Dream Data: February 2023

It has been quite a month.

The really big thing that happened is that I finally got Covid. It came on the first week of the month, and as I sit here now, on the last day of the month I am still working on processing it all the way out of my body. I mention this only because my dream state has been highly affected. As has been the impetus to bring data back with me from the fields. The energy and the impetus have seemed themselves under attack. It has been a highly strange experience. One I hope to not have to repeat. There are 6 full days this month I chose to bring back no data at all, and multiple logs showing how my consciousness state was being reduced to very dark areas and confrontations. <– this is the reason I chose to not log on many days, it was becoming a burden and just too much, along with the prolonged sickness and symptoms. I found myself torn from the consciousness work as a whole. My will toward my own self expression was significantly reduced. All this said, the month has been a success for me and my normal is now gradually returning.

Dream titles

  • Sorrow, loss of life, deep unprocessed emotional release
  • Root center vortex, aquatic fetus
  • Oddities throughout the night
  • Warmth and cold, equalizing
  • Infiltration, intrigue, double-cross
  • Contact through color code
  • Face-off with covid
  • Mist, free floating consciousness, tone
  • All white future gym, naked man sculpting
  • Dark, death, shadow-lands, succubus, rooftop rescue
  • Notes, the naming of the nail
  • Schoolyard, holding a dog, toning
  • My own book
  • Arcturian contact
  • The lure of the negative path
  • Deuteronomy
  • Pursued by giants
  • Young Elvis, nature and the elements, eliminating the divide
  • An object of observation
  • Physical exercise obstacle course, an attempt to wake me up
  • The choice to not adapt
  • Life after 4700 years
  • People pairing up, the positive and the negative

February 28, 2023

People pairing up, the positive and the negative

Elvis continues to make cameo appearances near nightly in my dreams. 

Tonight I am trying to set him up with Melanie Stone, the actress who played a necromancer in the movie series Mythica. I notice they both have black hair, light skin and are highly attractive, I feel they will make a good and pleasing match,—but Elvis continues to both choose and prefer me. In the last part of this scene we are all sitting at an outdoor, round glass topped table while talking. Melanie is making mistakes, including wearing a blouse that is cut far too low. In her errors she is shifting in her appearance to an older woman in her late 30’s early 40s with shoulder length blonde hair. The shifting in her appearance is shifting the whole landscape and now we are at a house.

There is an afternoon yard party taking place, many potential couples are present. The woman has left her purse in the house, where I alone have stayed. It is open on top, I see something interesting in there, reach in and inspect it to find that it is an elegantly decorated fingernail. The colors are done up in neutrals, clear lacquer at the base, navy blue at the tips, gold inlay between with a gold stud. When she and a male come back into the house the woman is told I have entered the purse. I reiterate what occurred, just as it happened. I jokingly say that before seeing the fingernail I saw the box of chocolates sitting on top. She aligns with my sense of humor. 

Someone reaches into the purse and pulls out an exceptionally large, black automatic gun. It is now handed to me. I hold it and make like I am shooting, only I am intentionally holding the thing upside down just to be funny. The day is turning to night and I am beginning to do simple exercises with the use of furniture items, following suit behind another woman who has begun to do the same. One of the movements is an upward facing plank that dips into a bit of a backbend, only the sofa I am using has has a back to it and I am not able to go very far into the backbend. The woman points this out and I begin telling her that I am not doing these exercises to lose weight, or to get skinny or even into better shape. I am doing them to help lessen chronic pain. So even going into the movements to a minimal degree with help with this.

 I wake again to the song:
The green, green grass of home

February 27, 2023

Life after 4700 years

A medical building. Schoolyard. City. In the medical building we are discussing Terry. Showers. Driving him to the beach. In the schoolyard a woman, an interface sharing information with me is smoking what looks like a bud, a horizontally positioned L-shaped joint. She shows me the city. My mouth is agape and I feel fear. I have the knowing, “life after 4700 years.” Note: it may not seem so, but this is the condensed version of an enormous injection of data shot through me as a direct experience. This is all I can say of it at the moment.

February 26, 2023

The choice to not adapt

It is a shocking realization. I am down on a planet, various males are informing me of their lack of ability to eat certain things they see I myself I am eating. They feel they are purer. Everyone is hurrying about, it seems these people are under some kind of attack. As I am hurriedly taking in all this information, prior to shifting out I am emotionally emitting “I had to adapt!” I am realizing these people have made the choice to not adapt ( not change ). The implications this realization is having on me is profound *relative to what is happening on our own planet at present with AI.

