Asking the Crystal a Question

It came as quite a surprise!,

That I could interact with the crystal—Inquire into something or ask a question and get a reply. A friend had put forward a situation one day and in that moment in which she did I wondered if I could help. If I could look into the matter and see what might be happening. I reached out my energy, focused on her, then focused into the crystal and snapped a shot:


To my amazement I got a clear read ( a clear response. The feline being in the upper right was consentualy seen by many others. The remainder, more fuzzy, much more challenging to view, I, myself, can somehow still read. Many, many layers deep.

It is not like knowing absolutely, everything….More like being able to see. Certain beings, clusters of beings, activities, expressions, energies, and getting a certain feeling on them. Even at this very first read. And the capacity is likely to grow.

Every now and again I do feel the impetus to test this. Reaching out to friends for inquiries/situations/questions to put to the crystal. At times someone may just wish to see their multidimensional being,—their extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional associates.

Here are some of those reads:

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