Dream Re-entry : A Conscious Shift Back In Through Interpenetrating Fields

June 15, 2022

Concentricity, Spheres within Spheres

I start waking while it is still fairly early, which is surprising as I did not fall off to sleep until quite late, well after the 1am hour. I am going to have to dive for the dream data, I have only a cover song playing in my mind at this time. The room is cool and outside the sky is overcast, perfect for dream recollection. I roll onto my stomach, turning my head toward the right and place my Healer, George, at my forehead. Moments later a light show is going off in my head. In the back of my brain. I feel this ( not see it ); energy tingles. The sensation is so prominent it gets my attention, in physical space as well as inside the field. The two fields are seamlessly overlapped. 

Inside the field I am half sitting, half laying over a desk, in a similar position as I am in the bed. It is interesting because I can still feel the sensation of George at my forehead, even though inside the fields he is not here. My eyes are beginning to open, I am curiously beginning to investigate what is happening inside my brain while at the same time seeing Isza ( another crystal I work with ) in front of me. She is roughly two feet away from me in my direct line of sight but I am seeing inside her the way I do when working with the camera, inside the core of her crystal matrix. At the same time I am beginning to hear people arrive.

I can hear the arrival of the others coming in from some distance, but now they have opened the door, are directly in the room and taking amongst themselves. I decide I am going to just have to get up, half confusing one reality for the other. I step seamlessly up out of my body and am now, not in this secondary field but a THIRD >> leaving the previous two fields still intact and in play; I am still looking into Isza in the second, and still experiencing the major brain tingles in both the second and first. As I am stepping up out of my body in the second field into the third I am knowing the person who has arrived is Kerry Cassidy, and that she has ( at some prior ) given me a dog.

There is a moment of shock because it is my conscious mind which is knowing this and I am not immediately knowing where the dog is. I try to locate this data very rapidly in my mind. As I do this I find myself in the living room of this apartment we are now in and there is not just one dog here but four! I am feeling a joy not easy to describe as one of the four is my Charlie. They are all excited and playing amongst themselves and, periodically, after scurrying with the others Charlie is jumping up onto my right forearm. I realize all of their excitement and energy, at least in part is due to them needing to get out to the yard. They confirm this knowing.

We all move toward the back door, and stepping through I step seamlessly from this third environment into a fourth ( and final ) field. We are in my Dad’s backyard. [ missing time ]. The dogs have all done their thing and are back in the house but I have realized I should check the side gate, it would not be good if it were left open and any of the them got out into the street. I am beginning to struggle to hold my alert status within the fourth of these fields. As I am checking the gate the field is beginning to become distorted. The swing type chainlink fence at the side of the house is distorting. The one side will not meet the other in order to lock.

I am beginning to stretch the gate in order to reach, a bit like silly putty. As I do this the whole bottom of the fence begins to distort, to roll up a foot or two off the ground. I decide I am going to have to pin each section down but Dad comes out and tells me I cannot do it. I do not understand why, surely he would also not like the dogs to get out into the street. He is insistent, though, so I decide that in this event we are not going to be able to stay here. We both head back into the house and as I step onto the threshold, this fourth field collapses into the third, the third into the second and the second into the first >> this fast >> I am back in physical space.


Cover song: The Glory of Love

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