February 25, 2023

Physical exercise obstacle course, an attempt to wake me up

The obstacle course, I am guiding others through it…. I am guiding Roger right now, through a plank-like exercise at a bar ( counter ) with the aid of a barstool. He appears, as is so common in my dreams, as a dog, a black and white dog, his coloring is something between a Dalmatian and a palomino horse. In another area I am moving into a home of my own. I am telling the other younger people here that there will be a party at my place later tonight. There is a young male with dark hair who comes around who is beginning to take the blankets off all my beds. I tell him to stop, to leave them, they are mine. He points my attention toward the similarity between my blankets and those of others. I tell him their blankets are similar because it is I who have bought them for them. That this is what I buy everyone for their birthdays and Christmas. 

February 23, 2023

An object of observation

The first point I can see is inside a kind of municipal building.

We are all standing in a hallway and there is a woman in a royal blue colored dress who is capturing my attention. It is her ample shape and the absolute perfect cut of the dress that is mostly what my eye is on. The woman has platinum blonde hair and is appropriately light skinned. I follow her with my gaze into a group of people and shift. I am now on an elaborately cut running track. There is another female who is running the track and I, also, beginning running it. I run it until the beautifully deep, rich colored dirt is worn so perfectly that I can run the track as fast as is possible. This activity now shifts me into a house. 

There is another woman here, with creative talents, who would like me to begin helping at a particular job that she does. She hand makes these signs that tell people when a particular class she teaches is going to begin. I sit down with her and she begins preparing me for being able to assist. There is an apple danish on the table I begin nibbling at and my face seems to be directly over on ashtray that is wafting smoke up my nose. When I get up from the table I mention the smoke to a young male who is here, who says these things are a lot of fun. I retort quickly “they are fun when you are in your teens and twenties, and not when in your thirties, forties, fifties….” I say I know this because this is exactly how it has played out in my life. He has walked with me over into the kitchen, and laid his arm around my shoulders. 

Others in the house are also beginning to appear. A woman who begins showing me clothing I seem highly interested in. I begin asking her where she found these items. She tells me of a variety of locations where I can foods she has shown to me, clothing, etc.. We are moving outside, down the sidewalk toward a really old truck. The addresses she has given all seem in the downtown area. Before I wake, I can see her just for a moment speaking with an Asian male who appears slightly older than the rest of us, perhaps forty, who seems fascinated at my behaviors while here. He is mentioning a moment when I was on the floor on my hands and knees.

His energy is very different to the rest of ours, heady and almost intoxicating. I have been observed by he and his kind through this entire experience.

Lately I am often an object of observation.

February 22, 2023

Young Elvis, nature and the elements, eliminating the divide

A large wind storm begins blowing in at the top of the night ( IRL ). The winds are so strong that a book sitting atop the portable A/C unit over by an open window is blown to the floor. The sound wakes me and I get up to close the window. The winds are truly impressive, their sound acts as a sort of cable connecting my conscious mind and dreaming mind all through the night. The sound transfers, or bi-locates to occupy all areas all at once.

At first I am with a young Elvis Presley.. he is still in his late teens and just getting going, he is not quite “Elvis” yet. We are in small auditorium and he is playing to a hundred or so people. After the show he comes down off the stage and mingles with the people, spending a good deal of time interacting with them. In doing this he is erasing the divide between himself and the people, giving them the real opportunity to be more involved in the whole dynamic.–not just listening and receiving but speaking with him and giving; interchanging. We move from here over to his home, it is almost, but not quite Graceland. There is another time period interpenetrating, possibly circa 1700s. I am preparing for a lecture I am giving on nature and the elements. I am explaining how I am building an area of interchange into my event also. It is a small wading pool of water filled with rose petals. It will be surrounded with tall greenery which tiny lights will be placed inside. It will all blend in to the surrounding nature. 

Following this I am with John, the interpenetrating time periods continue, we are in his home somewhere between the midivil era and modern day. I am explaining to John all that has just occurred with Elvis, explaining who he is as a person and the importance of what he has done. I am also beginning to clean. I have a hose in my hands and working from the house, into the garage and outside into the yard. I am spraying away excess dust, debris, and watering the parched land. In particular I notice myself cleaning out his storm drains, which feed out down below his castle. There are some whole food items down in there, notably large yellow onions. They are still good and I feel it a shame they will go to waste. He tells me he will send his two sons down there to get them. As I am watering the land, he tells me I can bring my children here as well. I tell him I have none, hesitating for a moment to think about it, then saying “not from this body anyway.” Still thinking in my mind I then slowly add “that was never going to happen.”

