OBE Log : Reptilian Energy : Dragon Connections


This experience as it is first beginning is while on air, The Enlightment Evolution Hour ( podcast ) with Rob Gauthier. I will embed the video below this log. Rob is someone I have known for some time now, he came on to youtube in roughly 2011, but I think it is 2016-17 when I intersect with him. Rob is one of the Speakers, a “Channeler” as we refer to them now. At that time he is channeling a friendly, thoroughly delightful Reptilian energy who is presenting to us by the name TReb-or-yit-NE. I am enthralled, as Rob is a deep trance channeler, and the information he and TReb are bringing through contains REAL data relative to people’s galactic heritage.

I begin listening to his previous uploads steadily, generally every night before going to bed. It is at approximately this time ( 2017 ) that the phenomena with the crystal is beginning and one night, while listening in on a few of the channeled sessions Rob himself begins coming through. On this particular occasion, he comes through in a candle lit room, donning near the identical form he does now, in a pre-renaissance time frame. It is night, he is in what we would now call a “cafe” and I capture him in mid-oration. He is an orator of some kind, possibly a poet, possibly a philosopher—and I think to myself, “Wow, he is a Speaker in this lifetime also.”

Not long after this he comes through again. This time he is positioned in an area of the crystal I have come to name “An’s kingly cloak”. It is where An, himself, as a king generally comes through himself. Rob, again looking like himself, a peasant with a manly/knightly presence is filling most the cloak and is the center-most feature of the frame, but there are others tucked into him. One of these others is a little ET being nestled into his right side. I instantly know this is Kalina, who is now his wife. The crystal is showing me their inherent and close connection. And, also, due to their position, Rob from his own stance on the left, Kalina on the right, that Rob comes from the side of An, and Kalina from the side of Nihala >> ( An’s mate and Dragon Queen ).

I am relaying a bit of this back story to Rob as we are preparing to begin the podcast, and what I find myself knowing more in the process is that we are all a part of the “Story in the Stone”, the story coming through to us through the crystal. The more I have connected with Rob ( et al ) through the years, perhaps notably a portion of his own Inner networking – known to us as Aridif – the more I am alerting to their activity within my own Inner networking, generally leading to CONTACT experiences, within the event ( for me ) of an OBE.

Tonight is such an instance.

Following the show and lovely conversation with Kalina afterward, I consciously shift in:

June 9, 2022

Rob Gauthier and Kalina Angell

This is a LIVE contact.

I am in a REAL data field receiving REAL data. In the experience >> eight hours long >> I am fluctuating between between present awareness ( OBE ) and standard dream.

I am at the apartment of Rob Gauthier and Kalina Angell.

We are in a lengthy, all-night-long conversation/communication/collaboration; this experience begins as I lay myself down and I am still in this experience as I am returning to physical space in the morning. At first it is mostly Rob who I am in the exchange with, then it shifts over to Kalina when Rob suggests she take me up to an upper level. As we are ascending the stairs I notice a large reptile resting atop her right arm. The size of it is significant, roughly the size of the total length of her arm. When we reach an upstairs room she rests the creature in the bed. As we are talking I reach over to pet it, to begin a bonding process and let it know I am friendly. 


The being on Kalina’s arm is not full grown, so not quite as large as this one appears to be; I am not aware of its exact species but visually this is not too far off. I have to wonder, due to carrying it on her arm, if it is representative of Lilith. Is there something the combining of all our energies is apt to bring about for her as a young human? It does feel so.


When my hand first makes contact, the creature startles just slightly as it alerts to my closer presence but between Kalina emitting that it is okay and my own soft touch it rests, lays its head back down onto the bed and enjoys the soft strokes. What I am seeing with my eyes and what I am feeling beneath my hand seem at odds; my hand is feeling something soft itself, soft like fur. As this happens the reptile begins presenting with a bit more of a mane down its neck. The majority of the rest of the exchange while up here is communication, and, as most usual, itself does not stay intact through the next shift(s) back into physical space.

