OBE Log : Thermo Nuclear War

April 19, 2022

The last I remember before falling in : it is sometime after 7am, I am laying on my right side, the pillow is under my head and I have my healer at my forehead ( I am actively going in after my dreams from the night ). When I come back : I am positioned on my back, I am in sleep paralysis, in a state of cognitive dissonance – disbelief – inwardly asking what it is I am seeing. The auditory knowing comes with immediacy. It is the beginning of a thermonuclear war. I have no idea where I am in time, or even where I am on the planet, although the people, their manner, state of dress and such suggest it is somewhere near current time. I will start from the beginning:

I am on the land, a natural environment in the woods, it looks to be Fall.

I am making my way through this area toward the house up ahead when a watering system goes off, I slip and get all wet. After enjoying this for awhile, the feeling of the earth, the water, the connection….I make my way toward the house. Walking through the long rectangular-like structure I am approached by multiple dogs until finally arriving at the far end where there is sitting in a mostly empty, somewhat abandoned room ( as though a memory of the past ) — a man. 

He reminds me of someone born prior to the first Great Depression. He is tall, broad shouldered, strong, large around the middle. A man’s man. As he is sitting here the button of his pant is undone and the zip is slightly down, to accommodate the weight at his middle. One of the dogs is approaching close, a little too close for my immediate comfort but he sits himself here with me, I pet his head, look into his eyes — ( and shift ) — another man, an angry and warped man has the man from the house, his left hand specifically over a chopping block.

I see now that his 2nd and 4th fingers are already missing, they have already been cut off at some point in the past and are now healed over. The angry man has a large knife and is threatening to now take another. He brushes the knife maliciously over the pinky finger and is about to take it when something happens. It is almost like my own energy is intervening. As the warped man looks up and over across the room, ceasing his threat to take the pinky finger the scene fades.

I am now in an elevator. I am standing at the back where there is a man off to my right who seems just a part of the background, and there is a woman standing near the elevator door. She is a large woman, young, pregnant, very light skinned with light blonde hair. She is wearing a fitted pink dress with a thin little something over the shoulders. She turns for a moment and when she does her very ample bosom is displayed. I think briefly to myself “my goodness, cover yourself some.” My energy goes with hers when she exits the elevator. We are speaking now.

There is something this woman wants from me, something she wants me to do. I see that it has to do with a graduation in consciousness and as we reach her apartment, sit down together in front of a fireplace area, I am instructing her on journaling, what it is meant to help invoke and how it will lead to lucidity in her experiences. The book is now in my hands and I am passing it over to her. In our conversation she mentions Rob Gauthier. For some reason this make me nervous, skeptical of her, she wants me to sign the book. I gullibly begin to do so when the scene makers stop it from happening. At the same time—

Something is beginning to take place outside. I step out onto a balcony [ through time into another place and time ] to see what it is. I am looking off into the horizon at the approaching of many military planes in the air and ships in the water. They are heading right for us. As the ships reach shore they are effortlessly able to take flight and remain in formation with the air craft. Others who live in this high-rise structure are beginning to pour out onto their balconies.


Envision futuristic air craft–et craft


From where I am observing there are multiple women standing out on the neutral colored concrete balcony near the rail and another woman who has just finished showering is making her way out. She is toweling her head and the towel falls loosely off. She has incredibly long, thick straight blonde hair. We are in another country, where?.. Europe? Poland? somewhere the people are more used to war. Sirens are beginning to go off, an announcement is being made, martial law is being invoked, the people are being told to get inside and off the streets or they will be shot. 

In my conscious state of awareness I am worried whether the people are prepared and have enough food stores. The water is being shut off and will be rationed. I begin to hear in my head, as though it is me, that I am just wanting to get showered first before this happens. I begin running toward my own apartment. On the way I pass Rob Gauthier, who is walking the other way with his son Jeremy. I am in a rush and in this bundle of charged energy when I begin to shift back toward physical space. I am in sleep paralysis. I am in shock and honing in on the planes and sea craft approaching. Trying to understand how the naval ships can so easily take flight. Asking —what am I seeing?….when I hear in a way that is reverberating through my whole body,



8 thoughts on “OBE Log : Thermo Nuclear War

    1. It is very true, Mike, the pressure will break at some point, into what kind of incident or experience is the question. Are you getting any precognitive data these days? What are you seeing?


      1. The precog data I’ve been getting these past few years are, in general, about the collapse of the US. (I’m sure other countries will experience collapse of some sort, but it’s the US which certain of my nighttime dreams have been focused on, probably because that is where my physical body is.)

        Not an exhaustive list of what I’ve seen, but indicative:


        * travel by automobile becomes a luxury; only the rich can afford it

        * much lower population, and significantly more peaceful communities that result from reduced population-pressure

        * a hotter world with little or no electricity; rain-patterns disrupted

        * majority of income is spent on bare necessities, especially food

        * food in grocery stores (the ones that remain) will be tightly guarded; food becomes extremely valuable, due to its rarity and the difficulty of obtaining and transporting it; loss of adequate means of refrigeration for foods


        * tent-living becomes socially acceptable for certain classes of people, due to mass loss of housing


        * calculated betrayal of the public by their politicians, and bombs falling on American cities

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  1. Time will tell, there are far too many of these weapons and those who “control” them have less consciousness of the consequences of releasing those energies. Oppenheimer knew when he quoted from the Gita – I am become death, destroyer of worlds … perhaps we can intervene?

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    1. Oh I am certain we can create a new and different energy. I know this is what I am spending my life doing. What we will accomplish as a collective, however, is anyone’s guess. If we learn to trust one another to hold a right and proper balance, rather than continue to insist our own potential side onto all others we are going to make it. I know that we can. All my energy, in earnest is going toward this.

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      1. You must know the story of the hundredth monkey… I agree there is a level of awareness that even a small group can maintain to keep the tipping point from going over. Yes, its not through peace marches as much as it is becoming truly human, truly understanding of our connectedness

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