My mind is swimming because some memory is trying to come back to me. The sound of the wind, such  s t r o n g  wind has me held so firmly under I cannot wake. What John has said about my children, all the time periods interpenetrating, the erasing of the divides–has me right on the verge of remembering something but it is all too much, too strong, the energies are just too intense. In the end it finally force pushes me back into physical space.

The time is 10:10am, the winds are as strong as when they first began.

Something powerful is in play to be sure.

February 21, 2023

Pursued by giants

The past few days I have just been letting my dreams go. There is generally one moment in each of them that I recall but rather than reconstruct the story around them each I have been opting to more simply observe the data in the independent moments. At times I feel I need to do this in order for my dreaming to return to me more cohesively. The rest period, as it were, will begin to wear on me until the fullness of my dreaming again returns. I am just making note of this today.

I will note also that the data bit I returned with a few days ago had to do with a particular tooth in the upper right quadrant of my mouth. I was unscrewing what turned out to be a long irregular shaped screw/device. I am pulling it out to have a look. I am beside myself looking at it, at roughly 4″ in length it is far too long to be in there and after removing it I can not see how I would ever get it back in ( or that I would even want to ).

Darr was in my dream the next day, and she is here again last night as well. She is sitting in a room in a house owned by a woman. The room is sanitized, not a thing out of place and far too feminine for Darr. The bed is much too small, even for her current frame.

There are bits I recall from before and after this point in the dream as well. Afterward I am taken onto a bus where there is a white upward standing cleaning device of some kind that I look down inside of to see a yellow substance I immediately feel to begin cleaning out of there.

As I busy myself doing this I see more of Darr’s home environment, the bathroom, which is equally as sanitized, organized and clean as the bedroom. I reach in here for a pump soap I use to clean the yellow substance I am working on.

Prior to this I am being pursued by giants, not just myself but others, too. In the moment I am recalling I have ducked down beside a wall and have frozen in place. It is as though I am watching from a second vantage point up above. I am thinking to myself, “oh great, I am too far out from the wall.” I am certain I am going to be seen and captured. I cannot see beyond this into what happens, only that afterward I am in the sanitized house with Darr.

February 17, 2023


For the second day in a row I am in a beautifully comfortable state when waking in the morning. So comfortable, in fact, that I do not want to get up — even though the sensation of the state itself is already taking precedence over the content of the dream. A lot of the detail immediately vanishes, but it is the underlying theme which is most important to retain.

All night I have been dreaming of my family line all throughout history. Each member of the line has come with many gifts, and each has come as well with one particular counterweight, a [ – ] if you will, that is theirs to work through and resolve. I am moving through each member of the family tree until I arrive at my maternal grandmother, and my brother, Derrick. It begins to be at this point that I see how large the collective counterweight is. I begin to wonder how it will ever be resolved. With the very thought I am shown. It is as simple and beautiful a matter as all the accolades themselves of life. It is done in what seems an instant, at the final hour. Featured also in this dream is Regina Meredith, who reveals a Greco-Roman time in history. Although I see many of the counterweights throughout our line, only one makes it back with me through the shift toward physical space. I am not sure who it belongs to, or if it is the condensed representative of us all but what it amounts to is : Deuteronomy

February 16, 2023

The lure of the negative path

Deep, core dreaming.. I am levitating near stasis and there is a structure that looks something like a hand. I suspect it is a portion, or central axis of a neural network where a few pathways are coming together. There is a knowing that I have placed all [ – ] potentialities into a single pathway, it is the pathway that rests to the center of all the others. There is a knowing to not enter that pathway, I have made it notable, obvious, to help this stand out but its lure is deeply intoxicating. I am suspended here in this knowing for an extremely long time, most the night. Toward morning, I break my stasis and get up inside the fields, not just once but twice in two discrete locations. It is night. I am in the forest surrounded by deep browns and golden light. There are magical floating golden lights all around me. From the second location I am setting out to run toward the first *where my purse is. There is the feeling something is being stolen from me. Charlie is with me but he stops running shortly behind me. I turn to look, and rather than see Charlie I see something more like a teddy bear. He is attempting to stop my attention from being negatively distracted. In the equal and opposite pull of energy going both ways — I wake.

February 15, 2023

Arcturian contact

I am in a contact experience. The data is moving very fast. I am shown 3 segments of retrievable data, I don’t really know what these are, or why I am being shown but one of the segments contains Irth Figel. I am having a reading by Daniel Scranton, who channels the Arcturians. In one of the 3 segments are 3 names, I am choosing one of them to learn more about. It is a female, last name Nichols, she is being referred to by her last, not first name ( which fragmented on the way back but might be Renee ). Crystals are involved. There is an area where I am sitting to pee, I am releasing way more than what is usual.

