The Crystal Work: Video Recorded Contact

Today is, as they say a good day.

A new milestone with the work has been reached.

This past week, for the first time ever I was able to video record a contact in a shareable format. In the past this has not been possible, just due to logistics, really. When I am going into the crystal I have the cell phone camera right up on the crystal and switching from photo mode to video mode enlarges the screen to where the being is too close up to effectively see. There is more to it as well, — the light coming through the crystal, as it moves creates ripples that will dissolve any one view into others. Like a moving kaleidoscope. So I have to be able to keep up, in order to hold a particular light stream in a specific pattern in order to record. This is necessary for the still frames as well, but in photo mode there is plenty of space to navigate and otherwise do this. While in video mode there is not. All this said, this past week the miraculous happened. Heaven and Earth moved to create just the right set of circumstances and I was able to record a contact.

There is so much that can happen when I go into the crystal to explore.

I am going to go over a good deal of this with you now.


You are going to love this, come have a look!


The information is interesting and fun, but it is a lot to take in all at once – ( it is a lot to express to you all at once! ) – so while there is more than a fair amount of data in the video above, not ALL what I have to say made it in. I am doing my best to share all this in digestible bite size pieces. The idea is to keep adding new chapters in sequential uploads until we reach a finale and everyone has at their disposal a single video with it all clearly outlined.

If those of you who are viewing would leave me feedback in the comments, this is always not only of great interest but also value to me. It helps me see where I have missed something, where I am not being as clear or complete as what I have thought. Where your interests lay is as important to this work as where my own do. Please know this. I can only advance so far as you allow me, by letting me know where I am hitting the mark and where there continue to be gaps.

This said, as a treat to everyone who finds their way to this page,—

Let’s go even a little further than we did in the video. This will be a bit of a sneak peek into what is coming up in the next. In addition to everything we went over in the crystal work explained video ( above ), there are two more phenomena that are important, and to me of great interest. One of them, if you have been following for some time you may have heard me mention before.

Contact is not all at once.

The beings come into our conscious knowing, and, yes, even our direct presence – g r a d u a l l y. It is a process and the process depicts, as well as enacts the 3D-4D shift. — the graduation from confinement on our own sphere into galactic space ( 4-5-6D ).

You know you are working with a consciousness of a positive polarization when it is not only not infringing upon your free-will but also not exceeding what your human central nervous system can handle. It is important to give a moment of attention to say here that our ET relations who are of a negative polarization are not automatically due to this what we might consider malevolent. I find there to be a great, vast and w i d e spectrum along the negative, only the ‘lowest’ of which is necessarily malevolent. Leaving this lowest ( smallest ) spectrum aside for the moment, let’s go to those who are of a moderate to high degree of positive polarization.

These beings come in slowly, gradually, as we allow and when we are ready. This data comes through crystal transmissions as the phenomena of the beings first appearing in ‘caricature’ form. This is done to help us acclimate to their non-Earth-human appearance and the idea they really, actually do exist. Our central nervous systems have to process this data. We can have the tendency to often consider only ourselves, the overriding consciousness in the body and not the body itself. It is of immeasurable importance to give the body the time it needs to process what it must. All this means nothing if we cannot bring it into the body – into the physical – alterations beyond what we are aware of are taking place. I have shown this to you before but let’s see a few examples here, as we are specifically mentioning it. ( a picture being worth a thousand words ).


Caricature of Huatumi


Caricature of Aster


Caricature of Saeran


The second phenomena that is of high fascination has to do with the example of, and difference between the types of calls that can come through. There are LIVE calls, where-in the beings come through direct. These are not just visual but visceral as well, beyond what occurs in the pre-recorded variety that are left for me find after the fact. I often get the idea that when these are found it alerts the being to my presence and there is a chance it could then push through LIVE in real time. It is rare for this to happen but there have been at least a few instances of it. The right set of conditions need to be present for this to occur, one of which involves being present and working with the crystal specifically at the hour going into sunset.

It is a sometimes frustrating fact, but the LIVE calls are in a light that I find does not ( easily ) embed into the photos. It is so extraordinary to me, due to the fully life-like manner in which they are here before me, it seems they would show up to a significant degree more than the pre-records. Instead it is the opposite. I am still in the process of learning why, and learning how to work with this. Another question is why this skill is even being called for down here on the planet. I am confident now that I have asked it is even already in the process of being answered.

We’ll leave off here.
I hope everyone is even a fraction as riveted as I am about all this.

And where we will take it from here.

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