Life in Potentiality: Inside the Potentialty Field

Potentiality— The ability to come into existence.

The ability is not quite the actuality. Not quite an ACT —It is prior to this. Prior to a beginning. So this is what my person is asking. I must say person because there is more here than this now ( to have this communication ). How can potentiality evidence itself? —how IS potentially evidencing itself. How is this even possible? How is what is not even happening be apparently happening. Be made into something I can hold in my hands! ( there is a great deal of awe at this ).

The Level that is about to continue, who is teaching me is very close. It is using me as torque to weave the web and spin the words. It is connected and connecting with me. Meaningfully and on purpose. I continue to allow it. Full access. The experience is becoming more potent.


A vibration I recognize as the words, “I have something to say”.

[open communication]

Potency, Potential and Potentiality

At the personal level no perception is complete, one pattern is completing upon another, and another in a singular continuous outpouring.—A representation of Total potential(ity). —Kundalini, “..none but pleasant for the sufficiently prepared”, it is still on your mind. It is perhaps AS accurate to say the Kundalini experience may be designed in such a way as to not feel or be alert to very much. (these words have been heard). Why would one choose to design it in such a way as to feel a great deal MORE than what is usual? To sign on to experience levels which are so greatly challenging so many? —-Indeed. Love extends very far. There is nowhere your love may not go.

Growth does not happen in a line, it may be your perception that it does but growth is not a linear phenomena. Growth, it must be understood is POTENTIAL growth. It is a potential phenomena. The greater the potential, the greater the growth. In such light, potentiality must occur through contrast. It must be simultaneity of contrast ( else accessibility not be present and the whole thing made limp ). Simultaneity of contrast. Immediacy -of a great many potential life-growth formations. Each fulfilling the essential function of itself within the Total.

At a certain point you become your own, you become your own stance. Alert to who you are and who you were designed to be. You own up to it. How you are arriving at the experience of yourself. [ On so MANY levels it may be dizzying ]. All connected and connecting. Meaningfully and on purpose. One. Total. Potentiality.


As this type of communication is happening awareness is somehow held while [my] attention zooms in and out. While I narrow my focus into specific level(s), and widen it out to include more. Extra levels. Extra dimensions. Extra detail. There is an actual sensation to this. As much an actual experience as any we call physical. I can be discerning levels and no levels. Meaning, experiencing as a cohesive whole at a given level, and also in sometimes extreme detail. Even at the same time. I have no idea how this is happening. —But I am often somewhat spontaneously looking into it.



copied here from original blog dated April 11, 2015
all in [ ( brackets ) ] during the transmission is me, my mind, my understanding

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