February 14, 2023

My own book

I have just a few remnants, and interestingly they are areas where I can still see myself. I have a large open book in my hands, I have a sentence, or an awareness, that it is better to draw from one’s own book. And one’s own board….there is an area where I am discussing threads on the forum board with someone, one thread has been re-titled so that it pertains to everything related to one’s vehicle. I can see how I can now dump a lot of extraneous posts and threads into here. There is an area where I am parking my vehicle. It is a big thing, where it is parked, whose it is parked next to, how easily it can get out, etc.. The last thing I see before I wake is a rectangular opening in the sky. I am up there above and also down there below, upside down worlds from each other. I fall, and wake back in physical space. There is a song playing in my mind:

Both Sides Now, ( I really don’t know love at all )

February 13, 2023

Schoolyard, holding a dog, toning

I am standing on my grade school campus, not out on the grounds where the children play, but down the last row of buildings where the 5th grade classrooms are. In the house ( IRL ) there is a music lesson in progress. They are working on musical scales. I do not know this in the dream but realize it when I get back. In the scene, although I do not have standard vision I know there are dogs running around. I am aware of at least 3 of them. I reach down and scoop up the one standing near my feet and begin trying to sing the notes of the scale(s). I am not able to make much of a sound but I am trying — for more than an hour in real time I am trying. There is something about holding the dog that is important, our chest and bellies [ heart and solar plexus centers ] touching is creating bell-like ringing  w a v e s  of the sound.

February 12, 2023

Notes, the naming of the nail

It has taken me a few days to process the experience of February 10, I have had to just focus on processing all that and set down the flow the past couple days in lieu of letting it as mentally, energetically and physically through me as possible. It is a shocking amount to consciously process. Even though it may not seem, I could unpack that log into a series of a few books. It contains a whole lot more than what it may look. I suspect I will be working on all that came through to me for some time. In the meanwhile, in relation, I am still processing and making my way through covid. It may be slow going but clearly huge internal-world strides are being made and interior spectrums of what all this is are being revealed. Today as I am waking, I find myself outdoors, nailing stakes into the ground to pin what seems a chainlink fence. There are also what look like nails – pins – that are being used to hold vertical segments of the upright standing fence together. Someone has just handed me a huge fat nail, it is humorously larger than all the others. I am chuckling at this and in good humor asking if we should name it “Erich or Eric”, they are both our gentle giants. The size of the pin is somehow making me think of them.

This is all for today. I am going to let my log today rest at this.

February 10, 2023

Dark, death, shadow-lands, succubus, rooftop rescue

A Confrontation with Covid

I am in an apartment with a man. I am both inside the apartment as the woman, and behind the scenes as myself—talking with someone. The content of the two streams of data come to be near identical. I am walking from the living room area of the apartment, where I have just been shown two large clumps of my hair on the floor, over to the bathroom where I resignedly see two more. I pick them up and throw them away. I say ( both in an behind the scene ) “I think I am going to die soon” and then in the scene, to the man, following a few second pause “is saying that morbid?” He nods his head, saying “no that is not morbid”. He knows, too, it is coming soon. I am wondering behind the scene what the illness will be and ask “is it cancer?” No answer is forthcoming. I am just let to wonder. I suspect I am only wondering this at all due to the pain my sleeping body is in at the moment from processing the covid. There indeed does seem to be something about this virus that brings to light the idea of mortality. 

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February 9, 2023

All white future gym, naked man sculpting

I am point consciousness and have come down into a fairly all white gym. 

It is in a large high-rise type office building, it seems they have rented out the whole floor to construct this gym. I really like the feel of it. The exercise machines are much sleeker and are placed much wider apart than in standard gyms. The lighting is up in the ceiling but is not fluorescent, it is nowhere near as harsh as that. There are also small, thin rectangular television sets placed sporadically around; they hang from the celling. They don’t play the news or drama programs, but rather really fascinating reports on important subjects having to do with the ancient past and future. I am taking all this in and saying to the other point consciousness that is here with me “yes I could work out in a place like this.” I am feeling really excited about it. Walking through the interior I see a kiosk that shows a layout of the whole floor and where everything is. I walk up to it, wanting to take a photo so I can go over it later but I am not being let. I keep trying but the pictures are not coming out right. I shift over into another area of the floor.—