I am waking early, just briefly, and not fully, at the 5am hour – I am just passing through beta long enough to enjoy the sensation of the theta-alpha frequencies still lingering in the background, cognize what has been happening and ask questions as I synch back in.—

At this juncture in the experience I am standing out on the sidewalk. 

It is very deep into the night and I am heading back up toward Rob and Kalina’s place because there is something I have forgotten. Kalina is standing down at the other end of the block, smiling her Kalina smile and holding the item out to me. She even extends her energy toward me to meet me halfway in order to place it in my hands more quickly. I want to say it is a key, I also want to say it is a little plant growing in a clear plastic cup, but neither of these ideas are exactly what is visually being placed in my hands. While I had been away, in the space between being upstairs with Kalina, and being here with her outside on the sidewalk I had taken a stroll through the neighborhood:

While on this stroll I come across 3 men, two of them middle aged and one who is the son of one of them, who is just into his 20s. There is an exchange between us on the idea of work and rest/time off. The two older men are more balanced in their idea. I, myself am telling them that while many people work ( harder ) to have and save more money I work to accumulate more periods of potential time off. We are discussing the idea of taking 3 days off in a row. We are all agreeing on this but for some reason the younger man is not. I learn that it is because he cannot financially afford to. **I am being shown the difference of the times, the economy in times past relative to now. The two older men and I, even so, are still seeing the need for balance, and for this young man to let himself take 3 days off in a row to help restore this balance. ]

In the exchange I am now in again with Kalina, 

As we are standing out here on the sidewalk this whole idea is integrating into our own exchange. I am feeling like she needs more time to rest. I can feel this in her energy and hear it in her voice. In the actual dialogue between us, she is reminding me that it has been a part of our agreement that although I could meet with she and Rob here at their place, the bathroom is not open for use.

I am taking this to be her way of telling me I am extending my welcome – as the longer one stays somewhere, the more likely it is they will have to do just this. It confuses me, however, at the same time, as both I and the other man visiting tonight did use the bathroom earlier. While I am trying to work through the logistics of all this the brainwaves are again shifting back in toward beta—I land again for a brief moment back in bed. I am still not seeing as clearly as I wish the item Kalina hands off to me, so I again aim myself at this and shift back in to have a look >> in the process shifting clean through the target moment and landing in a purple room.

A woman is giving a virtual paint presentation. ( beyond incredible! )

Rather than using a computer and computer graphics she is using a virtual paint technology to make her slides appear on the independent walls inside all our rooms. Rob, Kalina and I are all on this call. The purple room I myself am in is my own IRL. As the woman speaks, I watch as the virtual paint slides appear on my wall. I see an actual virtual paint brush in the air applying the ‘nano-data-filled-paint’ in a series of lateral delicate half loops and an item that looks like a window wiper brushing/smoothing them each down to open out each column of each total virtual slide; imagine that this is like working your way across a window while cleaning it.

I am almost more mesmerized by watching this happen, than paying close attention to what she is saying but at one point the subject of OBE and dream awareness comes up. I notice that I can only hear the female presenter, when Kalina asks a question or just speaks I cannot hear what she is saying. I can surmise, though, due to the context of the overall conversation and the presenter’s reply, the gist of what has been said. Right now in response to something Kalina has said the presenter is suggesting it to be dangerous to fall from OBE status back into standard dream. I want to interject but can clearly feel it is not my place.

I decide instead to wrap up this experience, the brainwaves are shifting again in toward beta and it is now well after 8am. I still feel motivated to see more clearly into the item Kalina hands me out on the sidewalk but I have made multiple attempts and conclude there must be a reason I keep being shot past it. What I have must be enough. I am still smiling at the trade-off, the pure magic of the virtual paint presentation. I can see myself still zooming in on the sections of a slide as it is being smoothed down the wall to reveal the data it contains >> quite purple and blue >> it looks like the blue ridge mountains.



Rob can be found at his website, as well other platforms ( absolutely reach out to connect! ):

Rob’s Website
Youtube Channel


Artwork in featured image by AlectorFencer ( @ DeviantArt.com )

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