OBE Log: Precognitive Experiences Continue

November 14, 2022

It is 8:18 in the morning.
I have just reached over and had a look at the time on my cell phone.

I am very body tired from working long hours over the weekend and due to this – the strong sensation of body ache – am not clearly seeing into my dreams from this evening. I decide, all the same, that I will close my eyes and lay still here for awhile to see what I can see.

The next thing I know I am in a strong, very specific rhythmic “pulse” of full body vibrations. I wonder to myself from deep within them how my heart ever withstands this without adverse effect. The pulsing goes on for some time and when it stops I am left in the void. I lay here without moving, not even breathing, ready for the visuals to open out. Before they fully do,—

I am aware that Robyn has come into the room. 

This is a knowing that has a full range of data present with it, but is not visual in the more traditional sense. Even though, I am acutely aware of and can in a sense “see” all the data. She has opened the door to my room, let herself in and stepped inside, and is writing something on a small rectangular piece of paper. What she is writing is for me but I do not know what it is or what it says. Multiple fields are opening out and my attention is dispersing into them all. In the background behind all the data ( all the scenes ) I am speaking with Someone about it, notably about where there is so much data that I cannot clearly see something, such as what Robyn is writing.

I will note here that the body exhaustion this morning is what is allowing this experience but at the same time it is working against me in the sense of the data I am able to carry through the shift back toward physical space. 

The experience itself holds data spanning a few months, meaning that from within it I feel, know and experience myself here for the equivalent of months. There are multiple times where I stop to realize this clearly, letting it really embed how incredibly a conscious state can be sustained within these events. I never really expect that I can bring one back in its entirety, and curiously wonder why experiences like this are ever given. Perhaps it is possible to grow the capacity to such a state, in which the event in whole remains intact. I am with the ETs in the layer in which I am thinking all this, they are the Someone I have been speaking with but at present I cannot see who they are. I do know this data is available and when I am ready and have more energy I can go in for it. In the month’s long scenes there is an enormous chunk that is missing from my immediate view, like an above top secret document that has been disclosed but has the majority of everything blacked out. This is just for now, so that certain data stands out to me.

One: this is a precognitive experience, I am being given REAL data. The person the data is relevant to is female. Accompanying her is a female private investigator who is attractive, average in height, on the thin side of average in size, with shoulder length medium blonde hair that has natural waves and is cut to shape the face. She is wearing jeans, a short sleeved blouse and blazer. At the moment she is sitting on a low cement fence that borders where the walkway and the sands of the beach meet; the ocean is behind her. She is eating a sandwich as I arrive in an excited energy, telling her we have to stop, that they are coming after us and we have to get away from here now. 

I have just seen at the police station that the papers have been put through, completed and approved, giving the go ahead to arrest us. It is a middle aged male detective who is behind the pushing of this idea,— he is leaving the station, he has arrived at the beach, I have just seen him on the other side of the weathered white building behind us. There are two others, both male, who are with him. They know we are here and are pushing through fast looking past people. The female investigator is not agreeing. She is saying we have to stay the course, to continue practicing peaceful non-compliance. She is very sure of herself, clearly seasoned and calm about all this. 

What is happening is not new to her but it is new to me and I, myself, do not want to be arrested. I do not feel ready for it. The idea scares me. We do leave here before being spotted and I am taken to a location, a residence, a homestead, I would say, that I am told has all the equipment needed to take care of it by ourself. The equipment is all being pointed out to me. I feel to be in the outskirts of a small town in a desert area. It is old, isolated, there is no color, the whole area is very brown but it does have everything necessary. — **looking back in on this area now, the idea of Pahrump, Nevada comes to me. Only because it is visually and energetically similar.

As the data is concluding it is in a far more beautiful area and energy

We are huddled here, high up in a sandstone alcove, the female private investigator and I, in a warm and friendly exchange. It is here that, through the exchange I am realizing I am merged with someone ( and not them ). One of the items Robyn has left for me on the desk is now beginning to come into view, into visible range. I see it at just a bit of a distance hovering in mid-air. I know it is a driver’s license. I know immediately now, because when I am shown a driver’s license in an experience, it means that this is a precognitive event. I am being shown something relative to our 3D space. I reach out for the license saying “okay let’s see who I am here.” 

I am surprised, as well as at the very same time not surprised because this ( merge ) has happened once before and even recently. The name on the driver’s license is : DAYNA STONE.

I say the name out loud to the investigator, who only now I am on the threshold of gleaning is – interiorly – the ET intelligence behind this event and ask her if she knows this person. [ I will note here this is someone I myself do know IRL. ] The exchange that follows the question is bathed in a sea of colors that is altering the landscape. Rather than facing the woman I am now turned around the other way and looking out over a large field, possibly a school baseball field which itself is surrounded by natural landscape, – at a stunning sunset horizon. 

The view, energetically, is an energy exchange with and within every cell in my body. I am standing here, viscerally in the most beautiful waves of light and hue, locked in wonder, ephemeral joy and amazement at how long my conscious state has been sustained here.

The incoming data from the experience is continual and full, there is no concern of ever losing any of it. Only as I begin shifting back toward the beta frequency bandwidth do portions begin to exceed my range and be ‘blacked out’ as a way of patterning what I feel are the most relevant bits into a cohesive picture I can snapshot and hold in my conscious state of attention. 

It is an almost crippling thing to experience,—wide open awareness with unceasing access to all, collapsing into the more usual 3D conscious state of attention. Moving from everything, to relatively speaking near nothing. It is the part I like least about going out.—having to come back in.

I could probably say more, but essentially this is all I’ve got.

( for now )

5 thoughts on “OBE Log: Precognitive Experiences Continue

  1. “This is a knowing that has a full range of data present with it, but is not visual in the more traditional sense. Even though, I am acutely aware of and can in a sense ‘see’ all the data.”

    Man, I know _exactly_ what you mean here.

    “It is an almost crippling thing to experience,—wide open awareness with unceasing access to all, collapsing into the more usual 3D conscious state of attention. Moving from everything, to relatively speaking near nothing.”


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    1. It is a sometimes challenging thing to ( repeatedly ) experience, isn’t it, Mike? It is so important, especially right now to bring back all the data from the fields that we can, though. Continue we must.

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      1. Yes, challenging, in a way, not just in the short-term, but in the long-term. In the long-term, it can expose one to so much of Heaven that one becomes homesick here, in the physical.

        There is such a thing as “too much God” in the life of a mystic… but, just speaking personally, I’d rather have “too much God” than too little, even if “too much” means I walk around with a broken heart, longing for home, yet, for the sake of home, seldom thinking of home.


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