I am carrying two quarter cut pieces of toast in my hands, they are for Darr, who is now arriving from the far end of the room. By the time I get to her I have all but eaten them both myself. It was spontaneous, like it happened naturally without me even thinking about it. [ **this may be a sign that I am well enough to take toast today ]. I am surprised at myself for having done this by the time I reach her. Now I do not have anything for her. I tell her I will set out to get them for her again and before I know it we are on a bus ride. Darr is situated inside the bus and I am sitting out on the front of it, on a seat that it would seem is the front bumper. There are environments that rise up from within the ride which I no longer remember but when we get to our destination, Darr comes out of the bus and finds me looking in the dark for my purse. I can tell what I am holding in my hands right now is fanny pack, and the lights turn on and I see that it is — a black fanny pack. I reach inside and it is empty. I am telling Darr this is not mine. I am saying if this was a dream then maybe it could be, but when IRL it will be the purse I actually have; of course entirely missing the sign that I am dreaming and instead remaining bent on finding my purse.

Later—sometime before waking I see a scene:

There is a very attractive, naked Amer-Asian man sculpting another male. We are inside what would be a home office, there are books and papers and clutter all about. He is working off the far end of the desk and talking suggestively to the one he is sculpting about his male member. Joking that he is portraying it erect and commenting on its size. He is doing this in a flat kind of good humor. The small foot and half sized statue is in front the man so that nothing inappropriate is visible. By the skin tone and body type, who he is sculpting could be a near twin. When he is finished he turns the statue around. The way it is placed, papers block my view of seeing from the hips down, making me have to use my imagination as to how he has portrayed this person. I imagine he has sculpted him in a casual stance ( not erect ) and anatomically correct. 

February 8, 2023

Mist, free floating consciousness, tone

The room I am in is full of mist. A steady row of light-filled windows line the periphery.

There is the idea of something like a room #1, room #2, room #3… The top of my head goes up into room #1 where I proceed to view my very first yoga teacher audition ( IRL no such thing ever happened ). It is really embarrassing, I am only able to watch for a few seconds. I am talking way too loud and too fast. I am huffing and puffing as I move through the postures. I come back down into the original empty room full of mist. There is a female here now. She is standing directly in front of me. She is very pale skinned, thin, with long stringy platinum blonde hair. She looks a bit otherworldly in the mist. There is a tone that shoots through the room. She is looking at me with her eyes, not speaking a word, everything is with the eyes. “Yes I hear it, too” I say, before diving into a diatribe on how the universe is teaming with life and soon everyone on the planet will know. Now the woman speaks, she simply says “I disagree with you.” Without asking her anything about what she means I just begin feeling bad about assuming on her part and jumping headstrong into everything I just said to her. **I have been in bed for two days ( sick ) and not sleeping very deep. This is as much as I can see of this event.

February 7, 2023

Face-off with covid

Over the past weekend my care client got sick. He picked up covid and while caring for him I took on some of his load. I began feeling the light tickle at the top of the throat, by Monday evening the confrontation is coming full on and in going into the night I am falling off into my first direct interaction with the covid organism. I am not falling all the way off into a good sleep, rather it is like my psyche is being tested in a lengthy conversation within myself which goes on for many hours. I am taking my stance, positioning myself just so for the confrontation with the organism; away from fight-flight, away from judgement,  in love—knowing nothing truly malevolent can cross the boundary into love without itself morphing into this. Every so often, in a near bliss sensation I fall off into the fields only to, moments later, be jolted back into physical space by large hypnopompic jerks. This happens repeatedly for a time, and throughout the spaces in between I am returned to the inner flow of dialogue; the testing of my psyche.

In the morning, approaching sunrise, I am in a service bar when the phone rings. It is Robyn on the other end of the line. There is a show, she and Dale are attending… She’d like their drinks made special, a coffee for her and straight whiskey for Dale. I am pouring the drinks like I am the bartender, and sending the bartender out like he is the server ( role reversal ). I am doing this so he can collect the tip for himself. He returns with a little cake that is for me. I search the calendar in my mind and see that is April 11th, thinking to myself “oh yeah, it is my birthday tomorrow.” Every year I never remember, it is someone else who tells me. The shift I am working tonight is a Sunday, which would mean my birthday the year this is happening is on a Monday. The bartender says he would like a piece of that cake. I tell him to help himself. My conscious mind is coming alert to all this and is thinking “at least I know I will be alive in April.” After waking, I do a search on the next time April 12 falls on a Monday and the answer is 2027.

