Data Exchange: Accessing the Blueprint Field

[Series of ET Contacts: February/2015]

Conscious shifts into the dimensions have been so numerous I am repeatedly amazed new ones continue to present. This week there are two new types of shifts— The first is a ‘meteor hit/fall to reality’. I am quite literally experiencing myself AS a meteor, getting caught in the gravitational pull of the planet and impacting. The second is in the ocean: A backward pull of water into itself as it begins to rise into a wave. I am riding that point of the backward pull, level with the ocean into the baseline of the wave. Extraordinary experiences and sensations.

This week I am with the ETs, continually on board craft(s). There are connections being made in the Earth life which are precipitating this and inciting awareness of these experiences to grow. [There are connections being made previously, and since, likewise aiding this which I will later mention.] The two connections most closely associated with this weeks events are an experiencer who is evidencing a more physical type of contact with ETs, Peter Slattery, and a visionary artist who has come to my attention through him whose name is Kesara.

Peter records and shares his regression sessions -as I am listening in on these I am frequency matching to some degree with the energetic that is present as these take place. The ETs are coming forward through him and speaking themselves *he is a channel. I am inspiring by this to write Kesara and request a rendering of the ETs I have not been able to see myself yet, who come down into the etheric frequency of my room and bring me with them on board crafts. These particular ETs are associated with my body examinations and upgrades.

Upon connecting with Kesara -via writing a letter and receiving a reply- an interesting capacity within me kicks in. In this instance I am not aware of it happening until I receive the related experience later tonight. The capacity is one for deep level connection. With the potentiality field fundamentally, which is where the blueprint(s) to everything are. I do not know how this happens, I only know that it does. This is the awareness that presents to me. —I just start falling into myself, into a highly concentrated point of focus and merge with the field.

It is something that somehow just happens, like falling in love, or breathing. In this instance I am concentrating into Kesara’s blueprint, synching with the data, the whole evolution and clearing of neural pathways that leads to her visioning the extra-dimensionals. I am restructured instantaneously. I may vision them similiarly now myself. Which is precisely what begins happening this very night. I begin slipping into a beautiful state of what I call ‘stasis’ [bliss] and for the length of the entire night, vision ET after ET after ET against the backdrop of the star system they are from.

Hundreds of beings are stepping through -not one duplicate, each one entirely unique. I will note here that of those I most recall there are no Grey beings but many, multiple Reptilian. I fear none of them. They are renderings of light. Personality is to some degree present but not pronounced. They come forward, linger here for me to behold roughly 30-60 seconds then recede while another comes forth. The one who is imprinting the most is a Reptilian warrior whose front face is beaked, more like a bird than a reptile. It is hybrid. I am let to come in very close to him.

After receiving Kesara’s rendering, an ‘Overseer’ she feels closely linked with the events of 2009 – [my awakening] – in meditations a dialogue in my awareness with this one begins. The first thing being communicated is about a pregnancy. I am shown a child being removed from my belly. She is a girl child. Her name is Amalita. I am shown that she is grown now. That she lives on the crafts. She has remained nearby and holds no judgement for [me] not letting her remain here with me at ground level. I was of course aware of her, this was a physical pregnancy.

What I did not know is that the child was hybrid, or that she survived. Or further, that I have been participating in her upbringing. As well as she, participating here in my direct experience through my person. She is saying she comes in often to feel her feet on the ground and look around. She is saying we have always been this close. I am smiling, humorously/apologetically relaying that we are a bit ‘slow in knowing’ here on the ground (but she is at the same time already knowing). I am asking if this is what changes my vision. She confirms, but is saying 3 or 4 others also come in.

The next two days I am on crafts being schooled.. First, -again going over the various types of extra-dimensional craft. And the next day -the wide variety of eye types. This is full disclosure, a full information and energetic exchange. The beings here are looking with equal interest and appreciation into me. My Earth life person. They had a good deal to do with creating it, this life experience and mind / body structure so it is of no surprise they are curious at it. –How it is holding up, the data it is gathering, it’s ultimate potential for becoming.

On the third day of the sequence, in my meditation I am shown an implant procedure, one of my experiences ‘on the table’. In my late 30s I developed a good sized, odd shaped mole at the base of my spine at the sacrum. I am being shown the implant is here. Directly under, or to the inside of where the mole later arose -and still is. The implant is etherically linked with my physical body (according to the data). This is not a physical implant. I do not know why I am being shown this, or who did the implanting but I am feeling it has just been removed.

A few minutes further into this communique I fall into an unaware dream state in which I get shot by a BB gun in this very spot. The level of pain/sensation alerts me to a conscious level of awareness, and to my physical body. From where I am also feeling a very real [physical] sensation and immediately suspecting the implant just removed. —In any event, since this experience, when entering trance states the root energy center does spin now and when additional energy(ies) come fully in my legs no longer shake. The process is considerably smoother now.


Connections in the Earth life

The Starseed connections I make in the Earth life are critical to me, not only to my sanity but my success. They supply the torque by which I may cognize events more fully, more rapidly at a conscious level. These ones are in themselves pattern/frequency matches to events taking place within me just below my normal state of awareness. They bring these events closer to my attention.

Just intersecting with them, the simple act of them coming into my awareness provides a general idea of what I am working with in other fields, to bring forward and ground here in this one. They generally are connected with my life plan / experience packet and may represent an advancement or skill level I myself have yet to reach. —And in reaching would allow me to be of greater service.

Some of the blueprints I accessed / synched with prior to my 2009 activation include (in right order), no longer in body: Shankaracarya, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrisna. In body: Erich Schiffmann, Shakti Das. Blueprints accessed post activation, no longer in body: Terence McKenna, Robert Monroe. And there are many contemporary associates currently in body:

  • Tom Campbell: Parallel Processing Reality Streams
  • Darryl Anka: Link in w/ Grey Race —(kundalini, transmutation of physical form
  • Rob Gauthier: Link in w/ Reptilian Race —(lower entropy, reduce fear
  • Peter Slattery: Physical Contact w/ ETs —(lower entropy, reduce fear
  • Kesara: Visioning ETs —(link w/ skill, synch w/ cleared neural pathways
  • Zacariah: Multi-level Channeling —(link w/ skill, synch w/ cleared neural pathways


Accessing the potentiality field and blueprints is not a special talent. We are all doing it to greater and lesser degrees of awareness —and now it is time to bring it to a new level. Imagine the possibility. What we could do if in full conscious awareness we began linking in [without fear] to each other. Knowing any and all does already and in all ways exist in potentiality.

We need not continue fearing what may happen. We simply focus and ride the wave of our attention. We are open systems (not closed systems). Consciousness is an open system. The sooner we collectively get clear on this the sooner we open to the JOY of it.

I’m doing it. —And I am sending my gratitude out to you all for absolutely all that you are.

It is an honor to be here on the planet with you.



copied from original blog dated March 31, 2015

orignial ET artwork by Kesara

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