than the average human female. They walk in a kind of waddle which makes me feel their feet are webbed . What I imagine is a kind of duck, an upright walking bird that is aquatic. There are various white roped off areas where different levels of work are being done. My attention moves through these until I arrive at what seems a large ( white ) ocean liner docked at the water’s edge upon which more of these are beings are working. It is all so much, what is this? who are these beings and why are they here? what are they doing? are they working with us or against us? I have only questions and can literally hold no more.

I cycle through what I have seen here a few times until I then find myself standing in front of an old hand carved wood door with a small + shape cut out at face level. I see a man standing there looking at me from the other side. I recognize him! Oh I am very happy to see him. Something is beginning to come back to me. As it is, he pushes a few red grapes through the opening at me, and, smiling, says “should we go through it all again?”

The visual landscape begins pixilating into a swirling cauldron of shapes, ( my condensed symbols ). This image of the cauldron being stirred is very helpful in tying them all in together.

Yes! … we are definitely going to need to go over it again.

4 thoughts on “OBE Log: Confrontation with Covid

      1. Intuition, I know they inhabit places in our oceans, so they must need to visit our work the way they visit ours… in the words of Louis Carol “there are times I’ve believed at least 6 impossible things before breakfast. (Not to mention I was reading your blog when you posted a like to “Paradox 6”) !


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