February 6, 2023

Contact through color code

Female …the colors she is wearing are striking my attention *it is the only thing that remains. It is a particular shade of ( bright burnt ) yellow that her long sleeved blouse is, paired with a brown plaid knee length skirt. Quite indicative of the 1970s. A Madonna song is playing in my mind, for hours through the waking period. It is the song : Frozen : and the line that is repeating over and over again is “give yourself to me.”

February 5, 2023

Infiltration, intrigue, double-cross

Full moon portal.  ( it is the night of the full moon ).

I am having a hard time sleeping, an extreme rarity to say the least. 

My mind is busy, thoughts from every angle just won’t stop coming. It goes on like this for hours, from 10pm to well after midnight, a time period through which I am tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable in the bed. My response at this point is to begin a mantra, specifically the Gayatri mantra. Soon after beginning I notice someone is trying to break through, a voice, an energetically male voice. I do not like the feeling of the connection and double down on my focus into the mantra. I still cannot sleep, though I am growing somewhat more comfortable. I get up to use the bathroom around 3am, then decide I will do some work on the computer for awhile. This is when I begin noticing how brightly my room is lit and glimpse out the window to see the enormous full moon. The light is lovely. After answering a few emails and messages on the forum board I try again to get in to some sleep ( I do have to wake early to begin another 12 hour work shift in the morning ). Sometime after 4:30 am—

Data is being sent to me *a large amount, and it would seem important set of data.

The transfer includes codes, numbers, and a high amount of intrigue. The canvas, or backdrop of the data as it begins coming through is a university level acting class. I have come late to class and do not realize there is a test. I have all but missed it ( ie: missed an opportunity ), there is just 5 minutes left to do what I can. A young male student ( <— translation, “student” = a being entering my level as an equivalent to me ) tries contacting me. He is caucasian, slight in stature with thin, light blonde hair that is parted on the side. He is bringing to my attention that he is slipping me information into my phone. I now notice that I am on a phone call and that the phone being used in an old model black cell that is jacked in on a cord. It is a “land line”. I am confused, cognitively swimming in a very intense energy. I want to know where my own phone is and in making the distinction between the two phones, am shown a white square slip of paper with the data that is being transferred to me in front of the backdrop of the phone I have IRL. 

I can feel the pressure in the background,—the secrecy, intrigue, opposing element and time constraint behind successfully getting all this through to me. There is a strong element of secrecy, of spies to get around. While navigating through some of the data, in a swirl of activity a portion of my attention locates and is asking a female administrative assistant behind a glass enclosed help area if I should retake this class ( the acting class due to missing the test ) or just cancel it and stop coming, She pushes all my papers and inquiry back at me and confirms to cancel saying “none of the plays are even going on as scheduled anyway.” It would seem as the whole operation behind all the dramas is collapsing, loose ends are being tied up and everyone is hurriedly readying to evacuate. In the whirlwind of energy I spin over to another area of the transfer.

A Jan look-a-like is here with me.

He is saying he would like me to give him the chance to prove the other guy is lying—the blonde student who is transferring me this data. I am open to going with him. He takes me to an enormous black African woman. We have to lower ourselves into this place where she is. It is a bit like dropping down the walls of a yurt style enclosed pit. The ground is earthen, dirt. The woman is sitting on a thrown of sorts in the center of the space which is filled with all kinds of old dilapidated things. The living conditions here are rough, what we sometimes call third world and what I might also suspect is post apocalyptic. I am brought to stand directly before her. 

She asks if I want to ask her any spiritual question, as though she is a shaman. 

In this same series of moments she is somehow dethroned, she loses her position in the chair in which she was just sitting. She is now rolling on the floor trying to reach herself forward to get back into position >> into the chair. Now Jan is all of a sudden saying “we have to go!, we have to go now!” We start making our way out. I lose him in a crowd, in another area on another level that perceptually could be the lobby area of an old movie theatre and even entry to a train or subway station. I begin to notice Jan is no longer with me as I am heading up a cement set of steps and turn back, loudly calling out his name again and again. I will not leave without him. I am going back, causing a ruckus and so to quiet me, I finally ( am let to ) see him coming out from a crowd of others toward me. I am aghast. His whole face is cracked open. “Who has done this to you?” I am saying. He is telling me the woman just did. I say “but I thought you brought me to her to prove other guy was the bad guy.” I am confused. 

As we are making our way back together, up the set of cement steps, just as I am nearing the top I am accosted from behind. – raped over a rail just standing there. I am made to be still and not move. Two others are with, and behind the man doing this. I somehow still have my wits about me, I am consciously experiencing this but not going into fear. The man is saying into my right ear, “tell me how your father is a narcissistic, evil……..the words trail off into nothingness. I am deleting the details of the activity, focusing into the pure sensation and shifting it into a positive spin.

This is surprisingly allowing the contents of the entire data transfer to embed. — the brainwaves are shifting through toward beta and I am immediately transported, with all this energy/insight back into physical space. It is 5:30am, less than an hour has gone by.

February 4, 2023

Warmth and cold, equalizing

Today there is the opportunity to take note of a phenomena that is new for me. It just began happening this year ( IRL ), I have just started getting cold to the bone. This has never happened before, even in winter, even when drinking my breakfast smoothies.–but this year it has. It is mostly localized to a time period between roughly 12 noon and 5pm ( before and after this I am quite warm in my body ). Today it so happened that when I got situated in front of my little space heater, the extreme pleasantness of the sensation of the warmth mixed with the cold caused me to unstoppably begin falling into delta-theta waves. I was out for many hours and could easily have just slept until the next morning but I forced myself awake, made dinner and ate before slipping easily back in just hours later at 8pm. I slept beautifully through the night and began waking to my work alarms at 5:30am. No data at all is coming through with me. I can tell it is a rest day. I feel peaceful and in a perfect state of equilibrium.  —  (  log out  ).

February 3, 2023

Oddities throughout the night

I wake at various intervals tonight, each time to oddities of which I quickly take note.

At the first, it is my position in the bed which is so odd. I have pressed myself all the way up at the head board and my head is bent at what seems an impossible angle. The whole back of my head, neck and shoulders are pressed to the headboard, The way I am laid out I might appear as though a backwards written 7 and I am buried head and all under the blankets, I remember thinking I am glad I am all the way under the blankets… there is an entity here with me, a young perhaps 14 year old boy, caucasian, shaggy blonde hair, I am not getting a good feeling from this one at all. Something I detect as traumatizing is happening. 

The next time I wake it is 3:45 am, I get up to use the bathroom. When I lay back down and close my eyes it is immediately very bright inside. It is as though a light is on. It reminds me of a sunny day before the rains come, when perhaps a rainbow is appearing and the lighting of the sky becomes more golden than white. I immediately know there is a presence here and say “hello”, tentatively awaiting a potential reply, but none comes. I do begin seeing little ET faces, a gathering of them, all little, just as days ago, the ones huddled around the tree. I remember this as I see them. They are continuing to try to contact me.

Now it is closer to morning, closer to my proper wake time and I am noticing that each time I try to inquire into my dreams my thinking mind is being activated. This is a rarer than rare occurrence these day. The thinking mind is creating and inciting conversations on everything under the sun. It won’t stop. It is blocking me for some reason from seeing. This continues to the point of being almost comical when I try one last thing. 

I roll to my side and palm my eyes, making it black as pitch inside. I begin to see the inner vortices, inner space, and quickly begin hearing a sentence, an energetically male voice is saying “look into my language, I beseech you.” As point consciousness I am looking down into a lab. There is an elongated head species of being locked behind glass. It is looking out into the room where there is a human male in a lab coat standing with his back to the glass. To the front of him is some large scale equipment, as though from a ways back in time, and he seems to be logging on a clipboard he is holding in his hands. This is as much as I see.

February 2, 2023

Root center vortex, aquatic fetus

Note: for me the root center – base chakra – is the culmination of the Kundalini’s work through my personal body system, mine has been a top-down activation and transformative process. The root center, since the very onset of my process, presented with anomalous phenomena. Something situated there in that vortex and general location within the body has caused much pain, anguish, and physical ( for lack of a better word –> ) disfunction. The energy passing through would create a schism in the vortex, energy somehow got ‘stuck’ and would cause my legs to shake. It has proven to be a highly uncomfortable situation for many years, beginning in 2009 and extending, in a sequentially diminishing fashion through roughly 2019 when I discovered a way to sort of “patch” what was happening by applying a salt pack to the area.

This seemed to ground the energy, rather than pooling and setting off like fireworks the flows would instead do as intended and flow. This said, the center still was not fully open, cleared or in a free state of spin. Until, that is, this past month when I experienced an Inner uniting with who I perceived to be Jesus ( in actuality the Christ light ), then expressed the energy outwardly in the etheric frequency bandwidth with …….wait for it ……….Elivis Presley. Whatever this event was, it cleared the root vortex which has since been in a perfect state of spin.

This morning is the second instance in a mere matter of weeks that I am witnessing the spin through the expanded state while looking in on dream activity. 

As the scenes begin I am with Laura ( Lu ), we are discussing green screens for the making of videos, specifically one that is black in color and another that is neutral. Following a period of time here the scene gives way. I do not know where I am. A school auditorium is the closest concept I can come up with. I am waiting to be helped. There is a woman and her young daughter here. Even though I am next up to be helped the woman pushes through. She is not happy with how things are here these days. There is another environment pushing through. A water park where dolphins are kept and where people go to swim and be healed by them. The dolphins are in hibernation at this time of year. I hear one of the female helpers saying that only two of them come through each day but because the woman is causing such a fuss to get her daughter in, they do let her. 

My attention is being called center stage. One of the female personnel, a plump middle aged woman with shoulder length brown hair in a bob cut is showing me the fetus of an aquatic being. It is bone colored and laid out across the palm of her hand. I am struggling very hard to understand what is being shown to me. Why is this being shown to me? Synchronously, a very young Bret Weinstein appears naked on the stage, facing what would be an audience he gives his bows and, as though directed, runs off stage right. The scenery gives way. Now I am with Heather Weinstein in her house. This is another contact, the second from Heather in just a matter of weeks. I can no longer see our activity here together but during the talk we are having, the word “cake” is said aloud three times ( by Heather ) and now I feel like I want to go get cake. 

As I am working all this out, Heather morphs into Ann Hurley, a childhood friend, the activity and environment morph into the old neighborhood. 

I am in someone’s house again. I feel like I want to clean the floors. I am also being drawn to look out the windows toward the houses down the block. I look left, getting a good glimpse, then look right. On the right is a very large window that looks specifically into the yard of the woman’s house next door. She is out with her two dogs. The dogs are careful with where to step, “leery” is perhaps the better word, because there are shallow waterways, beneath which are these huge aquatic beings. I don’t know what these are. I have never seen anything like this. Some kind of ( submarine-shaped ) whale? They are far too large for the shallow water they are immersed in but they are for now somehow making do. The water is very muddy. I am watching one of them swim from where it was through to the area where the dogs are. 

Inside I am setting about to finding floor cleaning items.— 

There is so much of everything. There is nowhere that is organized and once I take something out there is nowhere to put it back in. I am frustrated with this when a handyman comes through. He is a very nice sort. He is saying they can do a remodel. I think to myself “how nice”, to have a personal handyman who can change anything you need just like that. I leave him to it while I walk off toward the upper level bathroom with a backpack of cleaning items and a swiffer pad.

February 1, 2023

Sorrow, loss of life, deep unprocessed emotional release

This is a lengthy experience,

I wake briefly around 4am, when I first alert to the activity and it continues to when I wake between 7-8am. It begins with a contact with Carie, a friend who has just recently passed away. The experience lasts for so long and grows to contain so much that now I have just hold of the general outline of events. Following a period between just Carie and myself, the MIS tribe arrives and is holding a circle in her memory. This is sometime down the timeline I feel, because Anne, who I see in very clear detail looks quite old. It is as though we hold the circle annually, here in what may be her own house, but also there is the feeling of Feathered Pipe Ranch. 

Carie herself comes to attend the circle, which lends me to the feeling that the others here in it have also crossed over. Now there is the data that Erich has just died. Leslie is still with us in physical space when this happens. This is the second time in roughly a month that I am receiving news of his passing which makes me feel it may be impending. I see Leslie and am visiting her. There is a female person in the house who I do not recognize, who she is helping ( and who is helping her ). At one point we are taking a drive together. The drive is along the water. I pass our exit and cannot turn around. Somehow we all arrive back at the house. 

There are various junctures where Erich and I are connecting. I seem totally okay emotionally with his passing, until a scene where he is at the foot of the bed, doing something I cannot quite see because so much of my attention is on myself sitting on the floor weeping in such anguish. The weeping is uncontrollable, the pain in the heart is so deep. It is Erich’s own voice which is doing this, he is saying something to me, something about if we don’t get it right this time, which seems to mean not keeping anything buried, letting everything rise up for processing. Following a lengthy period of time spent here in the immediate felt and overflowing emotion— 

My consciousness begins free floating, 
expanding to include many of these areas of activity all at once. 

I now see Cindy ( who does not belong to this group, I worked with Cindy in Las Vegas at a Real Estate company ), she is taking the large pillows on the floor, one by one and washing them all free of dust. I tell her this is so nice of her to do, the gesture is very kind and appreciated. I tell her she should have seen those pillows before I cleared all the large particles off myself. I now wonder if the circle here contains all those I know who are crossing over at this time.

As I wake I feel the crisp coolness of the room, the sun is shining bright.

It feels like a bright new day.

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